The First Sunburn of the Year

I’ve lived in Florida for about 21 years.  You would think with that much experience I would be an expert at applying sunscreen… except you’d be wrong.  I do ALWAYS apply sunscreen, but it is always that first beach trip of the year that gets me.  It’s like I need a reminder on just how dang powerful the sun is… even when it is 75, foggy, and slightly chilly.


This past weekend at the beach, it was absolutely beautiful.  We got there and got set up and I noticed Paul had his shirt off.  I immediately walked up to him to tell him to put on sunscreen (in my defense, he usually doesn’t do it until he’s forced), and to my surprise he had already applied it and asked me to get his back.  So I did.  So we all settled in and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  Then randomly, out of absolutely nowhere, fog settled in.  In all my years of living in Florida, I’ve never seen fog settle in in the middle of  a beautiful sunny day.  It remained foggy for an hour or so and then lifted again.  It was crazy to see, but with the fog and the breeze it actually got pretty chilly.   I noticed while we were sitting and chatting that the tops of my knees and feet were burning.  Paul also had a strip along his back that looked like it was burning,  so I reapplied sunscreen about 4 times to those areas, but the damage was done.

By the time we got home and showered, we realized we both had really great splotchy sunburns, and we failed miserably.  My feet actually swelled they were so burnt, and walking physically hurt.  Putting shoes on is a joke – I’m not leaving the house.


On Sunday, Paul and I wanted to finish the dresser for Aubrey’s nursery, so we were in and out of the garage, which left our feet absolutely disgusting because neither of us would put shoes on our burnt feet.  Then I showered and cleaned up my feet, and went back into the garage.  Genius move.  So my wonderful husband cleaned my feet.  Isn’t he the sweetest? 🙂


We were quite the pathetic mess on Sunday. between Paul’s back and my feet, we were a sight to see.  I’ve also officially decided that the spray on sunscreen is only to be used, after you’ve applied lotion.  New methods, better protection.  One day I’ll figure it out.



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