Baby M – 17 Weeks


Bump Analysis? Yep – I look pregnant.

Month/Trimester? 4 months/ 2nd Trimester

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of an onion! 5.1 inches long and 5.9 ounces!

Development? Cartilage is turning into bone, gaining more weight, and growing a stronger, thicker umbilical cord!

Movement? Shortly after midnight on NYE, I felt a little kick for the first time.  Junebug just wanted to bring in the new year with us, and remind us of everything we had to look forward to 🙂  Since then, I typically feel a little kick about once a day.  Still very light, and waiting for the day Paul will get to feel it!

Names? Our names are set!  Teaser alert… Boy initials: NJM and Girl initials: AJM 🙂

Testing? This week we go in for the second half of the NT testing.  These results will be combined with part 1 to give us complete results.  We will also be having our ultrasound to determine gender!! I teased you all last week with this post, but after a crazy moving baby we didn’t get the best images.  We have a very good guess, but we did not want to announce it until we had a chance to confirm the gender.  So hopefully, on Thursday we will have a for sure answer and I will finally share the exciting news 🙂 We are pretty positive we already know this outcome 🙂

Weight Gain? 3.5 lbs. – Everything I’ve read says I should be around 5-10 lbs right now, so I am secretly taking pride I’m not there yet, but it also says get ready for rapid weight gain… and then I’ll cry.

Symptoms?  Having round ligament pains more frequently, and they are starting to hurt more… that’s fun. Still getting dizzy, but the worst is my hair.  After my sister gave birth, she lost some of her hair along her hairline, and as it grew back she had little horns, and we all laughed at it.  Well I haven’t even given birth yet, but something similar is happening… so much for that “luxurious second trimester hair”… Womp.

Cravings? Still nothing… I feel like I’m an abnormal pregnant person for not craving anything…

Aversions? My poultry aversion may be lessening…BBQ.  Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Sleep?  Still stomach sleeping…

Maternity Clothes? I’m still wearing all my pants/shorts (yes shorts in January… it is Florida) with a belly band, but I did start wearing a couple of maternity shirts this week.  To be honest, they are just a little more flattering since they are made to reveal a bump.  They help me look pregnant and less like I am gaining weight.

What I miss? Not doing a double take every time I walk past a mirror… My profile view is still taking me by surprise and I forget how big I’m getting.

Looking forward to?  THURSDAY!!! Boy or Girl!? I need to start shopping and decorating!!!! 🙂


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