Happy Halloween?

Growing up Halloween was never a very big deal in my family.  Sure we would dress up and go get candy, but that was about it.  Our house was never decorated, and money was never really spent on costumes.  On the Halloween’s when dad was in town (he traveled a lot as a pilot), they were even more low key.  I remember one year, we came back from trick-or-treating to the house completely dark, and Dad hiding in his bedroom watching TV with a towel under the door so the light wouldn’t come through.  Another year, he didn’t want us trick-or-treating, so my mom went out and bought the 3 of us kids bags of candy because she felt bad.

That being said, I think Halloween has just never been a huge deal for me.  I did dress up and go to parties a couple times in college.  I would dress up at work, usually in my pajamas as an excuse to get out of wearing dress pants that day.  Then Paul entered my life and low and behold, he doesn’t really care for Halloween either.  We have never once dressed up as a couple and headed to a party.  We’ve never handed out candy (granted we didn’t have any trick or treaters in our old neighborhood).  Halloween usually consists of us hanging out at home together… fine by me 🙂

This year, I was actually a little excited for Halloween.  We have moved, and we are in a neighborhood with kids.  I kind of wanted to post up in our driveway and hand out candy.  I just thought it would be kind of fun, and the best way to avoid our dogs going absolutely crazy with the doorbell constantly ringing.  My husband had other plans.

After a very quick discussion, Paul didn’t even want to hand out candy.  We decided to have a Halloween date night. Before we left, we put some candy outside in a bowl with a note (yes we were those people), and then we headed to Kobe Japanese Steak House and had an amazing hibachi dinner.  Then we headed to the movies to see The Judge, which PS is a great movie!  Not to mention Robert Downey Jr. is in it, and who doesn’t love him as an actor?!   We ended up getting home around 9:45 and there were no more people roaming the neighborhood at that point.  It was such a fun night for us, and secretly I kind of loved missing out on all the Halloween festivities.  Maybe I’m a Halloween Grinch?


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