Boy or Girl?

So originally, we had an elective ultrasound scheduled for January 8th to determine the sex of the baby…BUT I have a friend who just happens to be an ultrasound tech and she is just as ready to find out as we are! So she wants to go ahead and do a scan for us!  Seriously – she made my day yesterday when she texted me! (Thanks Callie!!!)  So hopefully today, we will be able to tell if our Junebug is a little boy or a little girl! Our waiting will hopefully come to an end!

We are so excited to find out we can’t even contain ourselves!  From the very beginning I immediately started referring to the baby with little girl pronouns.  I just have this gut feeling it’s a little girl… I could be wrong.  I realized it was very early in the pregnancy, and chances are my gut instinct is wrong… so I started interchanging male and female pronouns, because I refuse to call our baby an “it”.  This at times has caused confusion for overly excited grandparents (cough cough DAD), thinking that I left him out and didn’t share the sex of his unborn grandchild.  So obviously my guess is that we’re having a little girl, but Paul is thinking we are having a little boy!  One of us has to be right 🙂

So here are how the old wives tales are playing out for this pregnancy!

 Carrying High or Carrying Low?  So I don’t know about this one – websites say high is a girl, but then I’ve had people tell me that high is a boy.  I’ll just base it off the websites.   I am definitely carrying high! GIRL

Stealing Your Beauty or Dry Hands and Cold Feet?  My face hasn’t looked normal since about 6 weeks pregnant. GIRL 

Circle or Back and Forth? This refers to the motion of your ring when placed on a string over your belly.  There was a definite circle motion!  GIRL

Above 140 or Below 140?  This refers to the heartbeat.  We only have 1 ultrasound to go off of, but the heart rate was 156.  GIRL 

Salty or Sweet? I typically have a huge sweet tooth, but lately sweets just aren’t really my thing.  That doesn’t mean I don’t eat them… I totally am.  Just not craving them.  I’m not really craving much of anything though.  For this one I think I will go with BOY

Chinese Birth Chart?  According to this, based on my age at the month of conception we would be having a GIRL

Sick or No? Sick.  Definitely Sick. GIRL 

Now we hope and pray that our baby will cooperate today, and we will leave knowing if it will become Baby A or Baby N 🙂 We will see!!


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