So I Punched Her.

So last weekend, Paul had his physical for life insurance.  The wonderful nurse came to our house, and I let her in.  She starts Paul’s exam, and asks if we have children.  He says we have one on the way, and she looks at me and realizes I’m pregnant.  She says congratulations (very typical response).  Later on, she’s making small talk and asks me how far along I am.  I tell her 6 months, to which she responds… “6 Months?! You’re really big for 6 months!” How sweet.  To which I responded by punching her straight in the face… not really.  But in my head I punched her, and felt better about myself.  In reality, I politely smiled and nodded. I already feel like a whale, but thanks for pointing out that I still have 3 more months to continue to grow and gain weight, while I provide a cozy little home for our healthy little girl.

She walked out the door, and I immediately start venting to Paul.  Poor guy, but he handles it like a champ and probably deserves an award for his responses.

Me: Am I too big for 6 months?!

Paul: No honey, you’re pregnant, and our baby is growing.  She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Me: Okay…

Good job honey.  I drop it and let it go for about 3 minutes, before I headed to the shower.  So a stranger makes a comment about my body, and then I walk into a bathroom with a mirror to take a shower.  Bad idea. So I start looking at my body in the mirror.  I fling open the door, and bring this topic back up.

Me: I let her in, and she didn’t even notice I was pregnant until you told her! I can’t be THAT big!

Paul: Yah – she’s a jerk.  She’s just upset because she’s bigger than you and she isn’t pregnant.

So he won brownie points.

I am really not sure what it is about pregnancy that makes strangers or other people feel it is completely okay to comment about your body.  You wouldn’t make a comment if I wasn’t pregnant.  “Oh honey, you’re face is getting a little more round” would be totally inappropriate if I wasn’t growing a person, but you stick a little person inside you and the rules and etiquette for body comments are off.   Mix the awesome comments with pregnancy hormones (hormones that may be taking over this particular blog post) and you’ve got a real nice concoction for a melt down.

Do yourself a favor, next time you see a pregnant woman, unless you’re telling her how gorgeous she looks (which she probably doesn’t feel), keep your comments about her size to yourself! Whether you think she is too big, or too small for how far along she is doesn’t matter.  Every woman carries differently, and we really don’t want your opinion on our size.

End rant.


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