The Toaster War

Last year a friend of mine was recently engaged, and we were talking about some of the disagreements she was having with her fiancé regarding their big day.  So she asked me what Paul and I had problems with while wedding planning.  I realized we didn’t really fight while wedding planning. Paul gave his input, but for the most part we agreed on the big things, and the other things he let me do my way.  He was pretty hands off – more of the tell me when and where to be kind of guy.  Our fight was over our registry.

I think this is absolutely hysterical now, because I had actually forgotten this whole story.  In all the excitement of wedding planning, one of the best parts is registering for all of the things you see in your house as your new  life as husband and wife.  What can go wrong right??

So we start registering and pretty close to the front of the store are the kitchen appliances, more specifically toasters and toaster ovens.  Paul wanted a toaster oven.  I wanted a toaster.  His argument – It’s convenient, and he grew up with one.  My argument – we have a really tiny kitchen (at the time) with zero counter space as is, where the heck are we going to put a toaster oven?  I should also mention I HATE clutter and things on my counter tops.  We probably went back and forth for about 5 minutes, before we skipped over this item entirely.  We continued to register, but at this point Paul was annoyed with me, and it was apparent.  He was frustrated more so with the process of the store trying to up sell you and get you to register for crazy expensive things that you will never use, and I certainly did not disagree with him there.  “What china pattern do you want??” China?  I want an everyday plate that matches my kitchen, that won’t sit in an cupboard for the entire year as wasted space.  We’re not that fancy, and I don’t need something else cluttering my house.

So registering came to an end, and it did not include a toaster or a toaster oven.  Fast-forward to current day.  We’ve been married for almost 2 years, and we STILL do not have either product.  If you want something toasted you pop it in the oven.  Since then, we’ve never discussed a toaster.  I never realized it until my friend and I recently had this conversation, and it absolutely cracks me up looking back.  I think we can probably revisit this topic and go out and buy a toaster or toaster oven now.  It will make bagels and waffles easier for this pregnant girl anyways. 🙂


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