Bittersweet #2

This past weekend was great!  Paul and I were productive, but we still made time to root for FSU at our first home game of the season!  This morning Paul left dark and early to head to Wisconsin for training.  By the time he gets back, I’ll be in Arizona for work.   Once I get back, Paul will be headed to Orlando for the week.  Basically 90% of the next 17 days will be spent apart, and when we are together it will consist of FSU vs Clemson next Saturday, and packing/cleaning/house projects.  There is a lot to do, and as much as I’m ready for this to be over… I want it to slow down at the same time!  Which makes perfect sense somehow, and brings me right to my next bittersweet parts of moving.



Tallahassee is pretty well known for it’s amazing parks, and there are so many of them!  I started going to Tom Brown when I moved to Tallahassee.  I used to go with my roommates and friends, and we would bring all of our pups to the dog park.  Now Paul and I like to go to the dog park, and to take walks around the trails.  There is so much more to do at that park, I just don’t happen to have a need for the playground, dirt bike jumps, sports areas, and anything else athletically inclined.  The next park I love is Cascade Park, it’s new and beautiful!  Earlier this year Tallahassee unveiled this new park that includes a kids park, a splash park, different walking trails, an amphitheater, etc.  This has become my favorite spot for running – it is exactly 1 mile around, and it’s a really nice run.  If I’m not running in the morning, Paul and I like to go after dinner and walk the dogs.  My other favorite park is Lake Ella.  Lake Ella is a cute little area where you can feed ducks, visit little shops around, and of course… take our dogs.  This also happens to be the spot that Paul proposed.  How can it not be my favorite when it holds a memory like that!




TARGET!  Yes, Target gets it’s own “Sweet” bullet.  For the last 5 years, Target has been approximately 25 minutes away.  Which means, it involves planning for me to make it to that side of town, and it doesn’t happen very often.  This means, I’ve been venturing into WalMart on a regular basis… WalMart in Tallahassee… on a REGULAR basis.  I understand WalMart is great for some bargains, and I’m always down for a deal, but I can’t stand this place.  WalMart is terrible.  My trip may only take 3 minutes for me to run in and grab what I need, but I’ll wait 30 minutes for the 1 cashier to check me out so I can leave.  Or I’ll ask someone for help finding it, and they don’t know what I’m looking for, nor do they care to find out.  Now Target is glorious in comparison.  Target makes me happy.  This may not be beneficial to my bank account, because I always leave Target with more than I planned… like clothes, or shoes, or makeup, or food, or that lamp that would look really cute in our living room…   I LOVE TARGET!  Once we move, we will live approximately 5 minutes from Target… I. Can’t. Wait!!!

There are always bright sides to moving 🙂


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