Happy Two Months Cameron Laine!

The days keep passing, and before we knew it you were already being loved for 2 months outside my belly!

If I’m completely honest, this was a rough month (more on that later), but as rough as it was we couldn’t love you more! You haven’t had your 2 month check up yet, but we brought you to the dr 4 days before you turned 2 months and you weighed 11lbs 1/2 oz! (UPDATE: At your two month check up on the 27th you were 11lbs 11oz [50th percentile] and 21.5inches long [6th percentile]. Your head is 15cm and the 40th percentile). So you’re chunking up and getting those Michelin man arm rolls that I absolutely love! You’re wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

Your eyes are still blue with a blue/gray ring right around your pupil.  Some days the ring looks a little green, and we keep wondering if you’re gonna be the one to get daddy’s eyes.

You still sleep a lot… and my guess is because when you’re awake you’re screaming and in pain and completely wearing yourself out. So you revert to sleep. There is some consistency in your naps during the day… but bedtime is different every day and our nights are always different.  For the most part you gave up having parties between 2-5am, but you scream every night starting around 6:30-7ish, and it doesn’t stop until you pass out around midnight.  You must wear yourself out, because once you do that you sleep for 6.5-7.5 hours.  If for some reason you don’t scream all night, then you wake up twice.

All of this screaming brought us to the doctor.  After we tried probiotics and eliminating dairy, it didn’t improve.  You were diagnosed with reflux, and put on medicine.  The doctor says it takes about a week to work, and by the time you turned 2 months we were on day 4.  By day 2 the screaming for hours at night ended.  Praise God! Day by day we see little improvements, and you don’t seem to be in so much pain.  We will see how things are in a couple weeks when we go back for a follow up.

Since you were so uncomfortable, and spent most of your time screaming we never got a chance to put you down for tummy time, or really to even let your brother and sister hold you.  Aubrey just loves you so much and doesn’t mind holding you while your crying… Nolan on the other hand isn’t so patient.  You stopped using the swing all together this month, because you start crying the second we place you in it.

Most people who see you don’t believe how fussy you are, because you always seem to be asleep when people are around or when I’m wearing you.

Since we can’t put you down, we figured out that you LOVE to bounce.  We are constantly doing some sort of variation of walking and bouncing.  You like to sit up, and have us hold you up and bounce you.  It quiets you right down, and often times it even puts you right to sleep… but the second the bouncing stops those eyes of yours pop open. You also love squats. Daddy calls you his trainer, because as soon he stops squatting shortly after you’re crying again, and he starts to squat.

You are hit and miss on bath time, and I think it just depends on how uncomfortable you are.

You are the first baby of ours that loves the car.  If you begin to cry initially when we get in it’s because the car isn’t moving.  Once we back out of the driveway, you calm right down.  This makes me hopeful for the trip to Virginia later this year.

We got our first real smile out of you in one of the rare moments without crying.  I’m assuming we’ll get more as the medicine continues to work, and maybe even get a couple happy coo’s out of you. Grandma came to visit to give mom and dad a break, and she got some big smiles out of you.

I know this post seems horrible, and like you just screamed for an entire month (which truly is what it felt like), but it wasn’t all bad.  We got a lot of snuggles in which are the best.  We are praying that your three month blog post is much happier, because you’re doing much better! Even through all the crying (from you and me), and sleepless nights you are worth every single minute.  We truly love you Cameron Laine, and we can’t imagine our family without you.

It wasn’t pretty, but we survived!  Happy 2 months precious girl!

**I also realize that every picture in this post is making me look like a liar. I swear I’m not**