So this is nesting…

You always hear about women “nesting” during their pregnancy.  I always knew women wanted to clean an organize, but what I didn’t know is that is also came with a seriously strong urge to decorate your house!

All the sudden the things that have been on my to do list to eventually get around to decorate, need to be done NOW!  i.e our guestroom/my office.  I had every intention of decorating when we moved in, but then we found out we were pregnant, and the rooms would be switching around and we would have a nursery to decorate so it just slipped away.  Now all the sudden our guestroom/my office HAS to be done.  I mean, we’ve have people use our guest room before when it was plain and ugly, but now it needs to be pretty and welcoming.

I recently went through our last unpacked box of decorations and figured out where they would be going.  Then I decided we needed an actual matching bedspread set, and I realized we have a duvet cover from when we got married that we intended to use during the winter, but we haven’t needed to yet.  So I whipped it out and boom!  Now we have a matching bed set, along with some decorations.  What the room needs though is a headboard, a console table and some wall decorations.  No worries though!  Thanks to Pinterest and Ana White, I’ve got some projects for the next couple of weeks for Paul and I to complete!  You would think at a time like this I would be focusing on the nursery, and while it is a focus of mine, I feel like there are so many other things that need to be done!

In my Pinterest searches, I’ve compiled a list of DIY furniture.  I’m not sure if my husband will hate me for this or love me.  It will mean he gets to expand his tool collection, so maybe he will love me for it.  He’s also one of those guys that prefers quality and sentiment over quick and convenient.  I think having furniture in our house that we built together, and can use for years to come will be something he appreciates.  He just may not appreciate the task list and timeline I’ve got in my head…


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