Time to Meal Plan

Meal planning is easily one of the best ways for Paul and I to stay on budget and save money.  Not only do we eat out less, but when I actually know what ingredients I’ll need for dinner, our grocery bill is smaller.  That being said, let me admit that I’m terrible at meal planning.  I typically go grocery shopping each week and buy a bunch of food, meats, veggies, etc. but I never actually make a plan to use it each night.  So when it comes time for dinner, I either A) haven’t thawed meat, B) don’t feel like cooking, or C) don’t have the right things.

When we made our move from Tallahassee to Orlando, I finally started meal planning, and then actually sticking to it!  We were doing so well, and then I got pregnant, and sick and didn’t cook a real meal for almost 2 months.  When Paul would pick up my slack and cook, I would get sick.  Part of me thinks it was seeing the actual prep side before a meal was complete that I couldn’t handle, but to be honest, I’m really not sure.  Aside from breakfast and lunch, we ate out for dinner almost every single night.  Which, as you can guess is EXPENSIVE!  Dave Ramsey would be so disappointed… 🙂

Well, I started feeling better, and I started going back to my old routine… which isn’t the best as I’ve already stated.  So, now I am actually going to make a meal plan, a grocery list, and stick to it!  So tomorrow I’ll go grocery shopping and at some point during the week I’ll cook the meals that I have bought the ingredients for.

Here’s our menu! Side notes: I don’t make a plan for 7 nights, as we always have left overs since it is just 2 of us, and we will eat leftovers as meals.  As of a few nights ago, we made shrimp and chicken skewers, and now all I want is shrimp.  I am also going to try and add chicken back into my diet as my aversion lessens… we’ll see how it goes!

I am so excited to cook these meals, because aside from the wings they are ALL new recipes (thanks Pinterest)… and the two with shrimp I’ve been craving for about a week now!  Hopefully they turn out, otherwise I think we will be making PB&J 🙂


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