Happy 7 Months Nolan Paul!

My sweet boy! I just need time to slow down!

I think we have finally reached a plateau with your growth! You’re hanging around at 21-22lbs depending on the day, but you’re still getting taller. You’re still rocking 12-18 month clothes.

If I’m honest with you, this month was rough. We sleep trained (we both hated it… so we quit. More on that later), you got the flu, you lived in a constant state of exhaustion which led to lots of screaming and lots of frustration for us, then add in cutting two teeth. We’ve had better days.

We started sleep training. It was miserable and awful, and we hated each and every minute of it. All the books say you can’t nurse a baby to sleep. So you and I spent a lot of time crying. So I quit (mind you, we gave it a fair chance… an entire month. It never got better. You needed your momma). I decided to forget the books and nurse you to sleep. I didn’t need you to put yourself down, I just needed you to let me leave the room after you fell asleep. So now you successfully sleep in your crib, and you also sleep through the night! Sometimes you wake up around 4:30-6, and so I bring you into our bed and we go back to sleep. Naps are still awful. You just don’t take a nap longer than 30-45 minutes without being attached to me. On the rare chance that the stars align, you might nap for an hour.

Your gummy smile is beginning the transition to a baby smile with your two bottom teeth that cut right after Christmas.

You love to eat/play with your food. You LOVE pears. You aren’t eating too much yet, but you learned pretty quickly to keep your food at the front of your mouth.

You’re sitting up like a pro, and you’re close to crawling. You learned how to pull yourself up to stand, and you get the most amazing smile on your face afterwards. As you stand up you squeal with delight. You’re so proud of yourself! Now that you’re sitting and standing I see more and more of my little baby disappear with each passing day.

You are mesmerized by the dogs (especially the crazy new puppy), and your big sister. You think she hung the moon. One of my favorite noises is listening to the two of you laugh at each other… especially while I’m driving and you’re both just giggling away in the back seat.

We had some rough days this month, but I really just wanted to take away your pain and sickness and snuggle you all day. You’re the sweetest little boy, and I can’t wait to see your little personality continue to grow. Happy 7 Months sweet boy!