Happy 5 Months Cameron!

Another month older and time for another blog post.

You’re still our tiniest baby, weighing in at 14lbs 10oz. You’re rocking 3-6 month clothes, and the 0-3 month clothes that still fit and are warm considering the weather changes.

You had your first trip to the ER for RSV. Watching you struggle to breath was terrifying. They sent us home with breathing treatments and a steroid that had a 3 day life… you had a little bit of roid rage the next few days. At our follow up doctor appointments they debated admitting you to the hospital, which caused Grandma to head right home from work to start the 4 hour drive to our house. Ultimately they decided we could monitor you at home, and with frequent office visits to the pediatrician. I am happy to say that you’re healthy again, but they’ve put you on a steroid breathing treatment everyday for the next 3 months as a preventative for your asthma.

You had your first Halloween. Your brother and sister went as Minnie and Mickey, and I dressed you as Figueroa, their cat.

You’ve got some wild hair. It has a mind of it’s own. I refer to it as your Trump combover.

You are the queen of short naps, and it’s exhausting. They only last 30-45 minutes. So most days you’re still taking 4 naps. You wake up around 7am, and go to bed around 7pm. You wake 1-2 times a night. Usually around 1 and 4am. I worked so hard to have you put yourself to sleep, but then you started getting really upset and trying to eat our faces before we put you to sleep. So I resorted back to nursing you to sleep, and I love it. You usually wake up when I put you down, but go right back to sleep.

You officially sleep in your crib, and the transition went so much better than anticipated (I think your brother gave me a little PTSD🤣). You really want to be able to roll onto your belly from your back, and it makes you so angry that you can’t. I promise it will happen soon!

You discovered your feet, and you love a few of your toys. You don’t like being left anywhere in the house, because you like to be in the action and see what’s going on.

You brother and sister are still just as obsessed with you. Trying to keep you away from them when they are sick is a JOB! They want to love on you and give you kisses, meanwhile your dad and I are becoming crazy germ people trying to keep you healthy for longer than a month.

Without prompting or telling them, your brother and sister have taken to calling you “Cam” or “Cami”… my intention was always to call you Cameron. Nolan has also decided that you are “His baby”. I can’t wait to watch you all playing together soon.

You’re hit and miss when it comes to the car. The problems come when you’re tired, you don’t like to just give it up and sleep in the car.

Your babbling and giggles make me smile even on the toughest days. I can’t imagine our family without you.

Happy 5 Months Cameron Laine!

Happy 4 Months Cameron Laine!

Officially out of the 4th trimester sweet pea!  You’re growing and reaching milestones, and it’s been so fun to watch!

You’re about 13lbs 6 oz according to our scale.  We will see what the doctor’s scale says at your 4 month appointment next week.  (At your 4 month appt you were 14lbs 6 oz [50th Percentile] and 23.5inches [8th percentile]). You can still wear 0-3 month clothes, but it won’t last much longer.

We moved you from a swaddle to a Merlin’s Magic Sleep suit… and it really is magical!  As soon as we switched you from the swaddle to the sleep suit, you started putting yourself to sleep at nap time pretty consistently, and a couple times at night.  You take 4 naps a day still, and bedtime is usually between 8-8:30.  You’ve slept through the night twice, and they were both during this past week.  Other than those 2 nights, you seem to wake up around 2am like clockwork, and then we get an occasional 4am or 6am wake up.  You’re still sleeping in the pack n’ play in our room, but if you start sleeping through the night more regularly we might be moving you soon.

You constantly suck on your hands, and you’ve figured out how to put toys and our hands in your mouth for you to gnaw on.  You are drooling constantly so maybe some teeth are starting to come in.  You figured out how to grab hair… and Aubrey and I always get caught by you.  Aubrey thinks it is pretty funny when you grab her hair.

You roll over from your belly to your back, but haven’t figured out how to get from your back to your belly… I don’t think it’s far off though.  The first time you rolled over I caught it on camera, and then when we cheered for you it was followed up with the sweetest giggles from you!

Your reflux is still under control, but we took you off the prescription and found a homeopathic medicine that is working (and mommy is very happy about that!).  You still spit up a ton, but it isn’t making you angry.

You’ve got the sweetest gummy smiles, and the little giggle is adorable.  When we put you above our heads, there is a little delay from you followed by a big old smile and giggle.

We got you a toy for your car seat in hopes that it would help you in the car… and it does sometimes, but you’re still not a fan of the car.  I’m a little terrified for our upcoming trip to Virginia.

I have officially given up hope that you will take a pacifier, but you do take bottles!

You love to be outside, and with the weather and shade from our gorgeous oak tree in the backyard we’ve spent lots of time out there.

We love you so much sweet pea, and we can’t wait to continue to watch you grow!

Happy 4 Months Cameron Laine!