I’d Settle for a Slowdown

The last two months have been BUSY for Paul and I…  It all started mid-March with Paul’s business trip to Texas which only led to more busy weekends including a wedding, a few business trips for both of us, Virginia to spend Easter with his family, and ended this weekend with a vacation to Destin with my side of the family.

Celebrating Mr.and Mrs. Bryan Eubanks
Celebrating Mr.and Mrs. Bryan Eubanks

Don’t get me wrong!  These trips were a blast, and we really enjoyed them while we were there… but I’m EXHAUSTED!  During the weeks I would be running around trying to play catch up from the previous trip while trying to  prepare for the next trip.  We knew ahead of time that these past couple of months would be crazy so we were ready for them, but now I’m ready to stay in one place!

Paul and I at Deerfield Beach
Paul and I at Deerfield Beach

We were traveling so often, we actually had to plan to travel with each other for a few business trips just to spend some time together.  Unfortunately, for my husband his crazy travel schedule isn’t coming to a close anytime soon (life of a sales rep I suppose).  He will be off in the morning to head to South Florida for another business trip and then from there to New Orleans to celebrate his friend’s bachelor party.   As bummed as I am that he will be gone (for what seems like eternity) I am beyond excited to be in town for an entire month before we leave again.

Hiking in Virgina
Hiking in Virgina

So if you need me anytime within the next week… you can probably find me at home in my yoga pants,  wallowing while I wait for my husband to come back home watching FRIENDS and not moving.


2 thoughts on “I’d Settle for a Slowdown

  1. Shelly Sobol May 19, 2014 / 2:08 pm

    Here’s hoping we can all hang out one weekend now if things are slowing down!

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