Happy 9 Months Nolan Paul!

It’s amazing to me, that I’ve already been able to hold you in my arms longer than I carried you inside me! Time is just flying by, and now you’re 9 months old!

You’re 23 lbs (97th percentile) and 28 3/4 inches long (68th percentile). You’re still rocking 12-18 Month clothes… thank goodness! You still have 6 teeth, but I think there are some that may appear soon!

You had your first haircut this month to get rid of your combover. You hated it.

You are scaling furniture like a champ, and trying desperately to keep up with your sister. Her room is your favorite place to play.

You just babble away all day long, baba, dada, pff, mama… no none of those are your first words (even though your dad is sure your dada babble means him. It doesn’t…yet).

You take 2 naps a day (sometimes adding in a car nap when your naps are not long enough). You wake up between 5:30-6:30 and go to bed at 6:30. I love how you snuggle us when you’re sleepy now. It makes my heart happy.

You LOVE blueberries. You will eat them all day! You freaked your daddy out when he went to change your diaper after lots of blueberries! You are also still a serious puff monster! You eat everything we eat, and you’re loving it.

You still aren’t a fan of car rides. They are hit or miss. Sometimes you’re happy as can be, other times you would think we are torturing you. Sometimes you’ll pass right out in the car if you’re tired, other times you scream the entire way to let us know that you’re tired… we know buddy. I promise. I’ve resorted to giving you teething biscuits when you get upset.

You don’t like when Momma leaves… which means I often get called during church on Sundays, and sometimes when I drop you off for Mom’s Morning Out.

I absolutely love watching you play with your sister, and hearing you both giggling together! I want to savor these moments while it’s all giggling and not fighting. I pray you guys have an amazing relationship throughout life.

You are so sweet and happy. I love how much you’ve added to our family. I can’t wait to watch you grow up little man! I love you! Happy 9 Months sweet boy!


Happy 8 Months Nolan Paul!

My sweet little boy!  You’re 8 months old, and every bit a momma’s boy (and I’m totally okay with that and all the snuggles).

You’re 21 lbs and 14 oz and still in 12-18 month clothes.

You had a rough couple weeks again.  You cut all 4 top teeth within a week.  You were miserable!  Then when we started getting back to normal, you got an ear infection… and then you broke out in an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin.  You’re officially allergic to penicillin products like your momma.  My poor baby, I just wanted to make you feel better, and there was just one thing after the other.

You scoot around ALL over the place!  You are so so close to crawling, and any down now you’ll be going wherever you want.  You still love standing, and I can see how bad you want to be mobile. We joke that you’re big into yoga… see downward dog below.

You stopped eating solid foods for a while.  You were just so upset anytime I put you down.  Well, once those top 4 teeth cut through you are just happy as a clam when you eat.

We started transitioning you to two naps a day.  It helped you with your naps almost immediately.  You still aren’t the best napper, but now you usually nap for at least an hour each time.  Sometimes we get lucky and get a good 2 hour nap… but when it happens it is unpredictable.  Sometimes it’s during your morning nap, and sometimes at the afternoon nap.

Your smile melts my heart, and your laugh makes me swoon.  You are the most amazing little boy!  Happy 8 months sweet boy!

Happy 7 Months Nolan Paul!

My sweet boy! I just need time to slow down!

I think we have finally reached a plateau with your growth! You’re hanging around at 21-22lbs depending on the day, but you’re still getting taller. You’re still rocking 12-18 month clothes.

If I’m honest with you, this month was rough. We sleep trained (we both hated it… so we quit. More on that later), you got the flu, you lived in a constant state of exhaustion which led to lots of screaming and lots of frustration for us, then add in cutting two teeth. We’ve had better days.

We started sleep training. It was miserable and awful, and we hated each and every minute of it. All the books say you can’t nurse a baby to sleep. So you and I spent a lot of time crying. So I quit (mind you, we gave it a fair chance… an entire month. It never got better. You needed your momma). I decided to forget the books and nurse you to sleep. I didn’t need you to put yourself down, I just needed you to let me leave the room after you fell asleep. So now you successfully sleep in your crib, and you also sleep through the night! Sometimes you wake up around 4:30-6, and so I bring you into our bed and we go back to sleep. Naps are still awful. You just don’t take a nap longer than 30-45 minutes without being attached to me. On the rare chance that the stars align, you might nap for an hour.

Your gummy smile is beginning the transition to a baby smile with your two bottom teeth that cut right after Christmas.

You love to eat/play with your food. You LOVE pears. You aren’t eating too much yet, but you learned pretty quickly to keep your food at the front of your mouth.

You’re sitting up like a pro, and you’re close to crawling. You learned how to pull yourself up to stand, and you get the most amazing smile on your face afterwards. As you stand up you squeal with delight. You’re so proud of yourself! Now that you’re sitting and standing I see more and more of my little baby disappear with each passing day.

You are mesmerized by the dogs (especially the crazy new puppy), and your big sister. You think she hung the moon. One of my favorite noises is listening to the two of you laugh at each other… especially while I’m driving and you’re both just giggling away in the back seat.

We had some rough days this month, but I really just wanted to take away your pain and sickness and snuggle you all day. You’re the sweetest little boy, and I can’t wait to see your little personality continue to grow. Happy 7 Months sweet boy!

Happy 6 Months Nolan!

I am actually in disbelief that you’re already 6 months old! How did that happen?!

You weigh 22 lbs and 4.5oz and are 27.75 inches long. You’re off the growth chart for height and weight, but I think you’re finally starting to slow down in the growing area! You’re still rocking 12 month and 12-18 month clothes depending on the brand.

The doctor told us today that you have astigmatism in your left eye. It’s common, and I’m hoping you grow out of it. We have to follow up with an ophthalmologist.

This month we put you back in cloth diapers since we are finally starting to settle in after our move to Tallahassee. You also had your first double ear infection. Sorry sweet boy 😢.

u absolutely love books, and all the pictures in them. It's almost impossible to read them to you now, because you are desperately grabbing for them and trying to eat them… but that's nothing new really because you try to grab EVERYTHING, and everything goes in your mouth.

u have been wanting to eat so badly. You just watch us and try to intercept our food. You physically watch our food go into our mouths. We let you suck on some corn on the cob, one day and you didn't actually eat anything, but you sure as heck didn't want to give it back. You had some ham and mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner and just made a giant mess, and got upset because you were too hungry to try and figure out how to eat.

u are finally rolling from your back to your belly, especially when you sleep. You prefer to be on your belly like your momma. I joked about you being able to sit up before you roll over, and you actually started doing them both the same week. I was almost right.

u cut your first bottom tooth this month, and the other one will probably be in tomorrow it's so close to cutting through! I can't wait because it's definitely making you uncomfortable.

u consolidated from 4 naps to 3 this past week, and I usually get one 2 hour nap from you a day. It. Is. Glorious! I might actually be able to get something done every once in a while now. Cosleeping is getting better too. You're finally letting me leave the room at night after bedtime, and you seem to wake up 1-3 times a night to nurse. Usually it's twice. You won't be happy about it, but in a few weeks we will start sleep training to take our bed back and get you in your crib in your room. For what it's worth, I'm not excited about this either.

eintroduced dairy into my diet this past week as a test run. You seem to be doing okay with it, and your doctor said to keep at it… so we celebrated tonight and ate pizza for dinner! You had roasted zucchini 😂! I am so excited to watch you grow up with your sister. She has always loved on you, but once you started sitting and playing with toys I can envision you two playing together. She is so sweet with you, and is always so concerned when you’re upset. I love the bond ya’ll share, and I hope it only grows from here.

You are so giggly and smiley all the time. It really does just make my day. I love you more than you can imagine sweet boy!

Happy 5 Months Nolan!

My big boy! You have been the perfect little addition to our family! You’re still growing like a weed weighing in at 21lbs and rocking 12-18 month clothes.

You have the stinkiest toots, and we blame it on the fact that you go so long between poops. It’s a big day in our house when you finally go… we joke that you are just using all of momma’s milk that you don’t go everyday… or sometimes even every week. (No worries we’ve talked with the ped and it’s normal, we do give you glycerin suppositories if you start to get really uncomfortable).

You have the biggest gummy smile, and you are so happy all the time. My favorite is when I wake up in the morning and you look at me with the biggest smile like you’re so happy we are finally up together. You think your sister, and your cousins are absolutely hysterical. They get the best belly laughs out of you.

You still take 3-5 naps a day. It really just depends on how long you nap for. Usually they are between 30-45 minutes still, and on a normal day you take 4 naps.

Right now I’ve embraced co-sleeping…and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. When you wake up, I usually don’t even have to nurse you. You just roll towards me and rub my face a few times to make sure I’m there, and then you settle right back into sleep. I’m very torn on moving you, because as much as I LOVE snuggling you every night and getting to sleep, I really miss snuggling with your dad and sleeping on my stomach. Any attempts at getting you to sleep anywhere that isn’t our bed has been a huge fail. Hence the embracing co sleeping.

You still don’t roll over, and I keep joking that you will sit up on your own before you do.

You want to eat… so bad. You get so excited at the table. You bang on it while we are eating and desperately try to grab our plates or whatever is in our hands. Don’t worry bud… 6 months will be here soon.

You love playing with your feet. You grab them any chance you can get.

Your hair just continues to crack me up. You’ve lost all your newborn hair except for the tuft on top of your head that’s grown… it cracks me up and I always go back and forth on cutting it. Right now you rock a great Combover.

Your first teeth should be cutting through any day. You just gnaw away on anything and everything for comfort. Hopefully they’ll be in soon.

We love you so much little man! Happy 5 months!

Happy 4 Months Nolan!

My sweet boy! You’re already 4 months old!

You weigh 18.8lbs (97th percentile) and you’re 27 inches long (off the growth chart). You are out of 3-6 month clothes and your 6-9 months clothes are almost too small. You’re rocking 9-12 months and even a couple 12-18 months (mainly pants because your legs are so chunky). The day I put you into these jammies that are 12-18 months I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry…so I did a little of both.

You’re getting better in the car seat, but it’s definitely not your favorite place to be. As long as you aren’t tired or hungry you seem to be pretty content… but the hard part is that you always seem tired.

Sleep. It’s great kid. You should try it sometime! The 4 month sleep regression hit hard. So hard, that I keep telling myself that this will pass in the blink of an eye, but man does it feel hard right now. Remember when you slept ALL THE TIME? Well you don’t anymore. You only nap for 30-45 minutes. Not because you’re done sleeping, but because you can’t figure out how to get yourself back to sleep. If I lay with you and nurse you, you will sleep for hours! You wake up from your naps still yawning and rubbing your eyes, but for the most part you’re pretty happy when you wake up. You nap if I’m wearing you… but it’s usually only for 45 minutes. If I try to lay you down for a nap, your eyes pop open immediately, and instead of soothing right back to sleep, you cry and cry and cry until I pick you up. I spent an hour putting you down for a nap the other day. I finally got you to stay asleep… and you were up 35 minutes later! Some days I feel like all I do is try and get you to nap. It’s exhausting. You have taken 3 naps without me longer than 45 minutes, and they were all this past week, so I’m hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your night time sleep is much better than naps, but they are definitely hit or miss. You either wake up 1-2 times a night and nurse right back to sleep… or you wake up and hang out for a couple hours. For example, the other night you were up from 2-4:30, and again at 5 and again at 7. We usually co-sleep starting around 4-5am, because quite frankly I’m too tired and lazy to try and get you back to sleep. I can’t co sleep all night, because I literally don’t move and wake up so stiff it’s unreal, but if I was willing too I bet you would sleep through the night. You also started waking up 45 minutes after I put you down for the night… which your sister did for months, and I’m desperately praying you don’t make this a habit. I really never know what to expect from you at this point sleep wise, but I know we will figure it out with time.

You rolled from your belly to your back… once. Most nights you get pretty close to rolling from your back to your belly, and I really think you may end up being a belly sleeper like your momma and sister.

Your thumb is making it into your mouth more frequently, and it’s even put you to sleep a few times. I know this will be a hard habit to break, but I really think it’s the cutest thing.

You’re much happier when we put you down lately. You love your playmat and bumbo seat. You love to sit up so you can see everything going on.

You got really good and grabbing things this month. You almost never miss anymore, and you love grabbing my hair. You ALWAYS have something in your mouth, either your hands or a toy.

You are quite the talker! You make all sorts of noises, and I can’t help but smile at you when you do. It’s one of my favorite sounds…even if sometimes it’s when you’re having one of your parties in the middle of the night.

You get fixated on things, and stare at them for a while. My favorite is when it’s me. You just stare at me, and so I’ll start talking to you and you show me this huge gummy smile. I can literally feel my heart swell with love when you do that.

You are the sweetest little guy around, and I love you so much! Happy 4 months Nolan Paul!

Happy 3 Months Nolan!

Nolan today you’re 3 months old! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. Babies don’t keep that’s for sure!

You’re getting bigger with each day! Sometimes I feel like I can actually see you growing! The last time I weighed you, you were over 17 lbs, but we will wait until the next doctor visit (at 4 months) for official numbers and percentiles. Last month you started wearing 3-6 month clothes, and this month you’re wearing 6-9 month clothes. We had to do some shopping because I wasn’t planning on needing that size so soon.

You are finally more alert during the day. You still aren’t on a schedule, but depending on how long each nap goes, I know when you will go down again. You’re still in bed by 7-8, and usually up around 7, but you like to throw curve balls every once in a while. You usually wake up 1-2 times a night. Usually 2 and 5ish, but the few times you’ve only woken up once you woke up around 4.

The last week or so you will finally let us put you down for 10-15 minutes at a time on your play mat, but you still prefer to be held.

Your naps only last about 30-40 minutes, unless you’re being held, and in that case you will sleep for hours.

You’ve loved bath time until this past week. We aren’t sure what changed, but you scream the whole time. You love being outside, and you still love sucking on your hands. I’ve seen some thumb sucking here and there. You stare at your sister all the time, and she keeps you entertained.

You’re starting to talk so much more, and I love listening to you and your daddy talk back and forth to each other. You’ve laughed twice, and it’s just about one of the best noises I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait for you to do it all the time.

Back at your 1 month post, I said you were rolling over… but you stopped probably because we could never put you down ever. Maybe this month you’ll start again.

We left for Hurricane Irma, and you got to go on your first trip to Virginia. I think we traumatized you in the car, because now you hate the car. We changed you into a convertible car seat in hopes that it would help, but it didn’t really. Aside from the car you seemed to have fun!

You’re such a sweet little boy, and we can’t imagine life without you! Happy 3 Months Nolan!

Look at me all caught up!

Happy 2 Months Nolan

So I’m playing a bit of catch up on your monthly updates… considering you’re 3 months old tomorrow! But here is how month two went!

You’re a tank! Such a fast growing little boy! You look so much older than you are, and I’m not ready for you to be getting so big so fast. At your two month appointment you were 16 lbs 4 oz (off the growth chart) and 24 3/4 inches (93rd percentile). You are already rocking your 3-6 month clothes.

You were a pretty fussy baby, and spitting up made you so upset. I decided to try cutting dairy from my diet before going to a prescription medication, and within 48 hours our nights had drastically changed…for the better! You would nurse and go right back to sleep! It. Was. Glorious. All the sudden you were so much happier, and instead of just crying when you were awake you would just hang out.

You typically woke up 3 times a night. 12ish, 2ish and 4. You go to bed between 7-8 and you’re up for the day around 7:15. Now that you eat and go right back to sleep, I don’t mind the night wakings near as much.

You are starting to wake up a little more during the day, but you still sleep so much. I don’t remember Aubrey sleeping this much, and I think I’ve just decided it’s because you’re growing so quickly you need more sleep.

You’ve officially started smiling, and the last week we got some little coos out of you, and it is just the sweetest thing. You found your hands and you love to suck on them.

Seeing how much Aubrey loves you just makes my heart swell and burst with joy! She was so upset at the doctor when you had to get shots. She told them no as soon as they walked in the door with them, and kept telling them no the whole time. Between her not wanting you to hurt, and you crying I was a mess inside. I am so excited to watch you two grow up together.

We love you so much little man!

Happy 1 Month Nolan!

So I’m almost a full month late, but better late than never right?

This month flew by so quickly, and you grew just as fast! You were born at 7lbs 13 oz, and at one month you were 12 lbs (93rd percentile). You went from 20.5 inches to 22.75 inches (97th percentile). I’m pretty sure you must have gotten the height gene from my dad’s side of the family. You grew out of all your newborn clothes and wear 0-3 months.

All that growing made you sleepy, because that’s literally all you did for a whole month was sleep (except at night…more on that down below). You woke up to eat, and went right back to sleep. Towards the end of the first month I think you had bursts of being awake for about 30 minutes, but that was about it. We got excited to see your eyes open during the day since it felt like a rare occasion.

Sleeping at night was a whole different story. You would nurse, and then hang out. You had parties for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. In the beginning you just chilled, but then your stomach issues started and by about 3 weeks old those late nights and early early mornings were spent trying to console you as you screamed as loud as you could.

The day you turned 3 weeks old you started rolling from your tummy to your back. You did it all the time for about a week. You might still be able to do it, but that would require you to let us put you down… which is not allowed. So mommy wears you. A lot. All the time actually.

You have a shallow latch which gave us some nursing struggles, but we have powered through and according to your weight gain this month you eat like a champ, and there is no shortage of food. You have some reflux issues, and it makes you really upset and you spit up a lot. It breaks my heart seeing you so upset. After you spit up a few times though you seem to calm down. You take a paci, but you’re very particular about when you will take it. You had a couple bottles this month, which made me so so happy! A baby that takes a bottle is a beautiful thing!

Your big sister is completely in love with you, and after a couple weeks of jealousy she couldn’t love you more. She gets upset when you’re crying, and tells us what to do that will make you happy. You don’t seem to notice her much at this point, but I’m sure as you wake up during the day you will love her just as much.

I cannot believe you’ve been here for a month already! Filling us with sleepless nights, but even more love than we ever dreamed we were capable of. We love you more than you know Nolan Paul.

Nolan’s Birth Story

I’ve essentially stopped blogging.  Life.  It’s been busy.  Between taking care of Aubrey and our fixer upper, on top of daily events there is just nothing left in me at the end of the day to sit down and blog… but we just had a baby, and I don’t want to forget the details.  So here I am.

My whole pregnancy I just had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it to 40 weeks.  I don’t know if it was intuition, or wishful thinking, but I didn’t. Nothing happened the way I had it planned out in my mind… do they ever? 🙂


Starting some time during my third trimester my feet got super itchy, specifically right before bedtime.  I never thought to bring it up to my doctor during appointments, because it was one of those out of sight out of mind things, and I really thought I just had dry skin or something.  So every night I put lotion on my feet, and they itched but it was manageable.  Then one morning the itching wasn’t stopping, and my hands felt itchy and swollen… so I googled.  Which led me to discover a pregnancy condition called Obstetric Cholestasis, and it can be fatal for the baby.  Reading this information freaked me out, and I called my doctor.  They asked me to go to Labor & Delivery for some blood work, because they will get the results faster than the doctor will.

So I gave Paul a call, and he came home to watch Aubrey while I headed to the hospital.  As I get to the hospital, I check in and give the receptionist my information.  The girl behind me in line, says, “Oh I am being induced for that on Thursday.  You probably do have it based on your symptoms.” I took what she said with a grain of salt, in my head this just wasn’t something that happened to me or my baby.  So I went back into triage, peed in a cup, gave some blood, and was hooked up to a fetal monitor.  Then I sat there… for a few hours waiting for lab results.


Finally, the nurse came back and said “Aly (my doctor and the midwife on call at the time) wants me to check you, because she thinks we need to go ahead and induce you”.  Say what?  I am incredibly against medical intervention during childbirth, unless medically necessary for the health of mom or baby.  I truly believe God created our bodies for childbirth. So here I was 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant, 50% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated, and they wanted me to have my baby, and I panicked.  The thought of induction terrified me.  What if it lasted days? What if I didn’t respond to the medicine and needed a C-section (which terrified me even more)?  What if I couldn’t handle the pitocin induced contractions and needed an epidural?  I’m sure a lot of this sounds crazy, because women safely have babies every day through induction or c-section for all sorts of reasons… but it was foreign to me.  Neither my mom or sister ever had to be induced, and it was a complete 180 from my labor with Aubrey, and my plans for this labor.

Finally Aly came in to talk to me (and she is my absolute favorite, so I’m incredibly grateful she was on call that day).  My urine test and blood panel came back completely normal, but the labs for the bile salts, which would determine if I had Obstetric Cholestasis, would take about 4 days to come in.  She explained that most women with this condition are induced at 37 weeks, and since I was exhibiting the symptoms and I was full term she believed induction to be the best choice for me.  She explained that this condition affects your liver.  Normally bile flows into your intestines, but with this condition less bile flows into your intestines and begins to back up in your body, which causes the itching.  The back up of bile is more annoying for me (and severe for some women), but it could potentially poison my baby resulting in fetal death.  She assured me Nolan was fine now, but she didn’t want to risk waiting 4 days for labs to come back.  She said fetal death in these cases could come on very quickly, and often times its too late for them to do anything.  Going against an induction at that point, would require me to sign against medical advice, and put my baby at risk.  So with tears flowing, I asked if I could go home first and get Aubrey settled for the night, and come back with Paul.  She told me to go eat dinner, and come back between 6-7 that night.


I headed home and called Paul, and he called my Mom to have her head over after work to take care of Aubrey.  I got home and speed cleaned my house, packed up the last minute things I needed, and we ate dinner.  Then off we went to the hospital.


We got to the hospital around 6:30,  and we were brought to the same delivery room where Aubrey was born, which we both thought was kind of fun.  Then the waiting began.  They finally gave me the cervadil at 9pm, and I was to keep it in for 12 hours.  Around 11 they gave me ambien to help me sleep… except it was 5mg and I was totally unable to sleep with the machines beeping and hooked up to a fetal monitor and anticipating how this whole process would go.  I just kept praying and asking Paul to pray that my body would respond to the medicine, and that this wouldn’t be a drawn out process and our baby would get here safely.  He kept telling me our baby would be here by noon, to which I would roll my eyes and say, “yah right”. Negative Nancy party of 1 over here.  So I finally fell asleep sometime around 12-12:30… only to wake up at 2:30 with contractions.  So there I sat having contractions laying down.  By 6:30 I woke Paul up because I couldn’t do them by myself anymore.  I couldn’t lay down through them, and I needed to be moving, but I had to be hooked up to the fetal monitors.


At 8, I gave up.  I wanted drugs.  I wasn’t mentally prepared to have a baby unmedicated in this situation (and child birth is totally a mental game).  I didn’t know how long this would last, I didn’t know if my body was progressing or if these were just contractions from medicine.  Low and behold, God answered my prayers from before labor.  My nurse, Marilyn, and the new on call midwife, Donna  knew I had previously had an unmedicated birth, and that was my plan again.  They were not quick to give in to my request.  Their first plan of action was to take out the cervadil an hour early, and check me.  I was 80% effaced and 2.5 cm dilated… nothing much happened.  They told me to try and labor in the tub.  They would check me in an hour, and if I was progressing they would let me labor how I wanted.  If I wasn’t progressing, they had to start with the pitocin.


So I got in the tub, and immediately I could tolerate the contractions again.  So I laid in the tub, while Paul fed me breakfast and I turned into a prune.  My mom got to the hospital, and the atmosphere was totally calm.  We were joking, and laughing and she didn’t even know I was in labor… neither did I really.  I kept joking that I was taking the hippy approach, and with each contraction I was trying to relax through it and allow my body to ‘open’ instead of fighting through the pain.  Since my contractions were still fairly consistent every 3-4 minutes, they didn’t make me get out. So there we sat, and then all the sudden mid contraction I felt a pop on my left side… it literally felt like a water balloon popped inside me.  Then Paul goes, “uh there is stuff coming out of you”.   So we let the nurse know, and she wanted me to get out of the tub so she could check me.

This time I was fully effaced and 6 cm dilated.  I actually didn’t believe her.  I repeated 6 in total shock, because just 2 – 2.5 hours earlier I was only 2.5 cm.  From there they wanted me out of the tub for a while, but the contractions immediately became so intense after my water broke I could hardly stand it.  I wanted to get back in the water, and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom.  Which I knew from having Aubrey just meant I was about to have a baby… very soon.  So even though my nurse did not want me in the tub, my mom and Paul started filling it up for me… I think just to appease the girl in labor.  While I waited for the tub to fill up, a few contractions later I told the nurse I was pushing.  They literally had to force me to sit down on the bed because I did not want to lay down during these contractions.  From the time my water broke, I had probably 6-8 contractions before I was pushing. Three big pushes later, and our little boy was here!  Our world was forever changed, and we were so incredibly happy and in love.

Once we settled into life at home, I called my doctor to see if I actually had the condition they induced me for. Come to find out the hospital never ran the blood work so we will never know for sure, but I am so incredibly grateful to God that Nolan arrived safe and healthy, and He answered so many of our prayers, in just a few hours.  God is good.