Happy 7 Months Aubrey Joy!

You’re already almost 8 months by the time I post this, and half of this information is different now, but here is what was going on when you turned 7 months! 

Another month has passed, and a million more smiles that you’ve put on my face.

  • Bathtime
  • Outside
  • Standing up
  • Dogs
  • Food


  • being in the car longer than 20-30 minutes
  • missing naps or napping in new places
  • letting mom look in her mouth for new teeth

You’re still in 9 months clothes, but at the rate you’re gaining weight it won’t be for long.  The last time we weighed you, you were 20 lbs and 4 oz.

You still have two teeth, but it won’t be long before the top two pop through. 

You are developing so quickly!  Right after you turned 6 months old you mastered sitting up on your own, and within a few days you were pulling yourself into the crawling position and rocking.  A few days after you put yourself into the crawl position, you figured out how to pull yourself up and stand!  I cry every time you do something new for the first time.  I’m not ready for all of this growing up!  You are becoming so mobile!  You pull yourself with your arms, you roll around, and you just figured out the crawl motion.  You plop back to your belly after a couple movements, but I’m sure that within the next week or two you’ll have crawling mastered.

Bedtime goes so much more smoothly now, and I am so thankful for that.  I used to put you down, and then you would wake up 2-4 times before you finally fell asleep.  I felt like I was constantly in your room. Then you would wake up 3 times a night.  It was exhausting.  Now after you go to sleep, you stay asleep and I can actually run around and clean the house! You go down around 7 and wake up around 7-7:15.  You wake up 1-2 times a night, and a couple of times you would wake up once before I fell asleep, and then sleep until morning.  That was a glorious night of sleep for me!


We celebrated your first Christmas, and it just made me so happy.  I looked around on Christmas morning and just felt so incredibly blessed.





You try desperately to pet the dogs anytime they are near, but they are learning quickly that you yank on their ears and tails.  Occasionally sweet Daisy will give in.


You got to hang out with our family from Virgina, and you and Jackson just melted my heart.


We gave you a sippy cup for the first time, and you aren’t really sure what to do with it.


Bathtime is your favorite.  You are splashing all around and we couldn’t keep you still if we tried. (I love your bath tub pictures, but I won’t be posting your adorable little behind on the Internet) 

You’re personality is coming out, and it just cracks us up!  We are so looking forward to every day with you!  We love you sweet girl!

Happy 7 months Aubrey Joy! 









The Perfect Getaway

At the end of March, Paul and I headed to Destin, FL for a baby moon.  It’s not a necessity while you’re pregnant, but it was so incredibly worth it!  We were a little bummed because the forecast was predicted to be a little bit chilly, but man the weather was BEAUTIFUL during the day!  At night, you needed to be bundled up for sure!!

We got to Destin, and immediately just took in the view from our hotel room.  Destin is one of our favorite places, and it just made me happy looking off our balcony to this!


Friday night, we got there around 6, so we changed and headed to dinner.  We ate at ACME and it was delicious!  Then we spent the evening walking around Baytown.  The whole time, we just kept talking about how awesome it will be when Aubrey gets older and we take trips to Destin, and she can play at all the fun little places they have for kids.

On Saturday, we headed to breakfast at “The Donut Hole”.  If you’ve never been, you need to go.  Right now!  Take me with you!  Everything is homemade, but the donuts are just melt in your mouth amazing.  I want to go back… it’s just a 7 hour drive for a donut!  Totally realistic!

Then we headed to the outlets, and did some damage in an about an hour.  So we left!  It was fun though!  We got great deals at the Nike Outlet, and then updated Paul’s Sperry’s to a nicer pair.  His were looking pretty pathetic.  Afterwards, we headed to the beach, and it ended up being a gorgeous day!  The weather said it was about 60 degrees, but in the sun it felt like 70.  It was beautiful, and we even got some drinks on the beach… Virgin Strawberry Daquiri for me.  I can pretend 🙂


I was daring enough to sun the bump this weekend too…


Saturday night, we headed to play put put golf, and we were pretty competitive.  I was winning, until Paul pulled ahead!  He ended up beating me by 7, but we both came in under par.  Quite the accomplishment for a put put golf course!

IMG_7074 IMG_7072

After golf, we found a little local restaurant where we ate, and when we headed back to the hotel, Paul wanted to fish.  So we headed to the beach, and it was FREEZING!  I was shivering so bad, it was making my back hurt! So after about 10 minutes, I decided I was going back to the room.  Well as soon as I told him, he caught a fish!  He started reeling it in, and he could not have been more excited.  One of my favorite parts about Paul is his excitement.  When something makes him happy, you know it! He gets this HUGE smile, and he gets giddy like a little kid at Christmas.  Then he continues to talk about whatever it was that excited him for a day or two with such animation.  It’s adorable.  So imagine his excitement when he caught this sucker…


Our weekend could not have been better.  It was one of those weekends that just reminds you of all the things that made you fall in love in the first place.   It was a perfect getaway from our busy life lately, and a perfect last weekend away before we are a family of 3!

Baby M – 28 Weeks [Third Trimester]


Bump Analysis?  Yep. Feeling large and in charge.  Here’s a comparison for you… 4 weeks vs 28 weeks


Month/Trimester? 7 months [28 weeks – 31 weeks] / 3rd Trimester! In case the title didn’t clue you in, we’ve entered the THIRD TRIMESTER! 

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of an Eggplant! 13.6 -14.8 inches long and 1.5 to 2.5 pounds!

Development? She’s putting on some more fat, and her lungs are mature enough that she’d probably be able to survive if she was born now… that thought is terrifying.  Please stay in there a little longer Aubrey!

Movement? This is my favorite part of pregnancy.  I LOVE feeling her move around, even when she balls up and makes my stomach look deformed.  It amazes me every time I can feel her.  I can watch my stomach move for hours.  In the beginning of pregnancy I couldn’t help but worry between doctor appointments since I had no way to check in on our little Junebug.  Now with all of her acrobatic tricks each day, it is so reassuring feeling her bounce around each day.

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? I head to the doctor on Thursday to be tested for gestational diabetes…

Weight Gain? 1 lb this week… Totaling 19 lbs.  My goal is to stay in the healthy weight gain range of 25-35lbs.  I have 12 weeks left (give or take) so hopefully we can stay on track!

Symptoms? This sounds like a complaint section – but it’s the truth.

  • Acne <– this might be getting a little better?
  • Excessive pee breaks
  • Faint line (Linea Nigra) forming below my belly button
  • Losing hair at my hair line – so much for luxurious pregnancy hair.
  • Tailbone Pain
  • Braxton Hicks — these are slowing down.
  • Crying for no reason
  • Heartburn at least a few times a week
  • Spotting – If you go to the ER freaked out, they’ll tell you it’s pretty normal… but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post…

Cravings? I want some Lucky Charms and Chik-Fil-A… I haven’t had Lucky Charms in YEARS, and I haven’t had Chik-Fil-A in about 6 or 7 months.  I ate it 3 times last week… I never eat fast food that often!

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? I had serious insomnia last week Thursday, but other than that I think I had pretty good sleep this past week.  Aside from after Paul and I fried ourselves at the beach… then neither of us slept, and we were just up and lathering on aloe.  I fried my poor feet, face, and calves.  Poor Paul fried his back, arms, and legs… I take responsibility for his back… I may not be the best at putting sunscreen on people.

Maternity Clothes? Found a bathing suit, which was tough to do… Target likes minimal fabric for bathing suit tops, and that just does not help out anyone with any real boobs.

Exercise? So I took another week off from the gym, because after Paul and I took a long walk, my leg was so stiff the next day I decided I should still be taking it easy and just walking.  I think I can head back to the gym this week, but given the current situation of my sunburnt feet, I am NOT putting tennis shoes on until they feel better! So I may do nothing productive this week for exercise if it involves wearing shoes.

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? Just the same ones I cried over last week.  I usually use Burt’s Bees Mama Baby Belly Butter when I wake up, after my shower, and when I head to bed.  I ran out of BioOil and I am too lazy to go buy more right now…

Labor Signs? Braxton hicks seem to be more sporadic…

What I miss? Stomach sleeping… this won’t change.

Looking forward to? Paul and I are headed to Destin this weekend for our Babymoon!!  Destin is our little place I think.  It’s where he took me for my birthday when we first started dating, and it also happens to be the same little place where I knew I wanted to marry him.  Lucky for us, the forecast is currently beautiful with highs of 64 and 66… given our current sunburns, that may be a blessing in disguise.