Weekend Wrap Up – Labor Day 2014

This weekend was perfect!  It was relaxing, productive and fun.  The best kind of weekend!  

Friday after work Paul and I grabbed dinner at our favorite little pizza place, and headed to the mall.  I realized that football season started this weekend and I didn’t have any cute FSU clothes that weren’t t-shirts!  I needed to do some shopping so I didn’t look like a bum every game day, and get my closet stocked with some cute garnet and gold apparel.  While we were shopping, Paul found the shoes he has been subtly hinting at for the last week, and by subtle I mean texting me pictures each day and telling me he really wants them.  While we were at the store browsing, I ran to the back and put the shoes on hold without him noticing.  I figured I would give them to him for Christmas or something, but I would figure it out later.  

On Saturday, Paul and I woke up and headed to my sister’s house to watch our nieces.  We spent the morning playing trains, reading books, and laughing.  It is absolutely amazing how two tiny little girls can bring me so much happiness!  Being an auntie is seriously the BEST!  

photo 1

After watching the girls, we decided we should take advantage of the Labor Day sales and buy a washer and dryer for our move.  We will be leaving ours here for the tenant in our house, so we had to purchase new ones.  This is when we decided we were getting old.  We were giddy like kids on Christmas morning picking out a washer/dryer and lawn mower.  All necessities for our move.  Not only were all 3 of these things on sale, but we used Paul’s Lowe’s card to save 5%, and then I actually ordered them online through Ebates.com to get 4% cash back.  If you don’t use Ebates for your online shopping you’re missing out.  Go sign up!  There is nothing I like better than getting a deal, and we saved a nice chunk of money by doing it this way!  The added bonus is that Lowe’s will be holding the washer/dryer until the weekend we move so we don’t even need to worry about delivery or installation.  

Once we accomplished all of this I headed back to my sister’s for some girl time.  We ended up going back to the mall, and I picked up the shoes I put on hold for Paul the day before.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to keep Paul from buying himself these shoes so I could give them to him for Christmas when my sister had the idea to give them to him as a “congratulations on your job present”… I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.  He has worked so hard, and I am so proud of him.  He deserves a little something for that!  When I got home he immediately saw the bag and got this huge grin on his face while asking me, “What did you do?”.  When I told him I had a little surprise for him he was so cute!  He was so excited and appreciative.  It was absolutely adorable, and it makes me want to buy him things all the time just to see that face!  Now, I just need to accept that my husband will not be matching on game days.  His new FSU shoes mixed with his lucky 1970s FSU shirt (which he claims won us the national title last year) do not go together, but I don’t think I will be able to get him to pick just one.  That night he gladly wore his new shoes and his “lucky” shirt to BWW where we met some friends for the first game of the season!  It wasn’t an easy game to watch, but it was a good night that ended with a W!  

photo 2 photo 3.PNG

(Terrible iPhone picture, but it was all I had from Game Day! This also lets you see the sweet shirt and shoes together… not matching)

Sunday we slept in and went to the late church service, and it was so nice to sleep in a little longer!  We headed home, and even though I said we weren’t going to do anything house related this weekend, I don’t think either of us could help it.  Paul headed outside to do yard work, while I started going through our closet.  I have officially started the goodwill bag for things we will not be bringing with us on the move.  After a while of being productive, we both settled in and spent some time together reading and watching tv. 

On Labor Day, we slept in and had a lazy morning before we headed to the pool with some friends for a little while.  Now Paul is with the guys watching more college football and I am about to start on some laundry.  So there you have it.  Our long, relaxing, productive, and fun weekend that has also left us on a “spending freeze”.


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