The Little Things

Paul has never been one for big romantic gestures.  I’m not saying he isn’t romantic in his own way,  but he just isn’t that guy that’s going to plan a big elaborate surprise or shower me with gifts just because… at least not very often.

Lo and Paul (13 of 29)

Lately though, I’m noticing these very little seemingly insignificant things that Paul does on a regular basis to show me he loves me.  If you’re not looking or paying attention, you would miss them.  They are the little acts of love that often fly under the radar and go unappreciated.  I’m not sure if I’m paying more attention, or the longer we are together the better we are getting to know each other.  These are the little things I never want to forget, and when I’m paying attention they have me swooning for my husband all over again.


Love doesn’t have to be full of big romantic gestures all the time.  Sometimes I think love is more beautiful in those brief little moments, where the love is unspoken.  Those regular days, where actions speak louder than words.  When he knows a hug and pep talk is just what I needed.  When hanging a nursery decoration takes priority to the interview he was waiting to see with Jameis Winston to help ease your wife’s anxiety.  When you send your wife in the house to protect her from seeing the snake in the backyard.  Some of these things may not even sound like your stereotypical descriptions of “love”, and maybe that’s why they often go overlooked and under appreciated.


I encourage everyone to look for the simple moments of love in their marriage, because those little moments are the ones that fill my heart with joy, remind me how lucky I am to have my husband, and make me feel more loved and cherished.  Value the little things in love.

The Perfect Getaway

At the end of March, Paul and I headed to Destin, FL for a baby moon.  It’s not a necessity while you’re pregnant, but it was so incredibly worth it!  We were a little bummed because the forecast was predicted to be a little bit chilly, but man the weather was BEAUTIFUL during the day!  At night, you needed to be bundled up for sure!!

We got to Destin, and immediately just took in the view from our hotel room.  Destin is one of our favorite places, and it just made me happy looking off our balcony to this!


Friday night, we got there around 6, so we changed and headed to dinner.  We ate at ACME and it was delicious!  Then we spent the evening walking around Baytown.  The whole time, we just kept talking about how awesome it will be when Aubrey gets older and we take trips to Destin, and she can play at all the fun little places they have for kids.

On Saturday, we headed to breakfast at “The Donut Hole”.  If you’ve never been, you need to go.  Right now!  Take me with you!  Everything is homemade, but the donuts are just melt in your mouth amazing.  I want to go back… it’s just a 7 hour drive for a donut!  Totally realistic!

Then we headed to the outlets, and did some damage in an about an hour.  So we left!  It was fun though!  We got great deals at the Nike Outlet, and then updated Paul’s Sperry’s to a nicer pair.  His were looking pretty pathetic.  Afterwards, we headed to the beach, and it ended up being a gorgeous day!  The weather said it was about 60 degrees, but in the sun it felt like 70.  It was beautiful, and we even got some drinks on the beach… Virgin Strawberry Daquiri for me.  I can pretend 🙂


I was daring enough to sun the bump this weekend too…


Saturday night, we headed to play put put golf, and we were pretty competitive.  I was winning, until Paul pulled ahead!  He ended up beating me by 7, but we both came in under par.  Quite the accomplishment for a put put golf course!

IMG_7074 IMG_7072

After golf, we found a little local restaurant where we ate, and when we headed back to the hotel, Paul wanted to fish.  So we headed to the beach, and it was FREEZING!  I was shivering so bad, it was making my back hurt! So after about 10 minutes, I decided I was going back to the room.  Well as soon as I told him, he caught a fish!  He started reeling it in, and he could not have been more excited.  One of my favorite parts about Paul is his excitement.  When something makes him happy, you know it! He gets this HUGE smile, and he gets giddy like a little kid at Christmas.  Then he continues to talk about whatever it was that excited him for a day or two with such animation.  It’s adorable.  So imagine his excitement when he caught this sucker…


Our weekend could not have been better.  It was one of those weekends that just reminds you of all the things that made you fall in love in the first place.   It was a perfect getaway from our busy life lately, and a perfect last weekend away before we are a family of 3!

My Little Girl

At our wedding, I danced with my dad to “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw.  That song has always left me with a soft spot.  If you’ve never heard it, you can listen to it here. I thought it fit perfectly for my dad and I.  Specifically this verse:

Someday, some boy will come and ask me for your hand.
But I won’t say “yes” to him unless I know, he’s the half
that makes you whole, he has a poet’s soul, and the heart of a man’s man.
I know he’ll say that he’s in love.
But between you and me. He won’t be good enough!

I am not trying to say my Dad doesn’t love Paul, he does. He gave Paul his blessing which is a big deal if you know my dad.  He knew Paul was perfect for me, but I also know that if my dad had any doubts he would have easily told him “No”.  Without him saying so I think this is how he felt when he gave me away, and I think every dad feels that way before they give away their daughter.


So while I was working, I had music playing and this song came on.  I couldn’t help but smile thinking of memories of my dance with my daddy.


As I was listening to the lyrics it hit me, soon this song could define how Paul feels about our daughter.  I just started picturing this little girl running into his arms, because I just know she is going to be a daddy’s girl.  It makes me so excited when I imagine watching Paul play with our daughter.  This perfect little girl that we haven’t even met yet.  So this verse came on, and so did the waterworks… (which isn’t abnormal these days when I think about babies, or giving birth, or things we will get to do with her!)

When you were in trouble that crooked little smile could melt my heart of stone.
Now look at you, I’ve turned around and you’ve almost grown.
Sometimes you’re asleep I whisper “I Love You!” in the moonlight at your door.
As I walk away, I hear you say, “Daddy Love You More!”

I grew up with a dad who drove me nuts sometimes, but I never once doubted how much he loved me.  I knew he would be there for me in an instant.  He gave the best hugs, and he’s probably the reason why I love to cuddle so much.  He gave me advice (sometimes it wasn’t always asked for, but he did it anyways… and maybe I didn’t listen when I was young, but I remember it all today).  Every little girl deserves a daddy like I had, and there is no question in my mind that Paul will be that dad for Aubrey.  Just that thought alone, makes my heart swell with joy. I am so thankful for a dad who taught me what to look for in a man, and I am so thankful that God brought this man into my life at the perfect time.  I am so incredibly thankful, that Aubrey gets to grow up with not only an amazing Daddy, but an amazing Grandpa.


The Toaster War

Last year a friend of mine was recently engaged, and we were talking about some of the disagreements she was having with her fiancé regarding their big day.  So she asked me what Paul and I had problems with while wedding planning.  I realized we didn’t really fight while wedding planning. Paul gave his input, but for the most part we agreed on the big things, and the other things he let me do my way.  He was pretty hands off – more of the tell me when and where to be kind of guy.  Our fight was over our registry.

I think this is absolutely hysterical now, because I had actually forgotten this whole story.  In all the excitement of wedding planning, one of the best parts is registering for all of the things you see in your house as your new  life as husband and wife.  What can go wrong right??

So we start registering and pretty close to the front of the store are the kitchen appliances, more specifically toasters and toaster ovens.  Paul wanted a toaster oven.  I wanted a toaster.  His argument – It’s convenient, and he grew up with one.  My argument – we have a really tiny kitchen (at the time) with zero counter space as is, where the heck are we going to put a toaster oven?  I should also mention I HATE clutter and things on my counter tops.  We probably went back and forth for about 5 minutes, before we skipped over this item entirely.  We continued to register, but at this point Paul was annoyed with me, and it was apparent.  He was frustrated more so with the process of the store trying to up sell you and get you to register for crazy expensive things that you will never use, and I certainly did not disagree with him there.  “What china pattern do you want??” China?  I want an everyday plate that matches my kitchen, that won’t sit in an cupboard for the entire year as wasted space.  We’re not that fancy, and I don’t need something else cluttering my house.

So registering came to an end, and it did not include a toaster or a toaster oven.  Fast-forward to current day.  We’ve been married for almost 2 years, and we STILL do not have either product.  If you want something toasted you pop it in the oven.  Since then, we’ve never discussed a toaster.  I never realized it until my friend and I recently had this conversation, and it absolutely cracks me up looking back.  I think we can probably revisit this topic and go out and buy a toaster or toaster oven now.  It will make bagels and waffles easier for this pregnant girl anyways. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day… Help Me Choose!!

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day.  I think it can be cute, but to be honest, I feel like it’s an excuse for people to spend an excessive amount of money on food/flowers/candy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love showing Paul that I love and appreciate him on Valentine’s Day, but neither of us feel like we have to have some crazy expensive date night, and if he sends me a $100 bouquet of roses he knows very well that he will have a response along the lines of, “Oh honey that is so sweet… why the heck did you spend $100 on FLOWERS?! They die! Go to Publix!”  (He knows this so well that the last time he bought me flowers, he bought flowers at Home Depot that we could plant in our yard!)

So our Valentine’s Day usually consists of us making a nice dinner together at home, some cards, and of course some chocolate.  I usually spend the day doing sweet things for him like making his favorite breakfast and cake (someone once said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach… I guess I really believed them!). That being said, we’ve never bought presents for each other.  So this year, I didn’t think anything changed.

This year, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early.  We have friends coming into town this weekend, and we didn’t want to deal with the rush anyways.  So on Thursday, we had plans to go to dinner.   Nothing crazy.  That’s how excited we get about Valentine’s Day!  So as usual, I got Paul a card, and Reeses, and I left him cute little love notes in the shape of a heart on the mirror telling him all the reasons why I loved him (cheesy I know, but so fun to do!), then I made his favorite cake and was ready to call it a day.

Well, to my surprise, we exchanged cards and Paul made me go first.  I opened the card and inside is a note, “Cirque du Soleil or Orlando Ballet Battle of the Sexes – You pick!” I got so excited I cried (dang pregnancy hormones.)

Now let me explain how this came about… I subtly started hinting around Christmas time that I hadn’t seen The Nutcracker in years, and I wanted to see it… my subtle hints were apparently too subtle.  As the dates of The Nutcracker neared, I asked Paul if we had any plans or if he had any surprises for me… he looked at me like I was crazy.  (Such a girl thing to do – hint, and then ask for it!) Then not long ago, we met some friends at Downtown Disney for dinner, and we walked past Cirque du Soleil.  I looked at Paul and said, “Since you missed my Nutcracker hints, let me just tell you.  I WANT to go to Cirque du Soleil, so if you want to take me there, I won’t be mad”.  He just laughed at me and gave me a kiss.

So much to my surprise yesterday he came through, and now I have to choose!! The problem is I have no idea how to choose!

Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba – I saw this show about 7 years ago with my mom and sister.  It’s absolutely amazing. If you’ve never seen a Cirque show – GO! Seriously! They are absolutely phenomenal and there is no way you can leave disappointed!  I’ve also seen “The Beatles LOVE” and a traveling show I cannot remember the name of for the life of me.   I honestly think of the 2 options, Paul would enjoy this much more than a ballet.

The Orlando Ballet – Battle of the Sexes – After reading Misty Copeland’s autobiography, I’ve been dying to see a ballet.  I guess reading it reignited how much I love dance in general  After reading it, I asked Paul to take me to a ballet in New York.  He laughed, it’s currently not an option.  So I settled for the Orlando Ballet, but I really want to see a classical ballet like Swan Lake or Firebird.  So even though I’m sure Battle of the Sexes is great, I want to see a classic.

So now you see my problem.  I have no idea how to choose! Help!

My Husband to the Rescue

The last week or so has been pretty rough for me.  I just feel like there have been a lot of things going on, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.  I don’t know what God wants me to do, or what direction He’s trying to tell me to go.  Yesterday was just one of those days where it all piled on at once.

I was really frustrated with work.  I kept getting kicked off the server, and it was making simple tasks take forever.  I think that, on top of my other frustrations (and pregnancy hormones) were just enough to send me over the edge.  At one point I went into Paul’s office.  I honestly don’t even remember what we were talking about in his office, but I know I was short.  When I get short, my attitude comes out often times without me meaning to have an attitude.  He hates my attitude (so does everyone else in my family). I turned and walked back into my office thinking to myself that I probably just made him mad.

A few minutes later, Paul walks into my office.  He gives me a big hug and kiss, and he says, “Do you know how much I love you?”.  I just started crying, and apologizing while telling him all the things that have been running through my mind lately.  After some reassuring words, he decides instead of having me make dinner he wants to take me out to get my mind off things.  So after work, we headed out to dinner, and we had a great night together.

I think marriage comes with a learning curve.  I think when Paul saw how short I was being he knew I was getting discouraged and frustrated.  Instead of getting mad at me for being short, which typically would lead to a fight, he came and turned my day around.  He knew exactly what I needed, and he came to my rescue.  I cannot thank him enough for being our rock when I can’t.  The longer we’re married, the more I see us learning about each other, and working together.  I loved the beginning of our relationship where everything is new and exciting, but relationships change and evolve.  Now, almost 2 years into our marriage, our relationship isn’t new, but it’s still exciting in completely different ways.  We know more about each other then we’ve ever known, and we’ve grown together.

People always tell you marriage is hard, but what they don’t tell you is that it is so incredibly worth it.

2014 to 2015

I cannot believe another year has flown by!  2014 started out really rough on Paul and I, and we couldn’t quite seem to figure out what God was trying to teach us.  Slowly but surely, we figured it out and everything started to fall into place!

2014 brought frustrations, tears, laughs, memories, and love.  We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams, and we cannot wait for 2015.  We’ve set some goals for ourselves, and we are anticipating meeting our precious baby.  As the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, we wished each other a Happy New year, and within minutes I felt our baby kick for the first time!  I am absolutely positive, Junebug just wanted to bring in the New Year with us, and remind us of the AMAZING things we have to look forward to in 2015!

With each new year, people anticipate new starts and clean slates, but I don’t want a new start.  I want our story to continue, because I’ve loved each and every minute.  I am so excited for our future, and to see what 2015 has in store for us!

Happy New Year!

My First Black Eye

It’s not too abnormal for someone to get a black eye.  They can happen for all sorts of different reasons, it isn’t always brought on by a fight or abuse.  I, however, had never had one, and I never thought my first black eye would come from my husband.  Now before you panic and think we have some terrible marriage, and I’m abused let me explain.  It was a complete accident.  So much so that I couldn’t even be mad… after the hurt wore off I just had to laugh.

Now that my disclaimer is out there, let’s back up to the beginning.  Since Paul and I moved, we’ve been attending the church I grew up in.  It’s great! I love the pastors and the worship is phenomenal, but it is also HUGE.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but after leaving our church in Tallahassee, I think I am looking for something a little more intimate. Since we keep traveling back to Tallahassee for football games, work, and little niece’s birthdays we haven’t had much time to try out new churches.  Last weekend, we decided we were going to try one since we were home.  Now this whole church thing doesn’t seem relevant to a black eye, but I swear it comes into play.

Saturday night, Paul and I get ready for bed and as we are getting in bed the stars perfectly aligned for me to get a black eye.  Paul picked up his arm to put it around me, and at the same time I sat up to readjust myself on my pillow… and that’s when it happened. BOOM.  Elbow to the eye.

It hurt.  I may have started to cry… at the same time Paul started freaking out.  He felt so bad and he kept trying to talk to me, and I couldn’t say anything.  He then asks, “Should I get some ice?” and I nodded my head very slightly.   So he runs to the freezer, and doesn’t bring me ice, but brings me a bag of frozen peas.  While I’m holding the peas on my face, he just keeps apologizing over and over.  To which I keep telling him, it’s okay.  I couldn’t really be mad at him, he truly did not mean to.  It was just a series of bad timing.

When I took the peas off, I asked him if I was going to get a bruise.  He looked at it, made a face and said, “Put the ice back on… and we aren’t going to a new church tomorrow.  They’re going to think I beat you.” In reality I did have a lump on my eye, but by the morning, it was barely noticeable and once I put makeup on you couldn’t see it.  That didn’t matter though, Paul still wouldn’t let us go to church for fear that someone would think he wasn’t treating me right.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I should have.  The whole situation was just funny, and now we get to look back and laugh.  I’m so thankful for a husband who treats me so well, and feels awful for hurting me even if it is an accident.  I think I take that for granted, some women do not have that luxury and live in fear everyday.

We’re Moving!

Now that this information has been given to our bosses and co-workers, Paul and I can officially publicize that we will be moving next month!

Paul was recently approached by one of his manufactuers for an internal sales position with them.  This was a long 2 month process, and if you know me it was a TORTUROUS secret to keep.  From the very beginning, we thought he had a great chance of getting the job.  He was told he was the “top candidate for the position”  (yes, that’s my husband that was APPROACHED as the TOP candidate for a position – super proud wife moment so I have to brag!)  Originially we were under the impression he could stay in Tallahassee and work.  As the weeks progressed, he learned that was no longer the case.  Due to his new territory, and the amount of business in Orlando, we decided the best place for us to relocate to within his territory will be Orlando!   This new job is a huge blessing, and with Paul covering less territory and the majority of it in Orlando, it means a lot less traveling for him!  Which makes us both happy!

This past weekend in Orlando, we started looking for places to live.  Our next hope will be to find a house to rent that allows 3 dogs… call that landlord crazy but I will love them forever if it means we get to take our 3 babies with us!  Luckily for us, my parents are in Lake Mary, and so we have a place to stay if it takes a while to find a place (thanks mom and dad!).

We are extremely excited about this opportunity for Paul, but it is definitely bittersweet.  Tallahassee was home to each of us before we met, and now it holds all of the memories we have created together.  Paul and I both really love our jobs, and not just our jobs but the people we work for!  Which only makes the decision that much harder, but we know it is the right one for us.

God has really outdone himself on this one.  It just goes to show that God’s plan will prevail. Without the job opportunity Paul was given two years ago, he wouldn’t have the opportunity he has now.  He has gone above and beyond when answering our prayers! We even already have someone to rent out our house when we move at the end of September!  Whew!

Paul starts his new job on September 1st in Orlando.  We will basically have a long distance marriage for a month, and we will move at the end of September.  September will be busy… and stressful!

We are sad to leave Tallahassee, but since it is the Home of the Florida State Seminoles and football season is approaching… so there is no doubt that we will be back regularly! Well back for football… and our adorable nieces and their parents 🙂


One year ago today, I married my best friend.  I have loved you almost as long as I’ve known you you, but I love you more today than I did the day I married you.  

weddding 5

 The last year has had it’s challenges, but I can’t thank you enough for being my rock.  Thank you for the nights we spend at home laughing and cuddling with each other.  I will never get enough of your smile when your laughing.  Thank you for forcing me to get out of the house and experience life.  You help me get out of my comfort zone.  Thank you for working so incredibly hard for us.  You have no idea how proud of you I am.  Thank you for the days when you clean the entire house for me by the time I get home.  Thank you for never asking me why I’m crying when I’m PMSing, and just knowing when I need a hug. 

wedding 19 

You have been the biggest blessing in my life.  You give me more grace than I deserve. You have strengthened my relationship with God more than you may ever know, and for that I cannot thank you enough.   

wedding 8

You are the man I prayed for, and God brought you into my life when I least expected it. I love you so much and I am so glad I have forever to spend with you.  You have my whole heart for my whole life.   Happy Anniversary my love!

Paper Anniversary – FSU Season Tickets! GO NOLES!