Happy 10 Months Cameron Laine!

10 months. 10 months is double digits. It’s so close to a year. My momma heart is struggling as we inch closer to our last baby being one! You’re the happiest, and most content baby that God knew we needed!

This full month of life was spent in isolation. We squeezed in one trip to the beach before they were closed, but other than that you never ventured anywhere but a couple car rides here and there. It’s been quite the change of pace… and yet you still managed to catch roseola about 2.5 weeks in. Now you’ve recovered, and for the first time since you were two months old, you’re breathing easy! There is no snot, and no coughs! You’re a healthy little girl!

We skipped your 9 month well check with all the crazy going on right now, so I have no idea where you are on the growth charts. You’re probably around 20 lbs. You’re wearing 9 and 12 month clothes, and I literally just cleaned out the 6 month clothes from your closet this week.

You cut two top teeth this week, and the other two will probably be in within the next week! Your gummy smile is rapidly disappearing now, but man you give the biggest scrunchy faced grins that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

You are on the move! Scaling furniture, testing your balance and crawling towards any sound that has you curious. If you see the doors open, you make a break for daddy’s office or Nolan’s room. It won’t be long before you’re walking.

You love when your siblings chase you! You squeal with delight and then crawl as fast as you can! I remember when we talked about your screeches a few months back because you were angry, now you just shriek with joy.

You started waving, and I love it so much! My favorite is when you bang on the window when you see daddy outside or in his office and wave at him while saying “da da da”

While we are on “da da”, I guess we can count it as your first word, but I’m not 100% convinced you aren’t just babbling. Word association = first word… and you still say it all day and to everyone . #bittermom

You were sleeping through the night, but then the whole roseola/teething thing happened. So I’m hopeful that maybe soon you will go back to sleeping through the night. You’re taking 2 naps a day. You’re ready to start the day between 6-6:30 and bedtime is around 6:30-7.

We have loved every minute with you sweet pea! Happy 10 months Cameron Laine!