A Place to Call Home!!

As of today, Paul and I officially purchased a house together!! We still own Paul’s house in Tallahassee, but this one is one that we bought together, and has both of our names on it!  We made this decision together, and we prayed about this together.  It was the answer to a dream we’ve had since before we got married.  God could not have made this decision more clear for us!

After we move this week, we FINALLY have no plans of needing to move in the near future! We can settle in!  We can call this home! We can DECORATE AND MAKE IT OURS! Finally the years of watching HGTV will pay off!  (Can you tell this REALLY excites me!) Aubrey will have a place to grow up and call home, and I pray that we have MANY years of happy memories in our new home! Bring on the never ending house projects in the life of a homeowner!

God has truly perfectly orchestrated each and every part of this process!  He is so good!  (I’ll share the story at a later date – right now I’m just too excited…and also busy moving!)

The Perfect Fit

Earlier this year, I wrote about how Paul and I were trying to find our church home.  Well towards the end of May, it felt as though we had tried almost all the churches.  We decided to try one that a friend of mine from high school goes to.

So one Sunday morning, we headed in with no expectations.  During the worship, I kept thinking that I really liked the songs they were singing, and the congregation was so much more animated and less conservative than any other church I’ve attended.  For me that’s a good thing, but what worried me was Paul.  I was kind of thinking to myself, that it may be a turn off to him.

After worship, the sermon began, and the pastor was foreign.  This came as a surprise to me.  I’m not sure why I just wasn’t expecting it (we later found out he is Egyptian).  I LOVED the sermon.  I truly felt the Pastor captivated me, and he truly applies scripture to the world and your life.  He helps show how some of the older biblical verses that don’t seem very applicable anymore, most certainly still can be applied to our lives today.  He isn’t afraid to be blunt and honest about biblical beliefs, and how Christians need to be living and acting in today’s world.

That day, Paul and I left, and as we were walking back to the car I said, “So what did you think?” and Paul said he liked it, in a pretty non chalant way.  Didn’t seem too crazy about it.  So he asked me and I responded in the same way.  After I said I liked it,  Paul said, “Oh good! I really liked it and I was praying during the service that you would feel the same way!  I just feel like this is supposed to be our church!”.  I think we were both waiting to hear the other’s opinions before we came out with how we truly felt!

We continued to test the waters for the next couple of weeks, and each week we grew to love it even more.  The Pastor INSTANTLY introduced himself to us the second week we attended after we didn’t go flying out in a hurry.  We felt so incredibly welcomed by members of the congregation.  After we had only been attending for 3-4 weeks, we had Aubrey.  Without even knowing more than a few people’s name, they started a food train and brought Paul and I food and gifts, and it was just so incredibly sweet how they took the time to care for us when we were so new!

Their youth program is amazing, and you can just see the Holy Spirit at work throughout the younger generation.  It makes me so happy to have Aubrey grow up in that kind of environment.  Paul and I got involved and started the Foundations bible study which has been LIFE changing!  I honestly cannot recommend it enough, and you can find a part of the study in this book.  After our life settles down in the next couple of weeks, we will both begin volunteering in the children’s ministry, and we are both looking forward to it.

We’ve now been attending for 5 months, and I can honestly say I’ve never looked forward to church so much in my entire life.  The worship is so moving, and the sermons stick with you.  I don’t forget them when I walk out the doors on Sunday.  I remember them, and throughout the week I find myself correcting my behavior/thoughts because I remember something the Pastor said.  Paul and I have both grown spiritually.  I’ve never been good at consistently staying in the word, and it feels so important now.  My prayer life has improved, and I find myself relying more on God than I ever have before.  I am so happy to be a part of this church family, and I am so excited to continue to grow in Christ!

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near” – Hebrews 10:24-25

Happy 4 Months Aubrey Joy!

 And just like that, another month has passed!  I can’t believe it!  I know I say that every month, but it is so true!  You are wearing 3-6 months in clothes, and you’re almost completely out of 0-3 months.  We’re still hanging on to a couple shirts!  At your 4 month check up you weighed in at 15 lbs 12 oz (90th percentile) and you are 24 3/4 inches (60th percentile).


  • Your exersaucer
  • Sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed
  • Being outside
  • Tummy time
  • Your swing
  • Talking
  • Bath time


  • Being in the car for too long
  • Having gas
  • Being put down at night anywhere other than the swing or our bed

This month you became so much more active! You hang out in tummy time for a while!  You love to stand or sit up.

You figured out how to roll over from you stomach to your back, but you don’t do it often.  You REALLY want to roll from your back to your belly, but you get stuck.  I think you’ll have it figured out within the next week or two.

You’re naps are like clockwork.  You can only make it about an hour and a half between naps before you’re ready to go down again!  You’re taking about 3-4 naps a day.  When I can get you to skip that 4th nap we have an 8pm bedtime and Mom LOVES it.  If you take your 4th nap it’s more like an 8:30 – 9:30pm bedtime… which is still MUCH better than the 10:30-11 you were going to sleep at!

Daddy really wants to transition you to your crib, but of course I’m hesitant.  I like when you’re close to us at night, but since you’re still waking up about 3 times a night (around 11:30, 2am, and 5am) I’m getting closer to moving you on over to your own room.  You have recently decided you don’t want to sleep in your Rock n’ Play… AGAIN.  So you were sleeping in our bed, but then we decided to let you sleep in the swing so we could actually get some sleep! That’s where you’ve been sleeping for the last few nights, and it actually works out pretty well.  The swing puts your right back to sleep, so I don’t even have to make sure you’re asleep after I nurse you.

You LOVE being pushed around the house.  We typically push you around in the Rock n’ Play or in the exersaucer, but you just think it’s the greatest thing.

You like reading stories, I am not sure if you just like when we talk, or you just like the pictures, but they keep you pretty entertained.

You still spit up like a champion, and if you’re not spitting up there is something in your mouth.  EVERYTHING goes right in your mouth.  Your hands, our hands, burp cloths, blankets, toys, you name it!  If you can grab it, then it is going right in your mouth!  I am still pretty sure you’re going to be a thumb sucker for a while.  You won’t take a pacifier, and I’ve caught you on a few occasions falling asleep with your thumb in your mouth.


If you can’t get anything in your mouth, you suck on your own tongue and you make a pretty great duck face.

We haven’t gotten any belly laughs out of you yet, but we’ve had little giggles here and there, and they are my absolute favorite.

We had your first trip to the beach this month, and I’m pretty sure you weren’t the biggest fan. You were pretty fussy the whole time we were there, and the wave scared you.  You love the water and being outside though, so we will try again.

This month you really started to notice the dogs, and you just stare at them.  They’re all starting to pay more attention to you too.

The weekends are my favorite, because we have so much time together.  They always go by too quickly though.

Aubrey Joy, I could just stare and you and snuggle you all day every day.  You are growing so fast, and I can’t believe it!  Your smile makes my heart leap for joy, and I do absolutely anything I can think of to try and bring a smile to your face.  We love you more than you know!