Happy 7 Months Cameron Laine!

You’re officially closer to being 1 year old than the day you were born. It is crazy how fast time has been going.

This month was so fun, but as usual you got sick the day before you turned 7 months. Surprise surprise. You got a horrible cold that came with a fever. Fortunately, you are on the mend now.

You are the cutest little chunk and I just love your thighs and arm rolls! You are in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

You finally cut a tooth on the bottom the day you turned 7 months! The other tooth isn’t far behind! I swore these teeth would be in weeks ago 😂

The screeching phase seems to have come to a close for the most part, but you do still screech when you get really upset.

The car is finally not an issue! I’m sure if we were in for an extended period of time it would be another story, but around town you’re happy as can be. Thank goodness!

You go back and forth between 2 and 3 naps a day. It just depends on how early you wake up, and how long your naps are. Thank goodness you are so willing to go with the flow, because unlike our first two kiddos, naps seem to be harder to plan around with older kids.

Bedtime is anywhere between 6:30-7:30 depending on how many naps you took that day, but usually it seems to be around 6:45ish. You wake up like clock work every night between 12-1:30am. Miraculously when you were super sick you slept through the night (and I completely expected to be woken up a bunch), and then went back to waking up once a night. I’m very ready for you to start sleeping through the night. You wake up around 6, but occasionally you wake up earlier. Sometimes I can bring you back to our bed and you fall back asleep.

We celebrated your first Christmas! It was crazy that we had another little baby at Christmas. These are the only pictures I got, and I’m already kicking myself.

You have decided that you love standing up. In your jumper, or trying to figure out how to pull yourself up. It won’t be long before you’re pulling yourself up on everything. You’re trying, but haven’t quite figured out how to get your legs in the right position to go from sitting to standing.

You’ve also started to rock and work towards crawling. I am totally okay if you want to take a while to master this skill.

You spit constantly!!! It always cracks up your daddy and I, but usually it just leads to your brother and sister saying, “mom Cameron is spitting!” They haven’t quite figured out why you’re allowed to spit, but they aren’t.

You are loving eating solid food. You have eaten so many things at this point I don’t think I can even list them all. You’re favorite seems to be bananas, but you haven’t turned anything down yet. Your pincer grasp is actually pretty good for 7 months old!

I dropped you off for the first time this month at BSF and Mom’s Morning Out. I was really nervous (your brother and sister weren’t the easiest kids to drop off… no bottles, only napped with me and screamed like crazy), so imagine my excitement when I picked you up and was told that you were “a delight!” The next day I was told you were a “dream and the only baby that didn’t cry!” You took a bottle and fell asleep in the swing! I was blown away! Thank you Jesus!

Your brother and sister just love you so much! Aubrey loves to help take care of you. She likes to give you food and hold you. Nolan loves to share his toys with you. You’ve got them both wrapped around your finger.

Watching you grow and learn this month has been so much fun! You are so happy and easy going, and I am so grateful for that. You’ve helped me learn to go with the flow better too! When I found out we were having another baby, I wasn’t quite ready for it, but God knew what He was doing. I am so grateful that His plan is always better than mine.

Happy 7 Months Cameron Laine!

Happy 6 Months Cameron!

With all the chaos of the holidays, another month creeped up on us! I can not believe we brought you home half a year ago! It seems like it was a few weeks ago.

At your 6 month check up (on NYE) you weighed 16lbs and 9.5oz (53rd percentile), and were 25 inches tall (10th percentile). You are our tiniest baby that’s for sure. I bought your Christmas jammies in 6-9 months, and you’re swimming in them.

I feel so awful for you. I feel like you don’t know what it’s like to be healthy. As soon as you kick one virus you seem to get another within a week. It truly breaks my heart, and has your daddy and I feeling so frustrated and defeated. People keep telling us you will have an incredible immune system in a year or two… and I am just praying for that. We still do a preventative breathing treatment everyday, but you started wheezing again so on the day you turned six months we added albuterol to the mix again.

I’m almost positive you have trouble sleeping because of all the sickness. When your healthy you wake up once or not at all, but when you’re sick you wake up twice a night. Needless to say, momma is exhausted. You took AMAZING naps in Virginia during Thanksgiving. You were sleeping in a pack n play in a walk in closet so it was pitch black. Your naps at home were 30-45 minutes, but in Virginia they were 1.5-2.5 hours. We finally got around to hanging blackout shades in your room this weekend, but your coughing is constantly waking you up. I’ve had to wear you for all of your naps. Hopefully when you kick this cold, I can test my theory and you will be a great napper.

You are on a pretty solid 3 nap schedule. You wake up around 6:30-7am as happy as can be greeting us with the biggest gummy smiles. You go to bed between 6:30-7pm. I try to keep it closer to 7, but some days you let me know you need to go to bed.

Even though you have been so sick again, you are so happy and content to just go with the flow. You give the best big smiles, and belly laughs. Your big sister gets some big old smiles out of you, and you are just mesmerized watching your big sister and brother play.

You’ve discovered your voice, so even though you go with the flow you let us know when you’re over something. You have this super high pitched screech that you’re not afraid to use to let us know it’s time for a change or bed. We’ve started calling you our little screech owl or our howler monkey. 

You blow spit bubbles and babble all the time when you’re awake, and even though you didn’t just discover your feet, you did realize that they can go in your mouth. The second we get you on the changing pad to change you, you grab your feet and put them in your mouth while you babble and smile.

You’ve been able to roll from your belly to your back for months, but getting back onto your belly has proven more challenging. You’ve done it a few times, but it’s not super consistent yet. It makes you really angry when you can’t roll back over. You’re starting to scoot and roll, so my days of putting you down and knowing you will be there when I come back into the room are numbered. You are starting to sit really well but you still topple on occasion.

I am pretty sure your bottom two teeth will be making an appearance very soon. You are chewing on everything.

You are reaching for all the things, and you rarely miss. You’ve taken me by surprise a few times this month with how quick you were. I forgot how quickly this stage creeps up on you. You love to pull my hair and your big sisters hair. You think it’s a fun game.

The jury is still out on your eye color. They are still blue with a light gray ring around your pupil. Sometimes the ring looks green. I’m betting on green or hazel, daddy is thinking they might be blue. This is fun for us because Aubrey and Nolan’s eyes were so dark at birth they turned brown almost immediately.

You have the craziest hair. You’ve lost all your hair around your head except on the top. So you have long hair on top that looks like a toupe or combover… you will probably hate this one day but sometimes we call you Donald after Donald Trump. Your hair resembles his luxurious locks 😂 As if the crazy combover weren’t enough, you also have to chunks of really long hair on either side of your head behind your ears… almost like you are trying to rock a mullet but some of your hair hasn’t decided to cooperate. It cracks us up all the time. When you wake up in the morning it is sticking straight up like Alf Alfa. I try to tame it with some bows, but I don’t have enough to match every outfit so sometimes we rock the crazy hair.

We survived our first road trip to Virginia… it wasn’t pretty, but you didn’t scream as long as I anticipated. We left at 4:30am so you slept the first 3 hours of the drive each way. After that it was touch and go. You were well loved on there, and we had a lot of fun.

Your big gummy smiles when you wake up, when you hold my finger while you fall asleep, smiles and giggles at your brother and sister just make my heart sing. You are loved more than you know sweet pea!

Happy 6 months Cameron Laine!