You Just Gotta Have Faith

Sometimes I think one of the hardest parts of being a Christian is having faith in God that everything will work out.  When things seem hopeless, when you have no sense of direction, when things don’t work out the way you wanted them to, you have to have faith in God that he is in control.

It’s funny how God knows exactly what you need to hear, and finds a way to deliver the message.  At bible study this week we were studying the story of Noah.  How Noah was instructed to do something that seemed absolutely ludicrous, and yet he listened, obeyed, had tons of faith and trusted in God.  I mean he built an ark for 120 years in the middle of land!! For 120 years you have to wonder if he questioned God at all.  Are you really going to flood the Earth God?  Is this really what I’m supposed to be doing right now?

Obviously, Noah’s situation is vastly different from our own situations in our lives (I mean I could be wrong, but I don’t think God has told anyone to build an ark recently), but we need to use Noah as a role model for faith in our own lives.  Even when we don’t see the big picture, and things get hard.  We have to trust in God, have faith, and know that God is in control and He has a plan.   I know this is easier said than done sometimes.  When we see things happening on a day to day basis, and we don’t see the full picture we ask God the obvious question, “WHY??”

So here I am asking God “Why?!?”, when instead I just need to have faith.  I trust that God has a plan, and when the time comes it will reveal itself to me, but it is a lot easier to have faith in God when we are building a relationship with him.  So I will pray, pray without ceasing.  After all, God has never failed me.


As I sat in the doctors office yesterday having an ultrasound, I couldn’t help but be blown away.  The technician pointed out Aubrey’s bones, her bladder, her kidneys, her brain, her heart, all of her little fingers and toes.  We got to hear her little heartbeat again, which is just the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.  I just sat there amazed.

20 Week Anatomy Scan - 2

I am amazed at what my body is capable of doing without me even trying.  I mean, I’m aware I’m pregnant, but I’m not thinking about what my body needs to do in order to make a baby.  God made the human body to “be fruitful and multiply”, and we do, but often without even thinking about it.  I mean here I am going about my normal day, working, eating, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, etc. and all the while, my body is MAKING a person!!  Without me even paying attention, my body has formed the vital organs my baby will need to survive in life.  Right now my body is working overtime, to make a perfect little person.

Maybe that is why I could look at an ultrasound all day, or maybe it’s because that is my baby and I can’t wait to meet her and hold her.  What I do know, is that I am perfectly made, by my Lord and Savior, and He created the human body to do just what it is doing.  God has blessed me by choosing me to carry this little girl, and in doing so He has made my dreams come true.

For this child I have prayed, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. – 1 Samuel 1:27

Baby M – 20 Weeks (HALFWAY THERE!!)

20 weeks

Bump Analysis? Pregnant and awkward smile – I don’t like taking pictures by myself!  Also, if this is only halfway there…I can’t imagine me at 40 weeks!

Month/Trimester? 5 months / 2nd Trimester! — Today is the halfway point of the pregnancy!! WOOHOO!!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a banana! 6.5 inches long and 10.2 ounces!

Development? Junebug now has working taste buds… so I should probably really start watching how many sweets I’m eating so she will like healthy food 🙂  She is also drinking several ounces of amniotic fluid a day, which is significantly higher than before.

Movement? I’m feeling lots of flutters and random kicks.  I can’t wait for it to be something I feel more consistently so hopefully Paul can catch it one time!! Right now it’s so sporadic he hasn’t felt anything.

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? Today we had our 20 week anatomy scan at the specialist.  They confirmed she was in fact a girl, and they did an echo on her heart.  They believe everything looks okay, but of course when the doctor tried to look, Aubrey wouldn’t cooperate.  They want us to go back in 5 weeks, and then hopefully they won’t need to see us again.

No pictures please!
No pictures please!

Weight Gain? 7 lbs…

Symptoms?  Lots of happy tears over here… all. the. time!

Cravings? Shrimp, hot dogs, pasta, and Dr. Pepper (shh don’t tell my doctor about the hotdogs or Dr. Pepper…)  Aside from the pasta – I rarely ate shrimp, and never ate hot dogs or drank pop (or soda whatever you want to call it), so all of these cravings are just weird to me.

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? Pretty sure I wake up 1,000 times a night…

Maternity Clothes? Still just a few maternity shirts, but my pants are becoming pretty uncomfortable…

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? Don’t say that word around here…

Labor Signs? Praying not to have these anytime soon!

What I miss? I’m too excited to miss anything right now 🙂

Looking forward to? Paul and I started working on the nursery, and put the crib together this past weekend!  I am so looking forward to seeing it all come together!!! Right now I keep walking in her room and envisioning it all put together, with her in it!! Then I go open her closet, because I’m basically obsessed with her clothes (my daughter has a better wardrobe then I do already and she only has a few outfits!) Seeing baby things coming into our house is helping make it feel more real… this is actually happening!  And then I cry happy tears… because those are common here these days!

On the Menu – 1.26.15

So I recently decided to really start to work at meal planning, and when I decided to start my husband disappeared for basically two weeks for work.  So I didn’t feel like there was a reason for me to cook these fun meals for me to eat by myself.  So I basically ate my normal “Paul’s out of town and I’m not cooking for myself” food… cereal, grilled cheese, hot dogs.. the usual.  Really delicious stuff I tell ya!

So in my last post about meal planning, I only made 2 of the recipes, but they were both successful, and Paul said they should be made again.  That’s a win!   The shrimp scampi was great, and definitely a lighter pasta since it was an olive oil sauce and nothing creamy.  Then I also made the Skillet Sausage Pasta, which turned out really well, but when I make it again I will definitely cut down on the amount of chicken broth it calls for.

I have no idea how women functioned prior to Pinterest… Seriously, it’s great.

So this week, our menu consists of the following meals… and you may notice a pasta theme… we’re blaming that on Aubrey…

Eventually I’ll let you all know how these turn out, and which ones are worth trying out yourself!  Happy Cooking 🙂

The Cooking Fiasco

So I’m not sure when, but at some point in the last couple weeks I either saw what’s known as Puppy Chow or someone mentioned it, but I’ve been thinking about it!  I finally decided I would make it, and I went to the store and bought all the necessary ingredients, remembering I had powdered sugar at home.

Now if you’ve never made Puppy Chow, it’s a really simple recipe, that you can find here.  It probably takes about 10 minutes to make, and it’s worth it.  So yesterday, I started making this.  As I was melting the chocolate and peanut butter, I went to pour the powdered sugar into the ziploc bag to toss it all in during the final stages.  Only to my surprise, I didn’t have powdered sugar at all.   What I thought was powdered sugar was actually flour.  Well dang.  So now what should I do??  I decided it would be best for me to run to Publix and grab powdered sugar.

Now It’s 6pm and I’m supposed to meet my mom and Victoria at 6:45 – so I start rushing!  I get back from Publix, and I open the garage door.  To my surprise our sweet chocolate lab comes darting out at me… Apparently, in my hurry to head to Publix, I left the door into our garage slightly open.  As soon as she heard the garage door open she came running out to greet me.  So as I’m trying to pull the car into the garage, she is sprinting circles around my car.  I obviously don’t want to hit her,  and she was listening so well as I kept trying to get her to go in the house…  Finally I rolled down my window, and I made her sit next to my door.  I inched forward all while telling her to stay so I wouldn’t hit her.

6:20pm –  I have powdered sugar and I go to finish my recipe!  I get everything reheated, mixed together, the kitchen cleaned up,  and I walk out the door at 6:35pm!  Mission Accomplished!

As I’m driving,  I realize I completely forgot to add the butter and vanilla into the recipe.    I guess in my hurry I either got distracted or pregnancy brain got the best of me.  I would still say this turned out, because I don’t think you can really mess up peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar… but next time, I will make sure my powdered sugar is actually powdered sugar, and that I add in all the ingredients!  Cooking is a lot more simple when you do it the right way…

Goodreads 2.0

I grew up dancing as my hobby, and then I grew up and realized my only hobby now is that I like to read… how lame am I?!  So since Paul and I have moved, I live literally 2 seconds from the library, and I figure I should take advantage of being able to read now before I have a little baby interrupting all of my reading time!  Here’s what I’ve been reading lately…

The Prodigy Trilogy by Marie Lu 

This series is amazing.   It is a story about the United States years in the future.  There is a corrupt government that has divided the country into two separate functioning countries, and they are at war.  The country’s most intelligent and skilled soldier sets out to find the country’s most wanted.  When she discovers him, it is not what she expects.  She learns more about the country, and she realizes it isn’t the same country she thought she loved and knew.  Now she has to decide if she should support the country she has always loved, or if she should join the rebellion.  These books are young adult, but they are written so well and such quick reads.  I could not stop turning the pages.  This is the series that keeps you up at all hours of the night reading, because you have to know what is happening next!

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

If you know Nicholas Sparks this is obviously a romance novel.  It’s an unlikely love story between a city girl and a country boy.  Throughout the book it goes back and forth between their love story, and the love story of Ira and his wife.  Ira is much older, and his wife passed away.  Throughout the book Ira reminisces on their love story, and how their obsession with artwork began.  The love stories of the older couple and the younger couple intertwine at the end of the book, and leave you hoping everything will work out.  Though you can predict it will have a happy ending, you don’t know exactly how it will play out.  I created several scenarios in my head for what might happen, but all of them were wrong.  It was beautifully written, and left me in tears.

Orphan Train by Christina Kline 

This story is about a girl who comes to the US with her family, and not long after their immigration, she becomes an orphan.  With nobody she knows in the US, she is sent to the orphanage where they take a train from city to city in hopes that someone will adopt them.  It goes through her tragic life story as she jumps from family to family, and the situations she has to go through.  While going through the story of her life, it alternates with the story of a current day orphan, who is left to clean this woman’s attic for community service.  While cleaning the attic, she realizes she has more in common with this rich and privileged woman than she thought.  This story is beautifully tragic, but it brings you hope and a happy ending.  It also left me wanting to adopt a child more than I already do…

Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

I’m still really torn about this book.  I can’t decide if I liked it or not.  This story is set in the 80s when AIDS was first becoming widespread.  A young girl is best friends with her uncle, who happens to be dying of AIDS.  She feels as though he is the only person in the world she can relate to, she has no friends, and she and her sister no longer get along.  After her uncle dies, June meets a man who as much as she wants to hate, she comes to love.  This man was her uncle’s boyfriend, and they basically help each other to grieve and get through the loss.  I spent the first 75% of this book complaining to my mom that everyone said it was supposed to be amazing, but 1. it wasn’t what I was expecting at all and 2. I felt like the book didn’t really have much of a plot.  It kept going and going and telling stories, and it wasn’t until the last 75 pages or so that everything tied together and created a plot.  It did leave me in tears, and the last pages were beautifully written, but for the most part I felt uncomfortable reading it.  The relationship June has with her uncle is weird to say the least…she is more in love with her uncle than loves him as an uncle.  I had a really hard time connecting at all to her as the main character.  So aside from the amazing reviews this book had on Goodreads, I was left torn aside from those last pages of the 355 page book…

Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina by Misty Copeland

This is an autobiography by Misty Copeland who is a soloist ballerina at ABT.  It goes through the story of her life, how she got into dance, and her struggle being one of the few black prima ballerinas.  I really think her story is amazing, and she has overcome a very rough past.  She has used everything in her life to make her successful.  She came close to quitting multiple times, but she always made it through the difficult times.  It also left me begging Paul to take me to New York so I could watch her dance.

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty 

This book is a really quick read, I think it took me 2-3 days to finish it because it is a page turner.  This story is about 3 women who barely know each other, but their lives end up connected after one woman discovers a letter written to her from her husband.  She is supposed to read the letter after he passes away, but she reads it while he is still very much alive.  I will leave this vague, because if you’re going to read it I don’t want to spoil it for you.  This story had my mouth drop a couple times.  Then I would stop reading, look at Paul, and tell him what was happening in the story.  Then I would try to figure out what I would do if I was in the situation!  The story is an adult story, and there are a lot of morally wrong things that happen in this book.  I think that alone, is what kept me from falling completely in love with this book.  I couldn’t put it down, because I had to know what was happening, but some of it was just hard to read from a moral standpoint.

Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

This is a lighthearted story that takes place over in London about an average girl in her 20s who just wants to be successful and make her parents and herself proud.  She spills all of her little secrets to a stranger on a plane when she thinks the plane is about to crash.  Little does she know this man will enter her life in a big way, and now he knows everything about her down to her smallest and biggest secrets.  This story had me laughing at the main characters inner dialogue, because I feel like it is how most people would react in her situation.  If you’re looking for a quick, funny and lighthearted read, this is a great little book to keep you entertained.

This isn’t all the books I’ve read since we’ve moved, but some of them weren’t worth mentioning.  Like I said, I’ve been reading a lot… next up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I know I’m really behind the ball on this one, but I’m getting to it right?

Baby M – 19 Weeks


Bump Analysis? Since my photographer is currently in Las Vegas, we’ll use a group shot from Malarie and Whitney’s birthday dinner 🙂 Ignore how huge my face looks… I’m going to blame the scarf.

Month/Trimester? 5 months (according to my book from the doctor weeks 18-21 make up month 5 – but my mom argues I’m still 4 months) / 2nd Trimester!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a mango! 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces!

Development? Junebug is developing a protective coating over her skin known as vernix caseosa, and she is also working on developing her 5 senses!  Nerve cells for taste, hearing, sight, and smell are developing her her brain.

Movement? She seemed pretty still last week, but she has been making up for it this week!  She’s bouncing around like crazy in there!  I can’t wait for it to be something Paul can feel.  Right now I feel her move, and quickly put his hand on my stomach and then she stops… Not cooperative 🙂

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? The results of the APT test came back and Aubrey tested negative for open tube neural defects and Spina Bifida!  Thanking God for a healthy little girl!!  We go in next Tuesday for our 20 week anatomy scan.  This will be happening at a high risk specialist.  Due to some family history (i.e. my sister being born with a hole in her heart – which closed up on it’s own) they just want to be a little more cautious and have Aubrey evaluated by a specialist.  They will focus a little more on her heart development along with the rest of the anatomy scan.

Weight Gain? 6 lbs…

Symptoms?  Same old…

Cravings? Shrimp!

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? I assumed I would sleep through the night until the third trimester, and then I would be so uncomfortable that wouldn’t happen… but I actually can’t remember the last time I slept through the night.  If I’m not tossing and turning, I’m going to the bathroom or I’m being woken up by crazy dreams (pregnant dreams are so weird…) Now that I’m sleeping on my side, I’ve successfully pinched a nerve in my neck twice now.  The last time it seemed to go away after I put some heat on it, and Paul and my dad both gave me neck rubs.  This time I was up pretty much all night.  Paul fell asleep that night holding a bag of ice on my neck… how cute is he? 🙂

Maternity Clothes? Still just a few maternity shirts, but at the rate I seem to be growing this could be changing soon. 

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? Don’t say that word around here…

Labor Signs? Praying not to have these anytime soon!

What I miss? Pregnancy wise I’m not really missing much… but I am missing these girls back in Tallahassee!!!


Looking forward to? Seeing my husband on Friday!  When you both work at home and you’re ALWAYS together, not seeing him for 4-5 days seems like an eternity…

Why Cloth?

During my pregnancy, I’ve debated between using cloth diapers and disposables.  Now if you’ve never seen cloth diapers in the recent years, take a deep breath before you start saying how gross this is.  If that’s what you’re thinking, 3 years ago I did the same thing. I judged my sister for wanting to use cloth diapers on her daughter, and I think I actually told her, “That’s disgusting, I’m never changing one of her diapers.”  In my head, I was picturing old school cloth diapers that was literally a piece of cloth with safety pins, when in reality modern day cloth diapers are not much different then disposable diapers.

I brought it up with Paul, who wasn’t thrilled with the idea.  Not because he didn’t like cloth, he’s seen my nieces running around in them, but because he didn’t 1. want to dump poo into the toilet (I guess you can’t blame him there right?) and 2.  he swore that when we washed the diapers, poop would get stuck in the washing machine, and end up all over his clothes… then I laughed at him.  So after some research, and talking, Paul pretty much said he didn’t have a preference (since he’s never changed a diaper in his life, and his first will be Aubrey’s) so if that is what I wanted to do, he was fine with it as long as he didn’t have to wash them… Done.  He doesn’t do laundry anyways (See our agreement here).

Here were the debates in my head, that ultimately led to the decision:


  • Laundry.  Will I want to add more laundry to what I will already be doing.  This was probably the biggest deterrent for me.
  • Poop.  No matter how you get rid of it, poop is gross.  Disposables, you take it off and throw it away.  Cloth, you take it off, dump the poop (which may include spraying the diaper to get any excess off), and throw it in the wet bag for laundry day.


  • Cost.  I would like to say the benefits for our baby was my biggest motivator, but I’d be lying.  Cloth diapers are more costly up front.  They say it takes $300-$500 to get a “stash” which would consist of about 24 diapers, but then you’re done…. no more purchasing (unless you see really cute patterns that you need to see on your baby’s bottom and then you need to buy them).  If you even add in the cost of water, and detergent it still is cheaper then buying disposable diapers.  My sister was the guinea pig here, and she literally did a spread sheet to determine cost efficiency.  It included anything from the cost of the diapers, to the cost of water and electricity to wash them… she did the hard part for me.  🙂  With the first baby, it will save you approximately $900 – $1000  dollars (for the diapers we are using), but as you have another child you can reuse the diapers and ultimately save your family THOUSANDS of dollars!  Since I don’t have my sisters spreadsheet to share, you can just visit this site and see the savings for yourself!
  • Health.  Cloth diapers ultimately, need to be changed slightly more frequently to prevent leaking, in doing so you save your baby from diaper rashes.  Most babies who use cloth may never experience a diaper rash ever.  Not to mention, the hundreds of chemicals that make up a disposable diaper that can sometimes irritate their skin will not be an issue.
  • Environment.  I take care of our environment, I recycle, I don’t litter, etc., but I wouldn’t say that I’m an enthusiast by any stretch of the means.  After research, I realized it takes 1 disposable diaper 150 years to biodegrade.  With the millions and millions of diapers being used each year, they are filling our landfills!  If I can take away some of that, sure why not.  I’ll help.
  • Convenience. So you may not think it’s very convenient to have added laundry, BUT it is very easy to see when you’re running low on diapers.  Instead of thinking “oh remind me to buy diapers the next time I’m out” you just throw a load of laundry in.  Boom.  Never run out of diapers.  Never make midnight runs to the store for a box of diapers.  Never search and wait for sales and buy in bulk.  Your diapers will fit your baby from around 10lbs -35 lbs.
  • HOLY CUTENESS! Okay, so ultimately next to price, this was the selling point for me.  How stinking cute is a little baby butt in a cloth diaper?!  They have the cutest little patterns, they don’t get that gross disposable diaper sag after they’ve gone to the bathroom.  I seriously just love looking at little patterns!  I’m keeping most of our diapers gender neutral, for future use, but I am still going to be purchasing some adorable little girl patterns!

I made my first order for our cloth diaper stash, and decided to try BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers, and I am SO excited to get them in the mail!  I’ll be buying a few different brands and types to determine what we like best.

I was really leery cloth diapering initially, but I’ve completely talked myself into it and I’m EXCITED about diapers… how does that happen?!  Ultimately,  we decided we would give it a shot, and it if isn’t for us then we will sell the diapers and use disposables, but at this point I am so excited that I’m pretty sure it will work!  🙂

After Miss Aubrey gets here, I will update everyone on how the process is going for us, and if I love it or hate it.  For now I just can’t wait for her to come, and to put her in the cutest dang diapers!

Baby M – 18 Weeks

18 Weeks

Bump Analysis? I am pretty sure I’ve doubled in size since last week… or at least that is how it feels.  I sent my sister a text last night worried I was getting too big too fast, and that I looked further along then I really was.  Her response, “LOL I’m sorry, but I’m actually laughing out loud.  This is nowhere close to 7 months… you’re going to look back on this picture and be like yep that was tiny…” So I guess I should just prepare myself…

Month/Trimester? 5 months/ 2nd Trimester!  Where did the first 4 months go?!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a sweet potato! 5.6 inches long and 6.7 ounces!

Development? Junebug is now yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing… all while twisting, rolling, punching and kicking!  Working on her muscles!

Movement? She’s seemed a little less active this week, but I do still feel her and every time I feel the need to say hi to her!  It’s like she’s letting me know she’s still here and checking in.

Names? Aubrey Joy – we’ve had a lot of questions about where her name came from.  Paul and I threw out random names all the time, and Aubrey was the one that stuck.  Paul fell in love immediately.  I loved the name, but I took a little longer to jump on board.  It was pretty adorable to see his reaction to the name though, from the very beginning he just kept saying, “I see my daughter as Aubrey”. Cue melting heart.

Joy is a family name.  My mom’s sister, Melanie, has the middle name Joy.  When my mom had my sister, my sister became Melissa Joy.  I decided years ago, I would continue that when I eventually had kids.  So I knew whenever I had a little girl, the middle name had to be Joy.  Not to mention my sister is my absolute best friend, and I could only hope to have a little girl just like her.  So I think it’s a great name to pass on.  To add a little to the cuteness of our baby having her midde name, my sister’s first daughter has my middle name.  We did a little trade 🙂

Testing? We did the second part of the NT exam – which is referred to as APT.  It checks for Spina Bifida.  We are waiting back on the results.

Weight Gain? 4 lbs… and counting.

Symptoms?  Having round ligament pains pretty consistently, and they are actually waking me up or keeping me up at night now. I also woke up last night to go to the bathroom, and on my way I was so dizzy I was actually stumbling like I was completely drunk… so weird.

Cravings? I started craving shrimp… Paul and I had bang bang shrimp on NYE, and then he wanted me to try and make it at home.  So we bought shrimp, and I did.  Then we used the leftover shrimp to make shrimp skewers.  Since then, I’ve wanted shrimp almost every night.  So I planned a few meals to incorporate shrimp and satisfy my craving.

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep?  I’ve started trying to fall asleep on my side, when I lay on my stomach I can actually feel pressure like I’m pushing and compacting everything inside me… So sad.  Only 5 more months before I can sleep on my stomach again!  Not to mention I think I somehow slept wrong at some point this week, which left terrible pain in my neck that shot down my right arm to my fingers, and occasionally in my chest and shoulder… Seriously? Thanks for all the back rubs honey 🙂

Maternity Clothes? Still just a few maternity shirts, but at the rate I seem to be growing this could be changing soon. 

Stretch Marks? Don’t say that word around here…

Labor Signs? Praying not to have these anytime soon!

What I miss? I’m actually doing okay right now – more excited about the future than focusing on what I’m missing right now 🙂

Looking forward to? Heading to Tallahassee to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays, and to see my cute little nieces!  🙂

Time to Meal Plan

Meal planning is easily one of the best ways for Paul and I to stay on budget and save money.  Not only do we eat out less, but when I actually know what ingredients I’ll need for dinner, our grocery bill is smaller.  That being said, let me admit that I’m terrible at meal planning.  I typically go grocery shopping each week and buy a bunch of food, meats, veggies, etc. but I never actually make a plan to use it each night.  So when it comes time for dinner, I either A) haven’t thawed meat, B) don’t feel like cooking, or C) don’t have the right things.

When we made our move from Tallahassee to Orlando, I finally started meal planning, and then actually sticking to it!  We were doing so well, and then I got pregnant, and sick and didn’t cook a real meal for almost 2 months.  When Paul would pick up my slack and cook, I would get sick.  Part of me thinks it was seeing the actual prep side before a meal was complete that I couldn’t handle, but to be honest, I’m really not sure.  Aside from breakfast and lunch, we ate out for dinner almost every single night.  Which, as you can guess is EXPENSIVE!  Dave Ramsey would be so disappointed… 🙂

Well, I started feeling better, and I started going back to my old routine… which isn’t the best as I’ve already stated.  So, now I am actually going to make a meal plan, a grocery list, and stick to it!  So tomorrow I’ll go grocery shopping and at some point during the week I’ll cook the meals that I have bought the ingredients for.

Here’s our menu! Side notes: I don’t make a plan for 7 nights, as we always have left overs since it is just 2 of us, and we will eat leftovers as meals.  As of a few nights ago, we made shrimp and chicken skewers, and now all I want is shrimp.  I am also going to try and add chicken back into my diet as my aversion lessens… we’ll see how it goes!

I am so excited to cook these meals, because aside from the wings they are ALL new recipes (thanks Pinterest)… and the two with shrimp I’ve been craving for about a week now!  Hopefully they turn out, otherwise I think we will be making PB&J 🙂