Happy 3 Months Nolan!

Nolan today you’re 3 months old! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. Babies don’t keep that’s for sure!

You’re getting bigger with each day! Sometimes I feel like I can actually see you growing! The last time I weighed you, you were over 17 lbs, but we will wait until the next doctor visit (at 4 months) for official numbers and percentiles. Last month you started wearing 3-6 month clothes, and this month you’re wearing 6-9 month clothes. We had to do some shopping because I wasn’t planning on needing that size so soon.

You are finally more alert during the day. You still aren’t on a schedule, but depending on how long each nap goes, I know when you will go down again. You’re still in bed by 7-8, and usually up around 7, but you like to throw curve balls every once in a while. You usually wake up 1-2 times a night. Usually 2 and 5ish, but the few times you’ve only woken up once you woke up around 4.

The last week or so you will finally let us put you down for 10-15 minutes at a time on your play mat, but you still prefer to be held.

Your naps only last about 30-40 minutes, unless you’re being held, and in that case you will sleep for hours.

You’ve loved bath time until this past week. We aren’t sure what changed, but you scream the whole time. You love being outside, and you still love sucking on your hands. I’ve seen some thumb sucking here and there. You stare at your sister all the time, and she keeps you entertained.

You’re starting to talk so much more, and I love listening to you and your daddy talk back and forth to each other. You’ve laughed twice, and it’s just about one of the best noises I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait for you to do it all the time.

Back at your 1 month post, I said you were rolling over… but you stopped probably because we could never put you down ever. Maybe this month you’ll start again.

We left for Hurricane Irma, and you got to go on your first trip to Virginia. I think we traumatized you in the car, because now you hate the car. We changed you into a convertible car seat in hopes that it would help, but it didn’t really. Aside from the car you seemed to have fun!

You’re such a sweet little boy, and we can’t imagine life without you! Happy 3 Months Nolan!

Look at me all caught up!

Happy 2 Months Nolan

So I’m playing a bit of catch up on your monthly updates… considering you’re 3 months old tomorrow! But here is how month two went!

You’re a tank! Such a fast growing little boy! You look so much older than you are, and I’m not ready for you to be getting so big so fast. At your two month appointment you were 16 lbs 4 oz (off the growth chart) and 24 3/4 inches (93rd percentile). You are already rocking your 3-6 month clothes.

You were a pretty fussy baby, and spitting up made you so upset. I decided to try cutting dairy from my diet before going to a prescription medication, and within 48 hours our nights had drastically changed…for the better! You would nurse and go right back to sleep! It. Was. Glorious. All the sudden you were so much happier, and instead of just crying when you were awake you would just hang out.

You typically woke up 3 times a night. 12ish, 2ish and 4. You go to bed between 7-8 and you’re up for the day around 7:15. Now that you eat and go right back to sleep, I don’t mind the night wakings near as much.

You are starting to wake up a little more during the day, but you still sleep so much. I don’t remember Aubrey sleeping this much, and I think I’ve just decided it’s because you’re growing so quickly you need more sleep.

You’ve officially started smiling, and the last week we got some little coos out of you, and it is just the sweetest thing. You found your hands and you love to suck on them.

Seeing how much Aubrey loves you just makes my heart swell and burst with joy! She was so upset at the doctor when you had to get shots. She told them no as soon as they walked in the door with them, and kept telling them no the whole time. Between her not wanting you to hurt, and you crying I was a mess inside. I am so excited to watch you two grow up together.

We love you so much little man!

Happy 1 Month Nolan!

So I’m almost a full month late, but better late than never right?

This month flew by so quickly, and you grew just as fast! You were born at 7lbs 13 oz, and at one month you were 12 lbs (93rd percentile). You went from 20.5 inches to 22.75 inches (97th percentile). I’m pretty sure you must have gotten the height gene from my dad’s side of the family. You grew out of all your newborn clothes and wear 0-3 months.

All that growing made you sleepy, because that’s literally all you did for a whole month was sleep (except at night…more on that down below). You woke up to eat, and went right back to sleep. Towards the end of the first month I think you had bursts of being awake for about 30 minutes, but that was about it. We got excited to see your eyes open during the day since it felt like a rare occasion.

Sleeping at night was a whole different story. You would nurse, and then hang out. You had parties for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. In the beginning you just chilled, but then your stomach issues started and by about 3 weeks old those late nights and early early mornings were spent trying to console you as you screamed as loud as you could.

The day you turned 3 weeks old you started rolling from your tummy to your back. You did it all the time for about a week. You might still be able to do it, but that would require you to let us put you down… which is not allowed. So mommy wears you. A lot. All the time actually.

You have a shallow latch which gave us some nursing struggles, but we have powered through and according to your weight gain this month you eat like a champ, and there is no shortage of food. You have some reflux issues, and it makes you really upset and you spit up a lot. It breaks my heart seeing you so upset. After you spit up a few times though you seem to calm down. You take a paci, but you’re very particular about when you will take it. You had a couple bottles this month, which made me so so happy! A baby that takes a bottle is a beautiful thing!

Your big sister is completely in love with you, and after a couple weeks of jealousy she couldn’t love you more. She gets upset when you’re crying, and tells us what to do that will make you happy. You don’t seem to notice her much at this point, but I’m sure as you wake up during the day you will love her just as much.

I cannot believe you’ve been here for a month already! Filling us with sleepless nights, but even more love than we ever dreamed we were capable of. We love you more than you know Nolan Paul.