Out With the Old, In with the Newish…

When Paul got his job as a Sales Rep almost two years ago, we quickly realized that with all of his traveling he would be doing he needed to be driving a car.  Not his gas guzzling F-150.  Being the loving girlfriend I was at the time, I let him take my car on his trips and I would just drive his truck.  Then we got married and we kept this same pattern.  Sounds like it works pretty well, right? WRONG.


  • I am a little organized (maybe OCD organized). My wonderful husband is not.  Then stick him in a car where he is traveling for days at a time, lugging boxes of literature for customers, business cards out to wazoo, luggage, food, etc. and I think you will know where I am going with this.  Whenever Paul would get back in town we would trade back cars.  I would never be able to put groceries in the trunk.  I would have panic attacks from the amount of junk piled everywhere, but I’ve dealt with it because I love him and he loves his job.
  • Some girls can drive big trucks… Some girls cannot.  I am the later of those two said groups. I am NOT comfortable behind the wheel of a truck that is so MASSIVE!  Once I backed up too far… into the bushes.  Another time I cut a corner a little to close at a drive through, hitting a pole (luckily it was just a paint transfer from the orange pole onto Paul’s gray truck and was easily buffed out).  This past weekend I had a small fender bender… I shoud not be driving a truck (or maybe at all, but I don’t have much of a choice).
  • Paul has terrible back issues and my car provides ZERO lumbar support.  My back starts to bother me in my car if it’s longer than a 2 hour drive.  We’ve bought him cushions to alleviate the issue, and it does help, but not much.  I feel awful knowing he is uncomfortable/in pain while he is driving especially when he spends so much time on the road.
  • Our biggest issue with our car situation is that Paul has been driving my 2001 Nissan Sentra.  It’s a great little car.  Though this car is still working, neither one of us is really comfortable with Paul driving it such distances.   In the last year we’ve had to put a LOT of money into it to ensure his safety.  I know what you may be thinking… repairs are cheaper than a car payment.  Yes you’re right, but the car is still 13 years old.  We repair it and then he drives 10,000 miles in approximately 2 1/2 to 3 months.  The repairs are not lasting as long as they should (we’ve already replaced the motor mounts 3 times…).  The repairs are adding up.  (Yes Dad, I know we will have to do repairs on any car we own…)

Paul has wanted to get a new car for about a year (maybe more?).  I loved that we did not have any car payments.  In my head, we could make it work, and we did… for almost two years.  After my recent issues in Paul’s truck, we decided it was probably best to get rid of it (before I made it lose the rest of it’s value).  This is not something we rushed out and did.  We’ve talked about it for MONTHS.  Everytime he would bring it up I would get anxious about finances and not wanting a car payment and we need to save to move and blah blah blah.  This time when he brought it up I knew something had to be done.  He’s been looking at deals on cars for almost a year so when this one came up I actually felt pretty comfortable and at peace with the decision.

So last night we headed on over to the Ford Dealership (after Paul had made rounds to countless dealerships throughout the day) to take a look at this car.  After a long night at Ford,  I have a happy husband, my own clean car, and an aggresive plan for early repayment of our little loan.  Even though the loan is conservative I’m still pretty sure Dave Ramsey wouldn’t approve…




One thought on “Out With the Old, In with the Newish…

  1. Shelly Sobol May 30, 2014 / 1:53 pm

    I love our mutually love of financial conservatism and listening to Dave Ramsey! Ya’ll made the right decision for the family and you’ll sleep better knowing that Paul is safe and comfy in his new toy! Congrats.

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