Finding the Right Fit

Church is a commitment Paul and I have every Sunday.  It’s never a discussion.  We never wake up and say, “Are we going to church today?” It is a priority of ours, and without fail, we will be there every Sunday, and we will plan our day around church.  That being said, finding the church that is the right fit for you is difficult.

In Tallahassee, I really liked our church.  Which is funny, because the first few times I went with my sister and brother-in-law I didn’t care for it too much aside from the Pastor.  He was amazing.  I hopped around to a few churches, before finally I decided to give their church a chance, and when I did it grew on me so quickly.  I got involved in the nursery, and Paul and I did a couple small groups.  In all honesty, when we moved I was really upset to be leaving a church that I actually felt I was forming a connection with.

When we moved to Orlando, we started going to the church I grew up in.  I think this was just because we were getting settled into our new life, and we wanted to be sure we were still going to church.  At first Paul wasn’t sure how he felt about it, but it’s really grown on him and he likes it a lot.  I was actually the one who decided I don’t feel at home in this church.  The church here is great, and I’ve always absolutely LOVED it, because it was what I was used to.  After being exposed to a completely difference church experience in Tallahassee, it just isn’t what I picture as a church home anymore.  I am quite literally craving a different church environment.

I’ve tossed around the idea in my head for a while to try new churches, but Paul was getting comfortable where we were.  Each week that we go to church, I just feel this longing to have an environment similar to the way they were back in Tallahassee.  A close knit community, and relationships that we were building.  This past weekend, I had something come up that took longer than expected and we missed the early service at church.  So we decided to go to the later service, but instead I started browsing the internet for other options.  I asked Paul how he felt about trying a new church, and he was on board.  So we headed to a new church.  This church was great.  We talked to more people in the first 5 minutes at this church, then we had in the first 5 months at the church we’ve been attending.  During worship I actually was smiling to myself, because I felt like we were finally getting the atmosphere I now expect from a church.  The sermon was great!  Paul and I definitely enjoyed the experience, and we would go back, but we also found that we were probably the youngest couple there.  Quite possibly one of the only couples in our age range, and there was probably only a handful of kids.

We really want to find a church that has EVERYTHING we are looking for.  We want a church with powerful worship, an excellent Pastor that goes through scripture, younger families, and a feeling of community.  Now that we’re settled here in Orlando, I think we’ve officially decided to begin our hunt for the right fit for us.  I’ve already done more searching and found the church we will try next week.  I have high hopes for this church, and I just pray that eventually we will find our new church home.


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