Why Cloth?

During my pregnancy, I’ve debated between using cloth diapers and disposables.  Now if you’ve never seen cloth diapers in the recent years, take a deep breath before you start saying how gross this is.  If that’s what you’re thinking, 3 years ago I did the same thing. I judged my sister for wanting to use cloth diapers on her daughter, and I think I actually told her, “That’s disgusting, I’m never changing one of her diapers.”  In my head, I was picturing old school cloth diapers that was literally a piece of cloth with safety pins, when in reality modern day cloth diapers are not much different then disposable diapers.

I brought it up with Paul, who wasn’t thrilled with the idea.  Not because he didn’t like cloth, he’s seen my nieces running around in them, but because he didn’t 1. want to dump poo into the toilet (I guess you can’t blame him there right?) and 2.  he swore that when we washed the diapers, poop would get stuck in the washing machine, and end up all over his clothes… then I laughed at him.  So after some research, and talking, Paul pretty much said he didn’t have a preference (since he’s never changed a diaper in his life, and his first will be Aubrey’s) so if that is what I wanted to do, he was fine with it as long as he didn’t have to wash them… Done.  He doesn’t do laundry anyways (See our agreement here).

Here were the debates in my head, that ultimately led to the decision:


  • Laundry.  Will I want to add more laundry to what I will already be doing.  This was probably the biggest deterrent for me.
  • Poop.  No matter how you get rid of it, poop is gross.  Disposables, you take it off and throw it away.  Cloth, you take it off, dump the poop (which may include spraying the diaper to get any excess off), and throw it in the wet bag for laundry day.


  • Cost.  I would like to say the benefits for our baby was my biggest motivator, but I’d be lying.  Cloth diapers are more costly up front.  They say it takes $300-$500 to get a “stash” which would consist of about 24 diapers, but then you’re done…. no more purchasing (unless you see really cute patterns that you need to see on your baby’s bottom and then you need to buy them).  If you even add in the cost of water, and detergent it still is cheaper then buying disposable diapers.  My sister was the guinea pig here, and she literally did a spread sheet to determine cost efficiency.  It included anything from the cost of the diapers, to the cost of water and electricity to wash them… she did the hard part for me.  🙂  With the first baby, it will save you approximately $900 – $1000  dollars (for the diapers we are using), but as you have another child you can reuse the diapers and ultimately save your family THOUSANDS of dollars!  Since I don’t have my sisters spreadsheet to share, you can just visit this site and see the savings for yourself!
  • Health.  Cloth diapers ultimately, need to be changed slightly more frequently to prevent leaking, in doing so you save your baby from diaper rashes.  Most babies who use cloth may never experience a diaper rash ever.  Not to mention, the hundreds of chemicals that make up a disposable diaper that can sometimes irritate their skin will not be an issue.
  • Environment.  I take care of our environment, I recycle, I don’t litter, etc., but I wouldn’t say that I’m an enthusiast by any stretch of the means.  After research, I realized it takes 1 disposable diaper 150 years to biodegrade.  With the millions and millions of diapers being used each year, they are filling our landfills!  If I can take away some of that, sure why not.  I’ll help.
  • Convenience. So you may not think it’s very convenient to have added laundry, BUT it is very easy to see when you’re running low on diapers.  Instead of thinking “oh remind me to buy diapers the next time I’m out” you just throw a load of laundry in.  Boom.  Never run out of diapers.  Never make midnight runs to the store for a box of diapers.  Never search and wait for sales and buy in bulk.  Your diapers will fit your baby from around 10lbs -35 lbs.
  • HOLY CUTENESS! Okay, so ultimately next to price, this was the selling point for me.  How stinking cute is a little baby butt in a cloth diaper?!  They have the cutest little patterns, they don’t get that gross disposable diaper sag after they’ve gone to the bathroom.  I seriously just love looking at little patterns!  I’m keeping most of our diapers gender neutral, for future use, but I am still going to be purchasing some adorable little girl patterns!

I made my first order for our cloth diaper stash, and decided to try BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers, and I am SO excited to get them in the mail!  I’ll be buying a few different brands and types to determine what we like best.

I was really leery cloth diapering initially, but I’ve completely talked myself into it and I’m EXCITED about diapers… how does that happen?!  Ultimately,  we decided we would give it a shot, and it if isn’t for us then we will sell the diapers and use disposables, but at this point I am so excited that I’m pretty sure it will work!  🙂

After Miss Aubrey gets here, I will update everyone on how the process is going for us, and if I love it or hate it.  For now I just can’t wait for her to come, and to put her in the cutest dang diapers!


2 thoughts on “Why Cloth?

  1. Emilee January 28, 2015 / 5:45 pm

    We cloth diaper our 6 month old and prefer it! We do, though, have to use disposables at night now that he sleeps all through the night. We chose Thirsties prefolds and covers as apposed to pocket diapers. Good luck with your cloth diapering adventure!

    • Lauren Millard January 28, 2015 / 5:47 pm

      My sister has to use disposables during the night too! I’ve never heard of anyone not liking cloth after trying it so I am really hoping it works for us! 😊

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