Happy 2 Months Aubrey Joy!

In the blink of an eye, two months has gone by!  Your Daddy and I are so in love with you!

You’re still growing like a weed!  You now weigh 11 lbs and 14 oz, and you’re 22 1/4 inches long! You’ve gained almost 5 lbs since you were born, and already grown 3 1/4 inches!!  I am already thinking about going through and washing all of your 3-6 months clothes because you’ll be wearing them in no time!

You have quite the personality, and you’re a girl who knows what she wants!  Since you can’t talk, you’re sure to scream until your daddy and I figure it out.  We are learning your likes and dislikes though, so it’s not too hard to figure out what you want these days!


  • Bath time
  • Your swing – You stare at those monkeys!
  • Outside
  • Being held up on your belly
  • The magic changing pad
  • Mom’s milk
  • Walks
  • Car rides


  • Being cradled like a baby (at least while you’re awake)
  • Tummy time unless you’re laying on Mom or Dad
  • Being taken out of the bath tub
  • Hiccups

Dad’s family came to New Smyrna Beach for a week, and your cousins, Aunt and Uncle, Meme and Papa sure do love you!

While they were here, Mom and Dad left you for the first time so we could celebrate our anniversary!  I ended up in tears, but you seemed to have fun with Meme and Papa while we were gone!



 We started you in cloth diapers this month, and I am so obsessed.  Unfortunately, it also helped us discover that you are allergic to Coconut Oil. It sent me into a panic, and I ordered quite a few cloth diaper safe ointments to prevent ever needing to use Coconut Oil in the future!


You had your first road trip to Tallahassee, and you did AMAZING in the car.  Your cousins, Kennedy and Reese, are so in love with you.  Auntie Mel and I can’t wait to watch you all grow up together!

The spit up!  Who knew so much spit up could come out of such a tiny little girl!  Sometimes I feel like you have no milk left in your little belly!  We go through multiple burp cloths a day.  I actually went out and bought more because they get used faster than they get washed (and I’m pretty on top of doing laundry… so that’s saying something!)

You slept through the night for the first time!  It only happened once, but if it happened once it can happen again! 🙂 Usually you are a pretty good sleeper.  You go down around 10, wake up around 4, and then again around 6 before you’re up for the day around 8-9am.  Your first nap of the day is the best nap for you, and after that you’re a cat napper.

 You don’t mind your crib when I lay you down while you’re awake.  I want you to be used to your crib when we eventually make that transition.  When you take a nap, sometimes I try to lay you in the crib and you wake up immediately and scream.  You go right back to sleep after I pick you up.  You prefer napping in our arms, your swing, or the Rock N’ Play.  We’ll get to the crib one day, napping in our arms works for me… And Grandma!

When you’re about to cry, you pucker out that bottom lip and it just kills us every time!  From what I hear, you get that from your momma! (We should be really nice to your daddy… apparently he has 2 pretty dramatic women in his life now!!)  I’ve tried snapping a picture, but this is as close as it’s come!

You got 3 shots at your 2 month doctor appointment, and your little cries broke my heart.  You fell asleep as soon as we got in the car, and then you actually worried me with how much you slept afterwards!

If you’re awake, you’re probably trying to get your hand in your mouth.  Occasionally you find your thumb, or a finger here and there, but for the most part, you enjoy sucking on your fist.

You’ve got the cutest smile, and you’ve started making the sweetest noises to talk to Daddy and I.  They literally fill my heart with joy!  We will do just about anything to get a smile or coo out of you!

 You and Daddy have a pretty good after work snuggle session each night, it melts my heart.  Even though it’s the same thing every night, I can’t help but take a picture… every night.


We love having you in our life, and we can’t imagine life without you!  We absolutely love you to pieces sweet girl! Happy 2 months Aubrey!