Out With the Old, In with the Newish…

When Paul got his job as a Sales Rep almost two years ago, we quickly realized that with all of his traveling he would be doing he needed to be driving a car.  Not his gas guzzling F-150.  Being the loving girlfriend I was at the time, I let him take my car on his trips and I would just drive his truck.  Then we got married and we kept this same pattern.  Sounds like it works pretty well, right? WRONG.


  • I am a little organized (maybe OCD organized). My wonderful husband is not.  Then stick him in a car where he is traveling for days at a time, lugging boxes of literature for customers, business cards out to wazoo, luggage, food, etc. and I think you will know where I am going with this.  Whenever Paul would get back in town we would trade back cars.  I would never be able to put groceries in the trunk.  I would have panic attacks from the amount of junk piled everywhere, but I’ve dealt with it because I love him and he loves his job.
  • Some girls can drive big trucks… Some girls cannot.  I am the later of those two said groups. I am NOT comfortable behind the wheel of a truck that is so MASSIVE!  Once I backed up too far… into the bushes.  Another time I cut a corner a little to close at a drive through, hitting a pole (luckily it was just a paint transfer from the orange pole onto Paul’s gray truck and was easily buffed out).  This past weekend I had a small fender bender… I shoud not be driving a truck (or maybe at all, but I don’t have much of a choice).
  • Paul has terrible back issues and my car provides ZERO lumbar support.  My back starts to bother me in my car if it’s longer than a 2 hour drive.  We’ve bought him cushions to alleviate the issue, and it does help, but not much.  I feel awful knowing he is uncomfortable/in pain while he is driving especially when he spends so much time on the road.
  • Our biggest issue with our car situation is that Paul has been driving my 2001 Nissan Sentra.  It’s a great little car.  Though this car is still working, neither one of us is really comfortable with Paul driving it such distances.   In the last year we’ve had to put a LOT of money into it to ensure his safety.  I know what you may be thinking… repairs are cheaper than a car payment.  Yes you’re right, but the car is still 13 years old.  We repair it and then he drives 10,000 miles in approximately 2 1/2 to 3 months.  The repairs are not lasting as long as they should (we’ve already replaced the motor mounts 3 times…).  The repairs are adding up.  (Yes Dad, I know we will have to do repairs on any car we own…)

Paul has wanted to get a new car for about a year (maybe more?).  I loved that we did not have any car payments.  In my head, we could make it work, and we did… for almost two years.  After my recent issues in Paul’s truck, we decided it was probably best to get rid of it (before I made it lose the rest of it’s value).  This is not something we rushed out and did.  We’ve talked about it for MONTHS.  Everytime he would bring it up I would get anxious about finances and not wanting a car payment and we need to save to move and blah blah blah.  This time when he brought it up I knew something had to be done.  He’s been looking at deals on cars for almost a year so when this one came up I actually felt pretty comfortable and at peace with the decision.

So last night we headed on over to the Ford Dealership (after Paul had made rounds to countless dealerships throughout the day) to take a look at this car.  After a long night at Ford,  I have a happy husband, my own clean car, and an aggresive plan for early repayment of our little loan.  Even though the loan is conservative I’m still pretty sure Dave Ramsey wouldn’t approve…



Wynsma Vacay 2014

Last weekend we drove out to Destin to meet my side of the family for a long weekend at the beach.  My poor mom spent MONTHS (really not exaggerating) trying to find a weekend that worked for everyone.  She finally succeeded and it resulted in a great weekend!

Our last family vacation was the summer of 2007…


My sister is no longer blonde, my baby brother is not my “little” brother anymore, there are now two adorable munchkins running around along with two extra husbands and a girlfriend! Needless to say a family vacation was overdue! ImageMelissa and I noticed we don’t take pictures together anymore… we only take pictures of her kids.  So here is our (only) photo op from the weekend!


 Reese was so content just hanging out!  Kennedy loved the waves, the pool, the helicopters, the fish, you name it she loved it! (please note the tail on her towel in the picture below… it cracks me up everytime!)




 Paul caught quite a few of these Ladyfish, and I’m pretty sure it made his day (his last few fishing trips have been unsuccessful).


Paul and Travis went out fishing the last night from shore, and I tagged along.  I was about to leave to go back to the condo when I heard Travis scream that he had something.  He then spent about 20 minutes reeling in a stingray, and I’m so glad I ran back to get a picture of it!  I really loved that my brother and husband had some time to hang out.  I feel like they haven’t really had a chance to get to know each other and create a relationship so I was glad they spent time together.


The weekend consisted of laying at the pool, the beach, or in the condo.  We didn’t do much of anything but we were all together and it was absolutely perfect.  We all decided it needs to be something we do annually even if it is just for a long weekend.  So let the planning of next year begin!

**We did take group pictures of all of us together, but they are on Melissa’s and David’s camera – these will have to do:)**

Help a Girl Out

Hey All!  I had to write a blog post for my office and the link is below!  Do me a huge favor and click on it to help my team 🙂 (there is a point system and all sorts of craziness that plays into it) It’s short and sweet and featuring America’s favorite (or maybe just my favorite) tv show!

I’ll Be There for You – 5 Things FRIENDS Taught Us About Association Management.

Change for Happiness

When Paul and I first met I was really impressed by his job.  He used to work for the school system in gang prevention and served as a mentor for boys in middle and high school that were in and out of the court systems.  He had a certain pride when he talked about what he did, and you could see his passion for working with the kids.  He wanted to leave an impact on their lives.  I knew immediately that he had a huge heart.

As much as he loved working with the kids, his job itself was exhausting.  In short, he worked long grueling hours, attended events, worked weekends, made house calls (sometimes late at night around 10pm) and was not compensated for those long hours.  He would only get paid 35 hours per week – even if he put in 60.  The job itself was wearing him down.  When we started talking about getting married, Paul decided he wanted to start looking for a new job. He wanted to provide for his family and his job seemed unstable being a grant funded program.

Paul then got his job as a Sales Rep.  We knew going in that this was going to be a long process.  The potential is great for him, but we knew it was going to be tight financially until he grew his territory.  On top of that, he has to travel… frequently.  We talked and prayed about it and decided it was a good opportunity for him.  About a year and half into his job he is so much happier, but he has random days that cause him to question his ability to be successful and if he is in the right field.

Then there are days like today.  He is on the road and I get a text from him that is filled with so much excitement I literally can feel it through a text message.  I didn’t even have to hear his voice to know how excited he was.  It’s days like today where I am reassured we made the right decision to change his career.  He was proud of his work mentoring kids, but he was always too frustrated to actually get excited about it.  I love when he gets excited.  He’s like a little kid on Christmas.  You can feel his happiness radiating from him, and who doesn’t want to be around someone who is happy??


Doggy Parenting Fail

Paul and I have 3 dogs that are our babies… until we have real ones eventually.  Unfortunately, Laila is not feeling so hot right now, and I can’t help but feel dog mom guilt over it.  Let me start by saying that Laila is a chocolate lab and they usually have sensitive skin.  It seems like almost every month Laila has a rash of some sort and we are giving her benedryl until it heals and goes away.  We have NO idea where these rashes come from or how severe they will be because each time it is different.


We were told she was allergic to fleas.  We never miss a dose of flea medicine.   We were told it was her shampoo.  We switched to trusty Dawn which is safe on animals.  There has to be something in our backyard she is reacting to and our only thought is poison ivy.  Regardless of how many times our vet tells us that dogs cannot get poison ivy – I still don’t believe them.  Maybe it’s because they can’t seem to give me an answer.  Or maybe it’s because I just need to know the cause of the rashes so I can prevent them and I created my own theory.


Last week Laila came down with one of these “rashes”.  We proceeded like normal giving her medicine while we waited it out.  We then dropped her off at a friend’s house while we went on vacation for the weekend.  We checked on her periodically and the report was the same each time.  Still itchy and swollen but she was fine.  We picked her up on Sunday and the report was again the same.  She was still itchy and swollen, but nothing much had changed.  Then we gave her a bath.


During her bath, Paul went to wash her head and noticed how swollen her ear was.  Her big ol’ floppy ear was thick, swollen and heavy.  The inside of her ear is completely torn up.  We immediately decided she had to make a visit to the vet.  As soon as they opened today, I called to get her in.  At this point we swore it was poison ivy from our backyard.  The vet claims otherwise.  They determined that Laila has a bacterial infection on her snout and stomach, and a yeast infection in her ear.  She is “reacting to her environment… maybe pollen” according to our vet.  I think the pollen reason is bologna, but we don’t have much else to go off of.  I just know she is miserable.

So now we have our own personal pharmacy to get our girl back to normal and hopefully relieve some of her itching.   I’m hoping it works really quickly, because if I have to look at this poor little face and swollen ear (that she can’t even hold up)  much longer the guilt is going to crush me.


I’d Settle for a Slowdown

The last two months have been BUSY for Paul and I…  It all started mid-March with Paul’s business trip to Texas which only led to more busy weekends including a wedding, a few business trips for both of us, Virginia to spend Easter with his family, and ended this weekend with a vacation to Destin with my side of the family.

Celebrating Mr.and Mrs. Bryan Eubanks
Celebrating Mr.and Mrs. Bryan Eubanks

Don’t get me wrong!  These trips were a blast, and we really enjoyed them while we were there… but I’m EXHAUSTED!  During the weeks I would be running around trying to play catch up from the previous trip while trying to  prepare for the next trip.  We knew ahead of time that these past couple of months would be crazy so we were ready for them, but now I’m ready to stay in one place!

Paul and I at Deerfield Beach
Paul and I at Deerfield Beach

We were traveling so often, we actually had to plan to travel with each other for a few business trips just to spend some time together.  Unfortunately, for my husband his crazy travel schedule isn’t coming to a close anytime soon (life of a sales rep I suppose).  He will be off in the morning to head to South Florida for another business trip and then from there to New Orleans to celebrate his friend’s bachelor party.   As bummed as I am that he will be gone (for what seems like eternity) I am beyond excited to be in town for an entire month before we leave again.

Hiking in Virgina
Hiking in Virgina

So if you need me anytime within the next week… you can probably find me at home in my yoga pants,  wallowing while I wait for my husband to come back home watching FRIENDS and not moving.

The Trouble with Packing

Packing. I hate packing.

I procrastinate by doing anything and everything to avoid it until I absolutely cannot push it to the side anymore.  I hate trying to determine what I will want to wear when I have no idea what exactly we will be doing.

So when I can no longer procrastinate anymore I quickly throw some stuff in a bag and pray I have a few things that match… or that there is somewhere for me to shop when I get to my destination.  Packing folks.  The worst thing about fun trips you’re looking forward to.

It’s official…

It’s official.  I have my own blog.  The girl who hates writing has joined the blog world.  I have reasons for this I swear! The reasons are 3 fold… (while typing this I can only think… “The meaning of the box is 3 fold”… If you understand this reference we will be BEST friends… if not you should go watch FRIENDS so you will understand my MILLIONS of references I will probably have throughout future blog posts)

  1. Electronic Journal – I stole this reason from my sister.  You can view her blog (and plenty of pictures of my adorable nieces) over on her blog here. I want to be able to look back at posts from our life and reflect on the memories.  I am a pretty sentimental person, and I want to have our amazing life documented.
  2. Keep our families updated.  I am originally from Illinois before my parents packed us up and headed to Florida, and my entire family still lives in the Illinois/Indiana area (for the most part).  My husband is from Virginia.  He has family all over!  Aside from random pictures or 1 line status updates on Facebook, maybe this will help everyone see more of our lives.  My family can get to know Paul better, and his family can get to know me!
  3. Paul and I have a LOT going on – but most of it is up in the air and we are just trying to be patient while we figure things out and rely on God’s timing and plan.  What better way then to write about it… or vent about it online.

So here I go typing out stories online for family and friends to read… and maybe a couple strangers here and there.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA