Slow and Steady

I recently mentioned that my friend, Deborah, and I have been working on the Couch to 5K running app.  We recently finished up week 3 and while we are so far from running a 5k, Jillian in our office conviced us to sign up for a 1 mile run this past weekend.  She enticed us by telling us this run just so happened to be called “Breakfast on the Track” meaning after you run they give you pancakes… Sold.

So Deborah and I signed up for this run and we were pumped… until we got there.  We get there during the first heat.  AKA people running the mile in less than 5:30.  Meanwhile – we are over here just hoping to run the mile without having to stop and walk.  Can we talk about how intimidating this is?! The whole time people are running we are talking ourselves out of this.  If we leave now Jillian will just think we never showed up.  If we leave now nobody will see us finish last.  If we leave now we can go back to bed, and pretend this never happened!

Then we saw Jillian who also happens to be a Triathlete.  She also finished this run in 5:54.  There was no backing out once we saw her.  So we watched everyone run.  Heat by heat.  The whole time we just kept telling ourselves we should have waiting another week or two before we signed up for something like this.  We are in no way runners.  We are slow.  We hate running, but we are working on it!  We WANT to be runners… we just haven’t quite made it there.

Finally it was our turn (the last heat and the slowest heat).  We set two goals for ourselves.

  1. No walking.  Make it through 1 mile without slowing to a walk.
  2. Finish in 12 minutes (yes we are aware that’s super slow – but again, we are super slow)  – meaning we had to finish each lap in under 3 minutes.

We finish the first lap in about 2 minutes – we were feeling good.  The third lap we started to struggle, but at that point we were almost done!  We never walked, and we kept encouraging each other along the way.  (Thank goodness Deborah was with me or it probably would not have gone so well).  We finished the race in 10:43.  Way under our goal time and without walking!   We beat our personal goals and we were thrilled.  We ended up having a blast and now we want to do more!  Now we have a record to hold ourselves against.  Now we want to run a mile in 10 minutes and gradually decrease that time.  We want to run our 5k and we will get there.  Slow and steady may not win the race – but we will finish it!



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