Wynsma Vacay 2014

Last weekend we drove out to Destin to meet my side of the family for a long weekend at the beach.  My poor mom spent MONTHS (really not exaggerating) trying to find a weekend that worked for everyone.  She finally succeeded and it resulted in a great weekend!

Our last family vacation was the summer of 2007…


My sister is no longer blonde, my baby brother is not my “little” brother anymore, there are now two adorable munchkins running around along with two extra husbands and a girlfriend! Needless to say a family vacation was overdue! ImageMelissa and I noticed we don’t take pictures together anymore… we only take pictures of her kids.  So here is our (only) photo op from the weekend!


 Reese was so content just hanging out!  Kennedy loved the waves, the pool, the helicopters, the fish, you name it she loved it! (please note the tail on her towel in the picture below… it cracks me up everytime!)




 Paul caught quite a few of these Ladyfish, and I’m pretty sure it made his day (his last few fishing trips have been unsuccessful).


Paul and Travis went out fishing the last night from shore, and I tagged along.  I was about to leave to go back to the condo when I heard Travis scream that he had something.  He then spent about 20 minutes reeling in a stingray, and I’m so glad I ran back to get a picture of it!  I really loved that my brother and husband had some time to hang out.  I feel like they haven’t really had a chance to get to know each other and create a relationship so I was glad they spent time together.


The weekend consisted of laying at the pool, the beach, or in the condo.  We didn’t do much of anything but we were all together and it was absolutely perfect.  We all decided it needs to be something we do annually even if it is just for a long weekend.  So let the planning of next year begin!

**We did take group pictures of all of us together, but they are on Melissa’s and David’s camera – these will have to do:)**


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