Happy 1 month Cameron Laine!

Our precious girl, your first month of life flew by in the blink of an eye! You now weigh 9lbs 11oz (50th percentile), and are 20 1/4 inches long (10th percentile)! You are officially out of newborn diapers and clothes, and you’re starting to get little rolls in your arms and legs to match the little double chin you were born with!

The first two weeks, I think you slept about 22 hours a day. You only woke up long enough to eat. We all just kept laughing at how much you were sleeping, and how you would open your eyes as immediately they would close again. Such a struggle for you to stay awake.

You’re on a pretty loose schedule. You usually wake up between 7-8am for 45 minutes to an hour. Then again around noon, and between 4-6 depending on the day. You’re usually asleep for the night by 7:30-8:30pm.

Our nights seem to be pretty rough because that’s when your gas bubbles seem to bother you most. You sleep for about 3 hours in the pack n play, and then after that first wake up it’s a struggle. You get pretty fussy, and we can only get you to sleep on our chest. The last week or so the stars align, and we get you back in the pack n play once or twice. We’ve had a few nights where you were awake for a couple hours just crying and crying because you were uncomfortable. We started you on gas drops, gripe water and a probiotic. After a week there seems to be a slight improvement.

We are thankful you don’t seem to have a witching hour, and as long as you aren’t struggling with gas you’re very content to look around. If you do get upset, your big sister is more than happy to start singing to you, and 8 times out of 10 you stop. Aubrey and Nolan let know the second you start to cry, and they absolutely adore you. Seeing the three of you together makes my heart so happy!

You’re our first baby that actually likes the car… as long as we aren’t idle. You’ve had two bottles so far, and take a paci on occasion. You’ve sucked your thumb a few times but nothing consistent.

The first week or so we spent lots of time trying to get you some sun to lower your bilirubin levels.

Around 1.5-2 weeks you started to develop a little newborn rash.

You weren’t crazy about your first bath, but you seem to like them now. One time you kept turning your head to try and drink the water.

All the time in your sleep you do the sweetest little laughs, and it just makes me smile.

We’ve made it through the first month protecting you from sibling smothering hugs, and flying toys. You take it all in stride, and with all the noise in our house I think you should be able to sleep through anything.

This last month we have been busy and so tired, but it has been worth every minute. We love you so much, and we look forward to what the next month holds! We love you Cameron Laine!


Cameron Laine’s Birth Story

Throughout my pregnancy with Cameron, I was being monitored and treated for ICP – Intraheptic Cholestasis of Pregancy. This was the same condition I was induced for with Nolan at 38 weeks and 5 days. This condition is typically developed in third trimester, and can quickly cause fetal demise if not properly treated.

While my bile acids remained in normal levels, I continued to have the itching symptoms. My OB and MFM specialist were on slightly different pages as far as treatment. MFM wanted to induce at 37-39 weeks assuming my bile acids would rise based on symptoms. My OB supported my decision to do weekly bloodwork, and if all remained low than I could go into labor on my own.


At my 37 week appointment with MFM, the doctor said based on labs he can support waiting on induction and allowing me to go into labor on my own, assuming lab work still came back normal.  If you know me, you will know I was thrilled.  I am pretty against medical intervention when it comes to birth.  I am a firm believer that God created my body (and all women’s bodies) to have children, and the more we intervene with His perfect process (when it is not medically necessary) the more we create issues within the birth process.  All that being said… my anxiety about labor and delivery was so high this time, I was not opposed to an epidural this go round.  I prayed I could do it on my own, but mentally I was not ready to go through this again.

So imagine my surprise when I went to my OB for my 37 week appointment, and the nurse practitioner walked in and said, “I have a call in to the on call dr to see if we can get you induced today.” I’m sorry what? Did my numbers rise? Nope. Still normal.  Unfortunately, my doctor was out of town.  I explained what I had discussed with my him, and she basically said better to be safe than sorry! I didn’t seem to have much say at this point.  This entire pregnancy and ICP was frustrating and exhausting.  I didn’t know how I was supposed to be advocating for myself, and for those of you that know me know that I also like to be in control of things.  I had been praying and praying the few days leading up to this that God would just show me the right choices to make for my little girl and I.  So when this decision came out of left field from the nurse and on call doctor, instead of fighting and advocating to go into labor on my own, I decided to trust that this was God’s plan and leave it in His hands instead of trying to have control myself. I did however beg the nurse and the on call doctor to let me wait to be induced until after Aubrey’s 4th birthday, which happened to be the next day. Though the nurse and on call doctor weren’t thrilled, they allowed me to schedule the induction for Saturday, June 15th.


I am pretty anti-induction (although this was going to be my second. ha. Funny how that works.), I will say being able to plan around a baby coming is AWESOME. My mom was able to plan to come to town and take care of the kids, and we planned for her to be there for the birth while my brother in law watched the kids.  So we got ready and packed our bags, we tried to rest, and then we waited…

….and waited.

What seemed to be something that was such a rush at my appointment on Thursday, turned into “there are no beds available, we will call you when we are ready for you to come in.”  So when my induction time came and went on Saturday evening, you can imagine how anxious I was feeling.  I had so much anxiety this entire pregnancy about labor and delivery.  To be frank, I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t want to go through the hard, exhausting and painful process.  So thinking I was going in that night, and having it postponed just kind of built that up even more.  Thank God for my husband, who was able to calm me down and just hug me while I cried.  He kept reminding me that God knew the exact moment our baby would be born, and there was a reason it didn’t work out that Saturday.  Maybe her lungs weren’t ready.  Maybe she would have needed NICU if we went today.  Hearing this from him, just calmed my nerves and helped me to be filled with peace.

So Sunday came, and I was told that I needed to go to triage for a non stress test to monitor baby.  I called prior to going in, and explained that I didn’t want to come in if they were just going to call me later that day to be induced.  The charge nurse explained that I was next on the list, and to bring all of our things just in case they called while I was there.

So Paul and I packed up the car, kissed our babies goodbye and headed to triage.  Actually that’s a lie. We headed to a quiet lunch before our life turned into a bigger circus! ha. So we grabbed lunch on our way to triage, and baby did great on the NST.  While we were there, the nurse came in and explained that we would be called in shortly.  We could leave and grab lunch or we could head home until they called.  We chose to go home.  So on our way home we made a pit stop to Bass Pro Shops… because why not. So we grabbed some gifts to Aubrey and Nolan from the baby.  New little fishing poles they had been begging for earlier that week.  Then we headed home to rest.  The kids were at my sisters house with Grandma, and I couldn’t sit still.  No shows grabbed my attention, I just wanted to get this process going! Finally around 4:30pm I decided to try and lay down.  I had just started to drift to sleep when Ginger, the sweetest charge nurse, called me at 4:55pm to tell me it was time to have a baby.


So this time, Paul and I got in the car, and again grabbed some dinner before getting to the hospital.  We walked in at 5:38pm, they called me back and the process began.  The whole process started with a terrible, horrible, awful IV experience.  Attempt number 1, in my wrist.  Not only was it painful, but when she tried to take my blood, nothing came out.  So she did it again, on my hand… the blood came on this time, but it literally dripped.  Now I am not someone who has issues with pricks and giving blood, but this whole process was incredibly painful, and I’m also pregnant, about to be induced and super emotional.  So she walked out, and the tears just started flowing.

Finally at 7:40pm, the actual induction began.  Based on my previous induction with Nolan, they decided to use the same approach.  The nurse inserted Cervadil to ripen my cervix.  She was rough, it was painful and I could not hold back my tears.  To be honest, I felt violated, even though that was far from what was happening.  It was just an awful. From there, I had to lay on my side for 2 hours hooked up to the monitors.  So there we sat and tried to rest.  Me in the hospital bed, with an IV in the hand I use underneath my pillow, and Paul in a hospital cot, with the material falling apart.  All I could do was pray.  Pray that the medicine would be effective, that this would be a quick and smooth labor and delivery and that our little girl would be healthy.


At 9:40pm, the nurse came back and took me off the monitors, and from there I could move around and get up if needed.  By this time, I could already feel contractions that were getting pretty uncomfortable, and I knew there was not going to be any sleep in the future.

At 11pm, the contractions were so painful, that I wanted to labor in the tub.  Paul called the nurse in, and a different nurse came to check on me.  She asked how long the Cervadil had been in for, and I swear she was judging me and my pain tolerance since it hadn’t even been 4 hours.  She hooked me up to the monitors to check on me and baby before they could let me go in the tub.


At 11:20pm she came back in, and Dr. Haddock had said I could get up and labor in the tub.  So that’s where I went, and spent the next couple of hours.  So here I am, sitting in the tub having contractions, listening to the women SCREAMING in rooms on either side of me having babies.  All I could think, was how soon I was going to have to do that.  I told Paul he needed to turn on some music to cover it up.  I couldn’t keep listening to them.  So he turns on Pandora, which is set to Hillsong United station… except for 15 minutes they played not 1 song I know, and songs that just irritated me because they couldn’t distract me.  So I had him turn it off.

From there my contractions picked up, and they were only about 1.5 minutes apart, and they were painful.  So around 12:30-1am, Paul called the nurse in and I asked her to check me.  I needed to know that I was making progress.  So she took out the Cervadil and checked me, and I was only 3cm dilated… I felt defeated and exhausted.  It was too much pain for me to only be 3cm, and I knew it would be a long night.  So at that moment, I caved.  I asked for the epidural, so I could get some sleep.  The nurse began prepping me for an epidural, which required a flush of the IV line, and a bag of liquids.  Except when she went to do all of that, my IV was hurting so badly she decided to redo the work of the previous nurse.  So here I am, strong contractions and getting my IV redone.  Thank goodness this nurse got it right, and the pain from the IV stopped.  She flushed the IV, it wasn’t painful, and she started me on fluids.


At this point, my mind was set that I was getting an epidural… and now it seemed to be taking FOREVER!  With each contraction I felt mentally defeated, and so incredibly exhausted.  The nurse had me get on the bed in the position needed for the epidural, because the CRNA was on her way to give me the epidural… except she never came.  Apparently outside my room, she got called to an emergency C section.  My nurse came running in with IV pain meds (which I should point out, I have always told Paul that is the worst idea ever.  IV pain meds go straight into my blood stream, and so in my head they would completely affect the baby, and I didn’t want to do that to her), but I was in so much pain all I said was, “is this going to affect my baby?” to which she replied no, and that was good enough for me!  So she gave me the medicine, and IMMEDIATELY my head dropped and her and Paul laid me on the bed.  It took the edge off of the contractions so I could rest a little bit, but I still felt each contraction.  The medicine only lasts for 30-45 minutes (I honestly have no idea how long it worked for me, because I was out of it!).  During this time, Paul was having chest pain.  I remember being really worried about him, but I was too out of it to actually do anything about it.  His pain passed, and around the same time I came out of my haze.

Once I came out of my haze,  it was go time.  Literally.  I told them I felt like I had to go to the bathroom (since it wasn’t my first rodeo, this time I didn’t think I was going to poop). They measured me again, and I was 9cm now, but there was still a small part of my cervix in the way.  Flashback to Aubrey’s birth, I told them a small part of my cervix was in the way when I had my daughter, and the doctor had to physically move it out of the way so I could begin pushing.  After that, with the next contraction, I started pushing.  I wasn’t trying, but that was what my body was telling me to do.  With the following contraction, my water broke.  A couple pushes later, and our sweet girl was born at 3:17am!


As they handed her to me, I just thought, “oh sweet girl. You were so worth it all.  I would do this all again”.

God just proved himself so faithful to me again.  Not only did the medicine take, but our little girl was in our arms only 7 hours and 37 minutes after my induction began.  To say He answered my prayers to have a smooth, quick labor and delivery goes without saying!  The delivering doctor told me it was a good thing I was induced, because had I gone into labor on my own, I may not have made it to the hospital in time.

Unfortunately, since she arrived so quickly, my sister wasn’t able to get the amazing hospital pictures that we got for Aubrey and Nolan.  This time though, it was really nice to just have Paul there by my side getting me through, and I will forever be so proud of him that in the excitement of our little girl being born, that he remembered to grab a picture the moment they handed her to me.


Welcome to the world precious Cameron Laine!

June 17, 2019 at 3:17am

6lbs 10 oz • 19 inches long



Happy 11 Months Nolan Paul

Here we are. Just one month [actually only 2 weeks from when I’m writing this] away from when you will be considered a toddler, and not my baby anymore. Just so you know, you will always be my baby.

You’re still a growing boy! I don’t know exactly what you weigh, but I’m willing to guess it’s a little more than 25lbs. You’re growing out of the 12-18 month clothes now, and moving up to 18-24 months. You still only have 6 teeth, but you’re working on a few more.

You stopped sleeping through the night. I’m not sure if it’s from teething, all the transition, developmental or what, but you haven’t slept through the night since April. You usually only wake up once, and then I nurse you and put you back in your bed and you go right to sleep. You’re taking 2 naps a day still… and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

You are completely obsessed with any ball you find. If you’re having a meltdown, we can ask you “where is your ball”, and you will stop to look for it. You play fetch with yourself, and your sister plays fetch with you too. At any given time we have approximately 6 balls somewhere in the house.

You’re becoming a better eater again. After trying eggs and throwing them a million times, I finally caught you eating some. Parenting win. You still aren’t a huge fan of vegetables though. You’re obsessed with applesauce, and you’ve finally mastered sippy cups.

You figured out how to climb the stairs at Auntie’s house…and your quick. Usually when someone realizes you’ve disappeared and finds you on the stairs, you laugh and proceed to crawl up them faster.

It’s flipping impossible to change a poopy diaper with just 1 person. You flop around like an alligator and usually end up flipping over while we are holding your legs and then you start crying because we won’t let you crawl away. Diaper changes are tough, but poopy diapers are definitely a 2 person job.

You love to talk, and you make noises all day long. The only words we are sure of are ball (ba), mom, dad and papa. Although I think we’ve heard more, up, Daisy (one of our dogs), and Aub.

You have serious separation anxiety, specifically from me. If I’m not around, then you have it with daddy and auntie too. If I put you down or walk out of sight, you absolutely lose it. We’ve struggled with this for months, but I just now remembered to include it. Ha.

You still nurse about 4-5 times a day. Usually when you wake up, before each nap and bedtime. Occasionally you throw in an extra nursing session.

Back when you were about 3-4 months old, I put you to sleep and left you with Daddy and Uncle David while Auntie and I went to Target. You scarred your Uncle David, with what will forever be known as the “fire-scream”, because he said you screamed like you were on fire. This is the scream we get on car trips, if I don’t nurse you until you’re completely asleep and if I walk away for too long. You are so chill and easy going…until the fire scream appears. There is no in between.

You are incredibly ticklish, and you laugh so much. You are so much fun right now I can’t stand it! You just make my heart swell and burst!

You are the sweet boy that God knew we needed. It is so bittersweet watching you grow so quickly, but we can’t wait to see what you do with your life sweet boy!

Happy 11 Months Nolan Paul!

Happy 10 Months Nolan Paul

For some reason 10 Months is so close to 1 year old that I just keep getting sad that you’re already almost 1! Since we are currently living as gypsy’s for the next few months, I don’t have any idea where the sticker is for the monthly picture, and the rocking chair is in storage… so this will do.

This past month with you has been so much fun! You’re development is just exploding!

You learned to clap your hands… which is just so stinkin’ cute! You give big open mouth kisses, and you wave. You also LOVE balls… doesn’t matter what kind. You see one, and it’s game on. You throw it, and play fetch with yourself! I’m also pretty positive “ba” is one of your first words!

Speaking of words… you say make all sorts of noises. “Ma ma” “da da” “ba” and “pf”. When you see a ball, you always say “ba”, which makes us think this is considered a word. You also know mama and dada… it’s a debate which one came first. Obviously, I think mama.

You are standing, and letting go to test your balance. I know it won’t be long before you’re walking… which is terrifying because you’re already climbing things. We lived at Auntie’s house for less than a week, and you already figured out how to climb the stairs and onto the picnic table.

You LOVE to eat, but you need protein or you get hangry. You know how to use straws, but you still won’t really use a sippy cup.

You are a momma’s boy for sure. You do not like when I walk away. You will also be perfectly happy playing until you see me, and then you cry and crawl to me until I hold you.

You had your first taste of sugar tonight when I gave you a bite of your sister’s ice cream to celebrate Grandma’s birthday… and Grandpa gave you a sip of his chocolate shake… you’re definitely the second baby because Aubrey was not allowed to have sugar for a really really long time.

You take much better naps now, and sleep so much better when it is pitch black. You typically sleep through the night, but the last two weeks have been rough. I’m not sure if it’s the change in surrounding, developmental or teething… I just know it’s making us drink a lot more coffee.

You bite. Hard. Every time I hold you, you lean over and bite my arm, and occasionally my chest. You’re quick, and it really hurts. You’ve bruised my arm, and left lumps you’ve bit so hard. When I catch you to stop you, you laugh… so there’s that.

Good thing you’re so dang cute.

You are so incredibly sweet. You love your sister and cousins. You brighten my world, and I am so torn between wanting to keep you little and being so excited to watch you grow up.

Also, we learned you look dang cute in a hat!

Happy 10 Months my sweet boy!

Happy 9 Months Nolan Paul!

It’s amazing to me, that I’ve already been able to hold you in my arms longer than I carried you inside me! Time is just flying by, and now you’re 9 months old!

You’re 23 lbs (97th percentile) and 28 3/4 inches long (68th percentile). You’re still rocking 12-18 Month clothes… thank goodness! You still have 6 teeth, but I think there are some that may appear soon!

You had your first haircut this month to get rid of your combover. You hated it.

You have the cutest crawl. You always put your knee down on one leg, and then your other leg you use your foot and push off. You are scaling furniture like a champ, and trying desperately to keep up with your sister. Her room is your favorite place to play.

You just babble away all day long, baba, dada, pff, mama… no none of those are your first words (even though your dad is sure your dada babble means him. It doesn’t…yet).

You take 2 naps a day (sometimes adding in a car nap when your naps are not long enough). You wake up between 5:30-6:30 and go to bed at 6:30. I love how you snuggle us when you’re sleepy now. It makes my heart happy.

You LOVE blueberries. You will eat them all day! You freaked your daddy out when he went to change your diaper after lots of blueberries! You are also still a serious puff monster! You eat everything we eat, and you’re loving it.

You still aren’t a fan of car rides. They are hit or miss. Sometimes you’re happy as can be, other times you would think we are torturing you. Sometimes you’ll pass right out in the car if you’re tired, other times you scream the entire way to let us know that you’re tired… we know buddy. I promise. I’ve resorted to giving you teething biscuits when you get upset.

You don’t like when Momma leaves… which means I often get called during church on Sundays, and sometimes when I drop you off for Mom’s Morning Out.

I absolutely love watching you play with your sister, and hearing you both giggling together! I want to savor these moments while it’s all giggling and not fighting. I pray you guys have an amazing relationship throughout life.

You are so sweet and happy. I love how much you’ve added to our family. I can’t wait to watch you grow up little man! I love you! Happy 9 Months sweet boy!

Happy 8 Months Nolan Paul!

My sweet little boy!  You’re 8 months old, and every bit a momma’s boy (and I’m totally okay with that and all the snuggles).

You’re 21 lbs and 14 oz and still in 12-18 month clothes.

You had a rough couple weeks again.  You cut all 4 top teeth within a week.  You were miserable!  Then when we started getting back to normal, you got an ear infection… and then you broke out in an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin.  You’re officially allergic to penicillin products like your momma.  My poor baby, I just wanted to make you feel better, and there was just one thing after the other.

You scoot around ALL over the place!  You are so so close to crawling, and any down now you’ll be going wherever you want.  You still love standing, and I can see how bad you want to be mobile. We joke that you’re big into yoga… see downward dog below.

You stopped eating solid foods for a while.  You were just so upset anytime I put you down.  Well, once those top 4 teeth cut through you are just happy as a clam when you eat.

We started transitioning you to two naps a day.  It helped you with your naps almost immediately.  You still aren’t the best napper, but now you usually nap for at least an hour each time.  Sometimes we get lucky and get a good 2 hour nap… but when it happens it is unpredictable.  Sometimes it’s during your morning nap, and sometimes at the afternoon nap.

Your smile melts my heart, and your laugh makes me swoon.  You are the most amazing little boy!  Happy 8 months sweet boy!

Happy 7 Months Nolan Paul!

My sweet boy! I just need time to slow down!

I think we have finally reached a plateau with your growth! You’re hanging around at 21-22lbs depending on the day, but you’re still getting taller. You’re still rocking 12-18 month clothes.

If I’m honest with you, this month was rough. We sleep trained (we both hated it… so we quit. More on that later), you got the flu, you lived in a constant state of exhaustion which led to lots of screaming and lots of frustration for us, then add in cutting two teeth. We’ve had better days.

We started sleep training. It was miserable and awful, and we hated each and every minute of it. All the books say you can’t nurse a baby to sleep. So you and I spent a lot of time crying. So I quit (mind you, we gave it a fair chance… an entire month. It never got better. You needed your momma). I decided to forget the books and nurse you to sleep. I didn’t need you to put yourself down, I just needed you to let me leave the room after you fell asleep. So now you successfully sleep in your crib, and you also sleep through the night! Sometimes you wake up around 4:30-6, and so I bring you into our bed and we go back to sleep. Naps are still awful. You just don’t take a nap longer than 30-45 minutes without being attached to me. On the rare chance that the stars align, you might nap for an hour.

Your gummy smile is beginning the transition to a baby smile with your two bottom teeth that cut right after Christmas.

You love to eat/play with your food. You LOVE pears. You aren’t eating too much yet, but you learned pretty quickly to keep your food at the front of your mouth.

You’re sitting up like a pro, and you’re close to crawling. You learned how to pull yourself up to stand, and you get the most amazing smile on your face afterwards. As you stand up you squeal with delight. You’re so proud of yourself! Now that you’re sitting and standing I see more and more of my little baby disappear with each passing day.

You are mesmerized by the dogs (especially the crazy new puppy), and your big sister. You think she hung the moon. One of my favorite noises is listening to the two of you laugh at each other… especially while I’m driving and you’re both just giggling away in the back seat.

We had some rough days this month, but I really just wanted to take away your pain and sickness and snuggle you all day. You’re the sweetest little boy, and I can’t wait to see your little personality continue to grow. Happy 7 Months sweet boy!

Happy 6 Months Nolan!

I am actually in disbelief that you’re already 6 months old! How did that happen?!

You weigh 22 lbs and 4.5oz and are 27.75 inches long. You’re off the growth chart for height and weight, but I think you’re finally starting to slow down in the growing area! You’re still rocking 12 month and 12-18 month clothes depending on the brand.

The doctor told us today that you have astigmatism in your left eye. It’s common, and I’m hoping you grow out of it. We have to follow up with an ophthalmologist.

This month we put you back in cloth diapers since we are finally starting to settle in after our move to Tallahassee. You also had your first double ear infection. Sorry sweet boy 😢.

u absolutely love books, and all the pictures in them. It's almost impossible to read them to you now, because you are desperately grabbing for them and trying to eat them… but that's nothing new really because you try to grab EVERYTHING, and everything goes in your mouth.

u have been wanting to eat so badly. You just watch us and try to intercept our food. You physically watch our food go into our mouths. We let you suck on some corn on the cob, one day and you didn't actually eat anything, but you sure as heck didn't want to give it back. You had some ham and mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner and just made a giant mess, and got upset because you were too hungry to try and figure out how to eat.

u are finally rolling from your back to your belly, especially when you sleep. You prefer to be on your belly like your momma. I joked about you being able to sit up before you roll over, and you actually started doing them both the same week. I was almost right.

u cut your first bottom tooth this month, and the other one will probably be in tomorrow it's so close to cutting through! I can't wait because it's definitely making you uncomfortable.

u consolidated from 4 naps to 3 this past week, and I usually get one 2 hour nap from you a day. It. Is. Glorious! I might actually be able to get something done every once in a while now. Cosleeping is getting better too. You're finally letting me leave the room at night after bedtime, and you seem to wake up 1-3 times a night to nurse. Usually it's twice. You won't be happy about it, but in a few weeks we will start sleep training to take our bed back and get you in your crib in your room. For what it's worth, I'm not excited about this either.

eintroduced dairy into my diet this past week as a test run. You seem to be doing okay with it, and your doctor said to keep at it… so we celebrated tonight and ate pizza for dinner! You had roasted zucchini 😂! I am so excited to watch you grow up with your sister. She has always loved on you, but once you started sitting and playing with toys I can envision you two playing together. She is so sweet with you, and is always so concerned when you’re upset. I love the bond ya’ll share, and I hope it only grows from here.

You are so giggly and smiley all the time. It really does just make my day. I love you more than you can imagine sweet boy!

Happy 5 Months Nolan!

My big boy! You have been the perfect little addition to our family! You’re still growing like a weed weighing in at 21lbs and rocking 12-18 month clothes.

You have the stinkiest toots, and we blame it on the fact that you go so long between poops. It’s a big day in our house when you finally go… we joke that you are just using all of momma’s milk that you don’t go everyday… or sometimes even every week. (No worries we’ve talked with the ped and it’s normal, we do give you glycerin suppositories if you start to get really uncomfortable).

You have the biggest gummy smile, and you are so happy all the time. My favorite is when I wake up in the morning and you look at me with the biggest smile like you’re so happy we are finally up together. You think your sister, and your cousins are absolutely hysterical. They get the best belly laughs out of you.

You still take 3-5 naps a day. It really just depends on how long you nap for. Usually they are between 30-45 minutes still, and on a normal day you take 4 naps.

Right now I’ve embraced co-sleeping…and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. When you wake up, I usually don’t even have to nurse you. You just roll towards me and rub my face a few times to make sure I’m there, and then you settle right back into sleep. I’m very torn on moving you, because as much as I LOVE snuggling you every night and getting to sleep, I really miss snuggling with your dad and sleeping on my stomach. Any attempts at getting you to sleep anywhere that isn’t our bed has been a huge fail. Hence the embracing co sleeping.

You still don’t roll over, and I keep joking that you will sit up on your own before you do.

You want to eat… so bad. You get so excited at the table. You bang on it while we are eating and desperately try to grab our plates or whatever is in our hands. Don’t worry bud… 6 months will be here soon.

You love playing with your feet. You grab them any chance you can get.

Your hair just continues to crack me up. You’ve lost all your newborn hair except for the tuft on top of your head that’s grown… it cracks me up and I always go back and forth on cutting it. Right now you rock a great Combover.

Your first teeth should be cutting through any day. You just gnaw away on anything and everything for comfort. Hopefully they’ll be in soon.

We love you so much little man! Happy 5 months!

Happy 4 Months Nolan!

My sweet boy! You’re already 4 months old!

You weigh 18.8lbs (97th percentile) and you’re 27 inches long (off the growth chart). You are out of 3-6 month clothes and your 6-9 months clothes are almost too small. You’re rocking 9-12 months and even a couple 12-18 months (mainly pants because your legs are so chunky). The day I put you into these jammies that are 12-18 months I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry…so I did a little of both.

You’re getting better in the car seat, but it’s definitely not your favorite place to be. As long as you aren’t tired or hungry you seem to be pretty content… but the hard part is that you always seem tired.

Sleep. It’s great kid. You should try it sometime! The 4 month sleep regression hit hard. So hard, that I keep telling myself that this will pass in the blink of an eye, but man does it feel hard right now. Remember when you slept ALL THE TIME? Well you don’t anymore. You only nap for 30-45 minutes. Not because you’re done sleeping, but because you can’t figure out how to get yourself back to sleep. If I lay with you and nurse you, you will sleep for hours! You wake up from your naps still yawning and rubbing your eyes, but for the most part you’re pretty happy when you wake up. You nap if I’m wearing you… but it’s usually only for 45 minutes. If I try to lay you down for a nap, your eyes pop open immediately, and instead of soothing right back to sleep, you cry and cry and cry until I pick you up. I spent an hour putting you down for a nap the other day. I finally got you to stay asleep… and you were up 35 minutes later! Some days I feel like all I do is try and get you to nap. It’s exhausting. You have taken 3 naps without me longer than 45 minutes, and they were all this past week, so I’m hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your night time sleep is much better than naps, but they are definitely hit or miss. You either wake up 1-2 times a night and nurse right back to sleep… or you wake up and hang out for a couple hours. For example, the other night you were up from 2-4:30, and again at 5 and again at 7. We usually co-sleep starting around 4-5am, because quite frankly I’m too tired and lazy to try and get you back to sleep. I can’t co sleep all night, because I literally don’t move and wake up so stiff it’s unreal, but if I was willing too I bet you would sleep through the night. You also started waking up 45 minutes after I put you down for the night… which your sister did for months, and I’m desperately praying you don’t make this a habit. I really never know what to expect from you at this point sleep wise, but I know we will figure it out with time.

You rolled from your belly to your back… once. Most nights you get pretty close to rolling from your back to your belly, and I really think you may end up being a belly sleeper like your momma and sister.

Your thumb is making it into your mouth more frequently, and it’s even put you to sleep a few times. I know this will be a hard habit to break, but I really think it’s the cutest thing.

You’re much happier when we put you down lately. You love your playmat and bumbo seat. You love to sit up so you can see everything going on.

You got really good and grabbing things this month. You almost never miss anymore, and you love grabbing my hair. You ALWAYS have something in your mouth, either your hands or a toy.

You are quite the talker! You make all sorts of noises, and I can’t help but smile at you when you do. It’s one of my favorite sounds…even if sometimes it’s when you’re having one of your parties in the middle of the night.

You get fixated on things, and stare at them for a while. My favorite is when it’s me. You just stare at me, and so I’ll start talking to you and you show me this huge gummy smile. I can literally feel my heart swell with love when you do that.

You are the sweetest little guy around, and I love you so much! Happy 4 months Nolan Paul!