I’m Back

Hey Ya’ll!  I’m back!  Paul and I have finished our move and we are getting settled into our new life in our new home!  Our move went so smoothly, and we cannot thank our family and friends enough for all of their help.  We loaded up the Uhaul on Friday morning, and hit the road around 2:30pm. We got into town around 6:45pm, ate dinner at my parents and had everything unloaded by 9:30!  We set up our bed, and passed out.

photo 2

Saturday morning,  both of our parents came over and we basically had the entire house unpacked by the end of the day.  Needless to say, we were able to get settled in pretty quickly.  Now the only thing left to unpack is decorations, and I guess I’m just taking my sweet time to unload those boxes 🙂  Maybe this weekend Paul and I will start to hang things on the walls?

 photo 1

Our first two weeks here have been busy, but they’ve gone really well… aside from Paul getting diagnosed with the flu this week.  Fortunately, he’s on the rebound, and at this point I don’t have any symptoms… let’s pray it stays that way.  We have both of our offices set up, and working from home goes pretty smoothly now that we are all set up and organized.

Our new house has so much more room than our old house, and I still don’t think we are used to having all this space!

photo 3


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