Do I Need a Reason?

People aren’t kidding when they talk about pregnancy hormones… Holy smokes.  I think when all of this is said and done, Paul might throw a party.  Bless his heart, he’s so good at dealing with my crazy right now.  I think I’m starting to get more even keeled, but there was a while when the tears just came for whatever reason… Reasons like:

  • There was a little boy (probably 3 -4) running past our table at a restaurant, and I cried.  This was right after we found out I was pregnant, so I just kept saying, “We’re going to have one of those!”
  • We ran out of cheese… and I cried.  I struggled finding things I could eat during the first trimester, and the doctor recommended cheese and crackers.  One night before we went to bed, I started feeling sick again.  Paul said I should eat some cheese and crackers, and when I went to the fridge we were out of cheese.  Cue waterworks. Paul literally just looked at me and laughed… what else was he supposed to do?
  • My shorts were too tight, and I cried.  I was about 6 weeks pregnant, and I got dressed for Paul and I to take the dogs on a walk.  When I put on my shorts, I immediately started crying, “It’s too early for my clothes not to fit!”
  • The little girl in the wheelchair dropped her pom pom, and I cried.  Okay this probably would have had me crying if I wasn’t pregnant too.  We went to the Giants vs Jaguars game, and during halftime a bunch of little girls came out to do a dance with the “ROAR” of the Jaguars (seriously?  We can laugh at the name later… so dumb). There was a little girl in a wheelchair, and when I first saw her I was so glad she was there, but about 30 seconds in, she dropped a pom pom and she couldn’t get it.  She starts crying and NOBODY around her picked it up!  Finally about 30 seconds before the end of the dance, someone ran onto the field and handed her the pom pom.  At that point, she was too upset and just kept crying, and I cried right along with her.

It doesn’t take much these days to trigger tears, and I think if I had Paul make this same list it would be even longer.  These are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.  I should go buy him some beer… or at least give him a big hug and kiss.


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