Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was busy, but so fun!  I finally switched around my work schedule for my second job so I have Friday nights off and I can fully enjoy my weekends.  The last few weekends have been consumed by yard work, and though they’ve felt so productive when the day is done, we needed to relax this weekend.

Friday night we went to a Mexican restaurant with some friends and just relaxed and had a great time.  I enjoyed some rare margaritas, or maybe I should say margarita.  When I ordered the 2 for 1 I wanted the smallest size, and Paul encouraged the medium (I never drink and cut loose, and he likes when I do).  So I went for the size up, and after the first drink I was feeling it.  While I was drinking the second margarita I could definitely tell that it was watered down, but I was assuming the ice was melting and I wasn’t drinking it fast enough.  Come to find out the next day, Paul was a little worried I would end up a little too drunk, so while I wasn’t looking he drank my drink and filled it will water.  Apparently, I had enough to drink that I really didn’t think much of it until he told me the next day.  He just didn’t want me to have a headache the next morning…so thoughtful of him after encouraging the larger drink! Honey has jokes.

Saturday was a little early birthday celebration for me.  I turn the big 2-5 tomorrow, but we started celebrating early.  Paul told me earlier in the week to keep my Saturday open, and he ended up taking me to the mall to spend the day shopping to buy whatever I wanted.  So sweet and thoughtful, and we had fun spending the day together.  Then he told me we had reservations for dinner that night, and I got all excited and curious about where we were headed!  We went to a local restaurant called Kool Beanz Cafe.  It’s an eclectic little place and their menu is always changing.  Well when we walked in, I hear “SURPRISE” and I turn to see a group of my friends waiting for me!  We had a great night and my friends are so awesome at making events special!  Paul and I apparently really liked planning surprises for each other this year 🙂

Sunday we went to church and after I finished worked in the nursery we headed out to the beach to meet Paul’s friend Griffin out at his parents beach house.  It ended up raining most of the day, but it was really relaxing just to hang out on the deck with a great view of the marshes and the gulf right in front of us.  Griffin’s family is so sweet and they are so much fun to hang out with.

So to make up  for our last couple of busy weekends, we spent this weekend catching up on the relaxation part which was definitely needed.  We will be headed out of town for the next two weekends so a nice relaxing weekend was just the ticket!  Paul and I are truly blessed to be surrounded by such great people, and a weekend like this one just helps see that so clearly.




Based on the title of this blog post I have a feeling I may have an aunt or two that may think this is a pregnancy announcement… Spoiler alert! It’s not – not yet anyways 🙂

Yesterday was Paul’s birthday – and ironically, the first birthday of his that we have ever spent together! Apparently he likes to plan to be out of town for his birthday, and then I don’t get to do any fun stuff with him to celebrate! This year I was so excited to get to actually spend it with him!  When I asked him what he wanted to do I wasn’t  huge fan of his response… He wanted to have a cookout with friends at our house.  It doesn’t seem like there is anything wrong with that idea – it’s actually pretty great, but our house is not the house for entertaining.

We have no parking – Our street is really narrow and if you park in the road – the person across the street will probably hit your car when they try to back out of their driveway.   We have a couch and a kitchen table – seating for 7.  If people don’t mind getting up close and personal.  Our backyard is dirt, and our kitchen is tiny.  Really not the house that was built to entertain a bunch of friends.  So he created a new plan which was dinner out with his friends for his birthday and he proceeded to invite people.

Meanwhile, on Friday night we were out with our friends and the girls were asking me what we were doing.  I was explaining how he wanted to have a cookout, but our house isn’t made for that yada yada yada.  Our friend, Danielle, then volunteered her house for us to throw him a party (Bless her heart – how sweet is she!!).  Leave it to a group of girls to immediately start planning a party for 2 days later!

Plan of action:

  1. Figure out food (dividied up between 4 girls – easy peasy)
  2. Invite people (So easy thanks so social media and private event pages)
  3. Get Paul there without spilling the beans…

I told Paul that Danielle and her husband, Justin, were having a cookout for the Heat game (expecting him to be all in as usual) and his response was “Tell them maybe – I wanted to do something with you on Sunday for my brithday”… GREAT! That was not the response I expected.  So I kind of blew off what he wanted to do for his birthday plans and changed around the schedule he had in his head in hopes that it would work and he wouldn’t put up a fight – thankfully he didn’t!

Sunday night we got dressed and headed over to Danielle and Justin’s for the game and I told him it was all of my friends from work that would be there.  While we are driving there he was telling me all about how the guys were giving him crap for not hanging out and watching the game with them, while I stiffled laughs and smiles.  When we got to the house I had Paul go in front of me and when Justin opened the door everyone jumped out and yelled “SURPRISE!” (obviously).   Paul was definitely surprised – but he looked ANGRY! Come to find out that was Paul’s confused face.

The night was awesome and I really can’t thank our friends enough for all of their help and last minute efforts for pulling off the surprise and making his birthday special.  Not to mention we finally got to spend it together!  I definitely won wife points that night, but then I lost them for taking basically zero pictures.  Wife fail.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)


28 Never Looked So Good

My handsome husband is 28!  Which according to him means he has already reached his “prime” and is on the downward spiral… at 28!  (It’s okay to think he’s crazy – I may have told him myself.)  So today I would like to tell you why you are so far from your prime My Love.

Lo and Paul (12 of 29)

  1. You work so insanely hard, and I am so incredibly proud of you.  You are just getting settled into a career, and I know you are far from reaching your potential.  This means that you still have not reached your prime.
  2. We have had 1 real vacation together which was our honeymoon.  We have way too many places on our bucket list that need to be crossed off before you can reach your prime.
  3. You have the most amazing heart and one day you will make the perfect father to our children. I can only imagine how in love with you our kids will be. You cannot reach your prime until after we have children!
  4. We just got married (almost) 1 year ago – I think we make each other better and our story just got started! So you obviously have NOT reached your prime!

This list is short, sweet and to the point, but this is by no means the end of it.  Everyday I have more reasons why I love you.  Everyday my appreciation for you grows.  We have so many ideas and so many things we have yet to do.  With each day that passes our dreams grow larger and closer.  We still have to have babies, and grandbabies,  go on vacations, buy new houses that will need loads more yard work, plenty of home renovations,  and so much more!  One day we will sit on our front porch when we are old and grey, reminiscing on our amazing life we built together, but until that time My Love, you have not reached your prime.  We have far too many adventures left ahead of us.

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Lo and Paul (4 of 29)