Whirlwind of a Weekend

About 2 weeks ago, we had a crazy busy, and absolutely amazing weekend!!!  On Friday, my Mother-in-Law and our niece, Charlotte, flew in from Virginia.  We grabbed lunch, took Charlotte shopping for her upcoming birthday, and then we headed out to take our maternity pictures.  Since I have zero patience… here is a nursery sneak peek with some of my favorite maternity pictures!

IMG_7410 IMG_7407

On Saturday, we headed over to my mom’s house because she threw us a baby shower!  It was so much fun to see everyone, and to celebrate Aubrey!  I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of love I felt from everyone there as we all shared in the excitement as we anticipate her arrival!  We received so many generous gifts, we honestly could not be more thankful for each and every one! Can we also take a look at the decorations and the food?!  Apparently my mom and sister are pros at baby showers that look like they took them right off Pinterest!

IMG_7329 IMG_7350


IMG_7321 IMG_7316


Also fail for me… I had my mom and my mother in law in the same place with me at once and failed to get a picture with them both at the same time!! These photo opportunities are not easy to come by when your Mother-in-Law lives 11 hours away! So mom and mom, keep this is mind for when Aubrey is born!! I want a picture with the three of us (we can even have Aubrey in it!!)

After the shower on Saturday, we had my dad and another couple take my mom out to dinner for her 50th birthday!! Little did she know, while they were out, we were transforming the house yet again for a surprise party!  Again, I failed at pictures.  I wanted a picture with my family, and a picture with Paul’s family, and I got neither.  Too much excitement I guess.


IMG_7340 IMG_7336

Sunday, we finally relaxed a bit!  We headed over to Nana’s house in New Smyrna, and afterwards we headed to the beach.  It was a gorgeous day out, and it was so fun to just relax and spend time with family.  After the beach, we headed to dinner.  Paul’s parents and Charlotte, were not in town long enough, but fortunately it won’t be long before they’re here again… this time to meet their newest granddaughter!! 🙂

IMG_7354 IMG_7357

So that was it.  One amazing, eventful, exhausting weekend with the ones we love that wasn’t quite long enough!!

The Perfect Getaway

At the end of March, Paul and I headed to Destin, FL for a baby moon.  It’s not a necessity while you’re pregnant, but it was so incredibly worth it!  We were a little bummed because the forecast was predicted to be a little bit chilly, but man the weather was BEAUTIFUL during the day!  At night, you needed to be bundled up for sure!!

We got to Destin, and immediately just took in the view from our hotel room.  Destin is one of our favorite places, and it just made me happy looking off our balcony to this!


Friday night, we got there around 6, so we changed and headed to dinner.  We ate at ACME and it was delicious!  Then we spent the evening walking around Baytown.  The whole time, we just kept talking about how awesome it will be when Aubrey gets older and we take trips to Destin, and she can play at all the fun little places they have for kids.

On Saturday, we headed to breakfast at “The Donut Hole”.  If you’ve never been, you need to go.  Right now!  Take me with you!  Everything is homemade, but the donuts are just melt in your mouth amazing.  I want to go back… it’s just a 7 hour drive for a donut!  Totally realistic!

Then we headed to the outlets, and did some damage in an about an hour.  So we left!  It was fun though!  We got great deals at the Nike Outlet, and then updated Paul’s Sperry’s to a nicer pair.  His were looking pretty pathetic.  Afterwards, we headed to the beach, and it ended up being a gorgeous day!  The weather said it was about 60 degrees, but in the sun it felt like 70.  It was beautiful, and we even got some drinks on the beach… Virgin Strawberry Daquiri for me.  I can pretend 🙂


I was daring enough to sun the bump this weekend too…


Saturday night, we headed to play put put golf, and we were pretty competitive.  I was winning, until Paul pulled ahead!  He ended up beating me by 7, but we both came in under par.  Quite the accomplishment for a put put golf course!

IMG_7074 IMG_7072

After golf, we found a little local restaurant where we ate, and when we headed back to the hotel, Paul wanted to fish.  So we headed to the beach, and it was FREEZING!  I was shivering so bad, it was making my back hurt! So after about 10 minutes, I decided I was going back to the room.  Well as soon as I told him, he caught a fish!  He started reeling it in, and he could not have been more excited.  One of my favorite parts about Paul is his excitement.  When something makes him happy, you know it! He gets this HUGE smile, and he gets giddy like a little kid at Christmas.  Then he continues to talk about whatever it was that excited him for a day or two with such animation.  It’s adorable.  So imagine his excitement when he caught this sucker…


Our weekend could not have been better.  It was one of those weekends that just reminds you of all the things that made you fall in love in the first place.   It was a perfect getaway from our busy life lately, and a perfect last weekend away before we are a family of 3!

The First Sunburn of the Year

I’ve lived in Florida for about 21 years.  You would think with that much experience I would be an expert at applying sunscreen… except you’d be wrong.  I do ALWAYS apply sunscreen, but it is always that first beach trip of the year that gets me.  It’s like I need a reminder on just how dang powerful the sun is… even when it is 75, foggy, and slightly chilly.


This past weekend at the beach, it was absolutely beautiful.  We got there and got set up and I noticed Paul had his shirt off.  I immediately walked up to him to tell him to put on sunscreen (in my defense, he usually doesn’t do it until he’s forced), and to my surprise he had already applied it and asked me to get his back.  So I did.  So we all settled in and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  Then randomly, out of absolutely nowhere, fog settled in.  In all my years of living in Florida, I’ve never seen fog settle in in the middle of  a beautiful sunny day.  It remained foggy for an hour or so and then lifted again.  It was crazy to see, but with the fog and the breeze it actually got pretty chilly.   I noticed while we were sitting and chatting that the tops of my knees and feet were burning.  Paul also had a strip along his back that looked like it was burning,  so I reapplied sunscreen about 4 times to those areas, but the damage was done.

By the time we got home and showered, we realized we both had really great splotchy sunburns, and we failed miserably.  My feet actually swelled they were so burnt, and walking physically hurt.  Putting shoes on is a joke – I’m not leaving the house.


On Sunday, Paul and I wanted to finish the dresser for Aubrey’s nursery, so we were in and out of the garage, which left our feet absolutely disgusting because neither of us would put shoes on our burnt feet.  Then I showered and cleaned up my feet, and went back into the garage.  Genius move.  So my wonderful husband cleaned my feet.  Isn’t he the sweetest? 🙂


We were quite the pathetic mess on Sunday. between Paul’s back and my feet, we were a sight to see.  I’ve also officially decided that the spray on sunscreen is only to be used, after you’ve applied lotion.  New methods, better protection.  One day I’ll figure it out.


Finally Friday [3.20.15]

It’s finally FRIDAY! I’m doing a happy dance over here! I’m also letting some of my random thoughts spill onto my blog today.

1.  I was up until about 2 am and woke up at about 5:45am.  Insomnia is getting the best of me, but it won’t keep me down!  I’ve got big plans for this weekend!  Which brings us to numbers 2 an 3! 🙂

2. My best friend from Tallahassee is in Orlando for the weekend to celebrate her 2 year wedding anniversary with her husband.  So tonight we are meeting them for dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  She is the only person who will eat their avocado egg rolls with me.  I haven’t decided if I will get a real meal tonight or just eat the egg rolls and cheesecake…  Avocados are healthy.  If I get original cheesecake with strawberries, then the strawberries are healthy… I’m just saying that may or may not happen tonight.

3. I’ve been ITCHING to be in the sun!  The weather is so incredibly gorgeous!  Sunny and 75, and working indoors all week is cramping my style.  The walks we’ve been taking at night with the dogs aren’t enough, so I begged Paul to take this [huge] pregnant girl to the beach (PS If you know my husband, convincing him to go to the beach is not hard).  Well then our friends invited us to the beach with them tomorrow, and excited doesn’t cover it!  Except for the whole bathing suit part… which brings us to 4.

4.  I went bathing suit shopping last night.  It was rough.  However, I’m not feeling any of the maternity suits, so we’re gonna flaunt this big ol’ belly with the most precious little girl in it, and we don’t really care who sees.  But the ONLY bathing suit that covered my girls, is not very cute.  It’s not a pattern I would normally choose, and I’m going with solid black bottoms, BUT the sun is calling my name and that is all that matters!  Target to the rescue again. Disclaimer: The image below is NOT what this bathing suit looks like when you’re 7 months pregnant.


5.  I may or may not have ordered the most adorable cloth diaper for Aubrey.  It took everything in me not to also order it in a swim diaper of every size so she wouldn’t grow out of it for a while.  Self control.  Working on self control!  So seriously, Charlie Banana, I love you for your ADORABLE patterns.  I cannot wait for Aubrey to be here so she can wear this.  I can almost guarantee I will have her running around in just diapers frequently, just because her diapers will be so cute.  So this Peony Blossom pattern had my heart melting, but even this picture doesn’t do it justice.  I stumbled across the pattern on their Instagram, and let’s just say there was no going back!


6. We’re planning on finishing our dresser redo this weekend as well.  I am so excited to get it done, and moved into the nursery so things will start to feel like they are getting put together!

7.  I’ve been thinking about Lucky Charms for a good week now.  I think I mentioned them to Paul while we were in bed last night about 3-4 times.  If it wasn’t after 11, I would have gone to get some.  So I contemplated going this morning.  I ALMOST went to Publix at 7am… I mean I was up anyways.  Oh the strange things you crave when you’re pregnant.

Happy Friday!!!

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was busy, but so fun!  I finally switched around my work schedule for my second job so I have Friday nights off and I can fully enjoy my weekends.  The last few weekends have been consumed by yard work, and though they’ve felt so productive when the day is done, we needed to relax this weekend.

Friday night we went to a Mexican restaurant with some friends and just relaxed and had a great time.  I enjoyed some rare margaritas, or maybe I should say margarita.  When I ordered the 2 for 1 I wanted the smallest size, and Paul encouraged the medium (I never drink and cut loose, and he likes when I do).  So I went for the size up, and after the first drink I was feeling it.  While I was drinking the second margarita I could definitely tell that it was watered down, but I was assuming the ice was melting and I wasn’t drinking it fast enough.  Come to find out the next day, Paul was a little worried I would end up a little too drunk, so while I wasn’t looking he drank my drink and filled it will water.  Apparently, I had enough to drink that I really didn’t think much of it until he told me the next day.  He just didn’t want me to have a headache the next morning…so thoughtful of him after encouraging the larger drink! Honey has jokes.

Saturday was a little early birthday celebration for me.  I turn the big 2-5 tomorrow, but we started celebrating early.  Paul told me earlier in the week to keep my Saturday open, and he ended up taking me to the mall to spend the day shopping to buy whatever I wanted.  So sweet and thoughtful, and we had fun spending the day together.  Then he told me we had reservations for dinner that night, and I got all excited and curious about where we were headed!  We went to a local restaurant called Kool Beanz Cafe.  It’s an eclectic little place and their menu is always changing.  Well when we walked in, I hear “SURPRISE” and I turn to see a group of my friends waiting for me!  We had a great night and my friends are so awesome at making events special!  Paul and I apparently really liked planning surprises for each other this year 🙂

Sunday we went to church and after I finished worked in the nursery we headed out to the beach to meet Paul’s friend Griffin out at his parents beach house.  It ended up raining most of the day, but it was really relaxing just to hang out on the deck with a great view of the marshes and the gulf right in front of us.  Griffin’s family is so sweet and they are so much fun to hang out with.

So to make up  for our last couple of busy weekends, we spent this weekend catching up on the relaxation part which was definitely needed.  We will be headed out of town for the next two weekends so a nice relaxing weekend was just the ticket!  Paul and I are truly blessed to be surrounded by such great people, and a weekend like this one just helps see that so clearly.



Wynsma Vacay 2014

Last weekend we drove out to Destin to meet my side of the family for a long weekend at the beach.  My poor mom spent MONTHS (really not exaggerating) trying to find a weekend that worked for everyone.  She finally succeeded and it resulted in a great weekend!

Our last family vacation was the summer of 2007…


My sister is no longer blonde, my baby brother is not my “little” brother anymore, there are now two adorable munchkins running around along with two extra husbands and a girlfriend! Needless to say a family vacation was overdue! ImageMelissa and I noticed we don’t take pictures together anymore… we only take pictures of her kids.  So here is our (only) photo op from the weekend!


 Reese was so content just hanging out!  Kennedy loved the waves, the pool, the helicopters, the fish, you name it she loved it! (please note the tail on her towel in the picture below… it cracks me up everytime!)




 Paul caught quite a few of these Ladyfish, and I’m pretty sure it made his day (his last few fishing trips have been unsuccessful).


Paul and Travis went out fishing the last night from shore, and I tagged along.  I was about to leave to go back to the condo when I heard Travis scream that he had something.  He then spent about 20 minutes reeling in a stingray, and I’m so glad I ran back to get a picture of it!  I really loved that my brother and husband had some time to hang out.  I feel like they haven’t really had a chance to get to know each other and create a relationship so I was glad they spent time together.


The weekend consisted of laying at the pool, the beach, or in the condo.  We didn’t do much of anything but we were all together and it was absolutely perfect.  We all decided it needs to be something we do annually even if it is just for a long weekend.  So let the planning of next year begin!

**We did take group pictures of all of us together, but they are on Melissa’s and David’s camera – these will have to do:)**