On the Menu – 1.26.15

So I recently decided to really start to work at meal planning, and when I decided to start my husband disappeared for basically two weeks for work.  So I didn’t feel like there was a reason for me to cook these fun meals for me to eat by myself.  So I basically ate my normal “Paul’s out of town and I’m not cooking for myself” food… cereal, grilled cheese, hot dogs.. the usual.  Really delicious stuff I tell ya!

So in my last post about meal planning, I only made 2 of the recipes, but they were both successful, and Paul said they should be made again.  That’s a win!   The shrimp scampi was great, and definitely a lighter pasta since it was an olive oil sauce and nothing creamy.  Then I also made the Skillet Sausage Pasta, which turned out really well, but when I make it again I will definitely cut down on the amount of chicken broth it calls for.

I have no idea how women functioned prior to Pinterest… Seriously, it’s great.

So this week, our menu consists of the following meals… and you may notice a pasta theme… we’re blaming that on Aubrey…

Eventually I’ll let you all know how these turn out, and which ones are worth trying out yourself!  Happy Cooking 🙂


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