It’s official…

It’s official.  I have my own blog.  The girl who hates writing has joined the blog world.  I have reasons for this I swear! The reasons are 3 fold… (while typing this I can only think… “The meaning of the box is 3 fold”… If you understand this reference we will be BEST friends… if not you should go watch FRIENDS so you will understand my MILLIONS of references I will probably have throughout future blog posts)

  1. Electronic Journal – I stole this reason from my sister.  You can view her blog (and plenty of pictures of my adorable nieces) over on her blog here. I want to be able to look back at posts from our life and reflect on the memories.  I am a pretty sentimental person, and I want to have our amazing life documented.
  2. Keep our families updated.  I am originally from Illinois before my parents packed us up and headed to Florida, and my entire family still lives in the Illinois/Indiana area (for the most part).  My husband is from Virginia.  He has family all over!  Aside from random pictures or 1 line status updates on Facebook, maybe this will help everyone see more of our lives.  My family can get to know Paul better, and his family can get to know me!
  3. Paul and I have a LOT going on – but most of it is up in the air and we are just trying to be patient while we figure things out and rely on God’s timing and plan.  What better way then to write about it… or vent about it online.

So here I go typing out stories online for family and friends to read… and maybe a couple strangers here and there.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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