Virginia is for Lovers

After the wedding Paul and I went to in St. Petersburg we packed up and hit the road back to Tallahasse, but only long enough to pack for the week and pick up our “children”.  Then we headed to Virginia to spend the week with his family.  After a total of about 15 hours we made it around 3:30am!


Paul’s parents live on a gorgeous lake, but I’ve never actually been able to experience the fun of living on a lake.  Every time we seem to visit it is FREEZING… at least it’s freezing for this Florida girl! Last year we planned to go up for the 4th of July so this trip was a LONG time coming!!


Not only did we have a blast at the lake, but our dogs did too… Laila really needs to live at the lake because she is so incredibly obsessed with it.  You can’t keep her out of the water!  Even Brody and Daisy love the lake… not so much the swimming aspect, but the amount of room they have to roam around!  They just chase each other around the backyard and scope out the area.  The first time we went up there I was terrified they would run away, but I think with that much room to run they are afraid to roam too far away so it is kind of perfect!


We squeezed in a super quick trip to Petersburg to visit a long time friend of Paul’s that I know all about but we only met briefly during our wedding.  It was great to actually get to talk to Daniel, his girlfriend, Laura, and their adorable son, Mike – even though I felt like I already knew them from Paul and Facebook.  Then we rushed back to make it in time to a baseball game where his brother coaches. (PS can we look at how good Paul looks with a baby?! :))


IMG_5443 IMG_5430 IMG_5428

We spent the 4th of July on the lake and then headed to a BBQ and a great spot to watch fireworks… and I took zero pictures.  It was a great week and I love going to visit his our family.  I’ve been lucky enough to not only be blessed with a great husband, but great in-laws who have welcomed me into their family with open arms and I can’t thank them for it enough!