Doggy Parenting Fail

Paul and I have 3 dogs that are our babies… until we have real ones eventually.  Unfortunately, Laila is not feeling so hot right now, and I can’t help but feel dog mom guilt over it.  Let me start by saying that Laila is a chocolate lab and they usually have sensitive skin.  It seems like almost every month Laila has a rash of some sort and we are giving her benedryl until it heals and goes away.  We have NO idea where these rashes come from or how severe they will be because each time it is different.


We were told she was allergic to fleas.  We never miss a dose of flea medicine.   We were told it was her shampoo.  We switched to trusty Dawn which is safe on animals.  There has to be something in our backyard she is reacting to and our only thought is poison ivy.  Regardless of how many times our vet tells us that dogs cannot get poison ivy – I still don’t believe them.  Maybe it’s because they can’t seem to give me an answer.  Or maybe it’s because I just need to know the cause of the rashes so I can prevent them and I created my own theory.


Last week Laila came down with one of these “rashes”.  We proceeded like normal giving her medicine while we waited it out.  We then dropped her off at a friend’s house while we went on vacation for the weekend.  We checked on her periodically and the report was the same each time.  Still itchy and swollen but she was fine.  We picked her up on Sunday and the report was again the same.  She was still itchy and swollen, but nothing much had changed.  Then we gave her a bath.


During her bath, Paul went to wash her head and noticed how swollen her ear was.  Her big ol’ floppy ear was thick, swollen and heavy.  The inside of her ear is completely torn up.  We immediately decided she had to make a visit to the vet.  As soon as they opened today, I called to get her in.  At this point we swore it was poison ivy from our backyard.  The vet claims otherwise.  They determined that Laila has a bacterial infection on her snout and stomach, and a yeast infection in her ear.  She is “reacting to her environment… maybe pollen” according to our vet.  I think the pollen reason is bologna, but we don’t have much else to go off of.  I just know she is miserable.

So now we have our own personal pharmacy to get our girl back to normal and hopefully relieve some of her itching.   I’m hoping it works really quickly, because if I have to look at this poor little face and swollen ear (that she can’t even hold up)  much longer the guilt is going to crush me.


6 thoughts on “Doggy Parenting Fail

  1. Lynsey May 20, 2014 / 1:51 am

    Hi my love!!! I just read your blog on your poor dog. I now have two labs and boy did I hit the jackpot with allergies. I went through the same thing with Jase maybe 4 months ago and had a pharmacy of my own too! They both go through their little flair ups but the anti-yeast shampoo seems to have been what helped the most. I wish you guys the best of luck. 🙂 xoxoxo

    • laurenbmillard May 20, 2014 / 2:22 am

      Thank you! I’m glad it isn’t just us! The vet gave us a medicated shampoo so I’m hoping that helps!!

  2. Rachel sowers May 21, 2014 / 12:28 am

    Hey! I have a chocolate lab that’s almost 5 now. He had all the same symptoms where he would yelp even if he scratch behind his ears. I spent lots of money doing an allergy test and found that he was allergic to some common plants found around our home. They told me that a lot of times these issues can be fixed with food because allergies are all connected with ears nose and skin. We looked at many different foods and settled on royal canin potato and venison hypoallergenic brand. This food was extremely expensive at $90 for a 17lb bag of food. This food was recently discontinued and I have found a great replacement. The other food contained potato which many vets recommend however the yeast can be hurtful. I now have him on a potato and grain green food and he’s doing great! The brand is called pioneer (venison formula) and is much more reasonable at $50 for 30lbs. Whenever it’s high allergy season the vet gives me an antibiotic from publix that’s free just to help ease the ear infections. He also has glen haven Otis tris ear flush as well as an ear ointment called posatex. The combination of all these things is golden! I hope this helps as this was a very expensive 2 year long process for us. The vets at AVS were very helpful during this process.

    • Rachel sowers May 21, 2014 / 12:30 am

      He also has the hydrocortisone shampoo and leave in conditioner from the vet. I also give both my labs a daily omega 3 fish oil supplement that makes their coats amazing! There is a specialized “doggie” one bc dogs don’t retain all the fish oils that humans do so it’s more specialized for their needs.

      • laurenbmillard May 21, 2014 / 2:14 am

        Thank you so much Rachel! I am going to go but a fish oil and right now we feed her taste of the wild and it’s $50 for a 30lb bag so I’ll definitely look into that food! We were given ear drops and medicated shampoo at the vet along with the antibiotic from publix and 1 other one. I’m hoping this will all help – she looks so miserable right now! I really appreciate the advice!!

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