The Agreement.

Before Paul and I ever got married we made an agreement. I don’t know how this came about but our agreement is as follows: I will do all the laundry as long as he does all the yard work. It works out great for us. I do laundry and I don’t have to venture into the yard where snakes are waiting to jump out at me, and Paul avoids folding laundry.

Randomly, Paul helps me with laundry without me ever asking and breaking our agreement (he’s so good!). So this weekend we wanted to get some yard work done and I voluntarily headed outside to help Paul. It was a productive day, but we were fighting off mosquitos and all sorts of random critters that had me screeching and running on occasion while Paul laughed at me. Luckily there were no snake sightings!

Towards the end of the day Paul and I were exhausted and both fighting off colds. I was pretty over the day and the horseflies apparently really liked me. After a few slaps at my ankles to fend them away I made a dramatic exit from the yard in true Lauren fashion. Paul finished up and headed in for the day.

In the middle of the night, I woke up itching like crazy only to find that my ankle was swollen from the 4-5 bites. My ankle is so swollen it hurts to walk and trying to fight the urge to itch it is killing me! So for now I will lay in bed with my fat ankle, drugged with benedryl, and remember why I don’t do yard work.



2 thoughts on “The Agreement.

  1. Cassie June 2, 2014 / 3:52 am

    Ouch!!! So sorry!!!!

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