Change for Happiness

When Paul and I first met I was really impressed by his job.  He used to work for the school system in gang prevention and served as a mentor for boys in middle and high school that were in and out of the court systems.  He had a certain pride when he talked about what he did, and you could see his passion for working with the kids.  He wanted to leave an impact on their lives.  I knew immediately that he had a huge heart.

As much as he loved working with the kids, his job itself was exhausting.  In short, he worked long grueling hours, attended events, worked weekends, made house calls (sometimes late at night around 10pm) and was not compensated for those long hours.  He would only get paid 35 hours per week – even if he put in 60.  The job itself was wearing him down.  When we started talking about getting married, Paul decided he wanted to start looking for a new job. He wanted to provide for his family and his job seemed unstable being a grant funded program.

Paul then got his job as a Sales Rep.  We knew going in that this was going to be a long process.  The potential is great for him, but we knew it was going to be tight financially until he grew his territory.  On top of that, he has to travel… frequently.  We talked and prayed about it and decided it was a good opportunity for him.  About a year and half into his job he is so much happier, but he has random days that cause him to question his ability to be successful and if he is in the right field.

Then there are days like today.  He is on the road and I get a text from him that is filled with so much excitement I literally can feel it through a text message.  I didn’t even have to hear his voice to know how excited he was.  It’s days like today where I am reassured we made the right decision to change his career.  He was proud of his work mentoring kids, but he was always too frustrated to actually get excited about it.  I love when he gets excited.  He’s like a little kid on Christmas.  You can feel his happiness radiating from him, and who doesn’t want to be around someone who is happy??



2 thoughts on “Change for Happiness

  1. Shelly Sobol May 23, 2014 / 2:33 pm

    Here’s hoping that everything works out from the meeting! 🙂 Best wishes

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