The Trouble with Packing

Packing. I hate packing.

I procrastinate by doing anything and everything to avoid it until I absolutely cannot push it to the side anymore.  I hate trying to determine what I will want to wear when I have no idea what exactly we will be doing.

So when I can no longer procrastinate anymore I quickly throw some stuff in a bag and pray I have a few things that match… or that there is somewhere for me to shop when I get to my destination.  Packing folks.  The worst thing about fun trips you’re looking forward to.


2 thoughts on “The Trouble with Packing

  1. Lady Light Travel May 15, 2014 / 8:37 pm

    Procrastination will hurt you when trying to pack lightly. I always have my toiletries and other things “pre-packed” in my suitcase so I only have to focus on clothes. Then I create a capsule wardrobe of clothes that will mix / match / layer so that I get lots of outfits. Bring a couple of pants, a dress, 4 tops, a sweater. One pair of walking shoes and one pair of dress shoes. That should hold you over for just about any activity.

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