Happy 11 Months Nolan Paul

Here we are. Just one month [actually only 2 weeks from when I’m writing this] away from when you will be considered a toddler, and not my baby anymore. Just so you know, you will always be my baby.

You’re still a growing boy! I don’t know exactly what you weigh, but I’m willing to guess it’s a little more than 25lbs. You’re growing out of the 12-18 month clothes now, and moving up to 18-24 months. You still only have 6 teeth, but you’re working on a few more.

You stopped sleeping through the night. I’m not sure if it’s from teething, all the transition, developmental or what, but you haven’t slept through the night since April. You usually only wake up once, and then I nurse you and put you back in your bed and you go right to sleep. You’re taking 2 naps a day still… and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

You are completely obsessed with any ball you find. If you’re having a meltdown, we can ask you “where is your ball”, and you will stop to look for it. You play fetch with yourself, and your sister plays fetch with you too. At any given time we have approximately 6 balls somewhere in the house.

You’re becoming a better eater again. After trying eggs and throwing them a million times, I finally caught you eating some. Parenting win. You still aren’t a huge fan of vegetables though. You’re obsessed with applesauce, and you’ve finally mastered sippy cups.

You figured out how to climb the stairs at Auntie’s house…and your quick. Usually when someone realizes you’ve disappeared and finds you on the stairs, you laugh and proceed to crawl up them faster.

It’s flipping impossible to change a poopy diaper with just 1 person. You flop around like an alligator and usually end up flipping over while we are holding your legs and then you start crying because we won’t let you crawl away. Diaper changes are tough, but poopy diapers are definitely a 2 person job.

You love to talk, and you make noises all day long. The only words we are sure of are ball (ba), mom, dad and papa. Although I think we’ve heard more, up, Daisy (one of our dogs), and Aub.

You have serious separation anxiety, specifically from me. If I’m not around, then you have it with daddy and auntie too. If I put you down or walk out of sight, you absolutely lose it. We’ve struggled with this for months, but I just now remembered to include it. Ha.

You still nurse about 4-5 times a day. Usually when you wake up, before each nap and bedtime. Occasionally you throw in an extra nursing session.

Back when you were about 3-4 months old, I put you to sleep and left you with Daddy and Uncle David while Auntie and I went to Target. You scarred your Uncle David, with what will forever be known as the “fire-scream”, because he said you screamed like you were on fire. This is the scream we get on car trips, if I don’t nurse you until you’re completely asleep and if I walk away for too long. You are so chill and easy going…until the fire scream appears. There is no in between.

You are incredibly ticklish, and you laugh so much. You are so much fun right now I can’t stand it! You just make my heart swell and burst!

You are the sweet boy that God knew we needed. It is so bittersweet watching you grow so quickly, but we can’t wait to see what you do with your life sweet boy!

Happy 11 Months Nolan Paul!