Happy 10 Months Aubrey Joy!

Each month I feel like I am literally seeing you grow right in front of my eyes.  I absolutely love it, and then I break down and cry about it because you’re my baby and I think I tell you everyday you’re almost 1 and I just can’t handle that! (How’s that for a run on sentence?! Don’t read my blog for grammar… I suck at it)


  • Dancing to music
  • Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth
  • Playing in water
  • Walker
  • Food


  • When mom or dad walk away
  • Car rides exceeding 30 minutes or around bed time

You’re wearing 12-18 month clothes right now… leaves me a little curious as to what size you’ll be wearing when you’re actually 12 – 18 months.

The teeth count is holding steady at 6, but I am pretty sure tooth number 7 will be coming in pretty soon.

You LOVE music!  As soon as you hear it you start bouncing and dancing.  It doesn’t matter how many times we see it, it brings huge smiles to our faces.  My favorite is when you’re mid crawl and you hear music… you dance by wiggling your whole body.  Just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

You’re solid as a rock when you’re standing and you take 1 step, but we are working on taking multiple steps.  I’m pretty sure you will tie your daddy and be walking when you’re 10 months.  You’ve mastered your walker.  Before you got angry when you used it, because you only knew how to go backwards and it was not the direction you wanted.  Now you’ve got it mastered, and you fly around the house.  You can follow us anywhere we go and you think it is the greatest thing.


You officially cry when Mom/Dad walk away.  Even if you’re with one of us.  If I’m holding you and Dad walks out of sight you cry for him, and vice versa.  You just love us so much ūüôā

You are an excellent napper, but we are still working on that night time sleep.  You’re typically up 1 – 2 times a night, but more often than not you’re up twice.  If I bring you into our bed, you think it’s time for a dance party, and then none of us get any sleep.  Sometimes I can’t do it and out of sheer laziness, I ask Daddy to just bring you into our bed so I can nurse you back to sleep while I sleep.  Selective co-sleeping.

You are babbling up a storm and working on talking.  You are saying “Da-Da” and “na-na” and other random consonant noises… still working on “ma-ma”.

We celebrated our first Easter together, and you were just as cute as could be.  I am a sucker for little girl dresses… they make up a good chunk of your wardrobe.  Good thing we go to church every week to give you a chance to wear them.  (I’ve officially cut myself off from buying anymore… unless they are size 2T and up.  Good thing I plan ahead).


 You LOVE LOVE LOVE the water!  You went in our pool for the first time, and you had the biggest smile, despite the fact that the water was still a little chilly.  We also crashed a Disney hotel to hang out with your cousin, and you loved the little kid pool.  You stuck your face in the water a couple times, and now it is a nightly occurrence during bath time.

You love food, and you crack us up while you eat.  Our meal times often turn into a happy screaming war.  You scream/squeal to hear your voice, and then I copy you.  You laugh and tilt your head sideways, and then the process begins again.  Your favorite things to eat are oranges and grapes, but you pretty much eat any meal we make.

 Those newborn snuggles passed way too quickly.  You don’t snuggle but for a millisecond.  We joke every time you lay your head on our shoulders to enjoy it, because it is the most fleeting snuggle sesh ever.  The only time I get to snuggle you for real is when I put you to sleep.

You are just the sweetest thing.  Watching you grow up is so bittersweet.  As much as I love seeing you master new skills and your personality continue to come out, I am so sad it’s going to quickly!  We love you more than you can ever possibly imagine Aubrey!

Happy 10 Months Aubrey Joy!




Happy 9 Months Aubrey Joy!

You’re 9 months old!  Sometimes I look at you and I can’t believe how big you’re getting.  I swear we just brought you home from the hospital a month ago, and now you’re growing and you have this amazing little personality that makes us laugh.


  • Standing
  • Playing with the dog crate (of all the toys we have, and you like the dog crate)
  • Your elephant toy
  • Oranges


  • Being restricted (which means you love being in the car)
  • When you can’t see mom or dad

Today at the doctor you were 21.8 lbs (93rd percentile) and 28.25 inches (75th percentile).  You’re clothes are all sorts of sizes now depending on the brand.  You’ve grown out of most of your 9 month clothes. You wearing mainly 12 month clothes.  Old Navy was having a baby sale (Old Navy is basically my favorite place to shop for you) so I bought you clothes in bigger sizes for you to grow into.  One of those sizes being 12 – 18 months… and they already fit you.  So much for growing into them!

You have 6 teeth and they make you look so grown up.  You officially don’t let us brush your teeth, because as soon as we try to brush them you grab the toothbrush and bite down to knaw on it… makes cleaning teeth pretty difficult.


You LOVE to eat!  You eat just about anything we put in front of you, but we know when you’re over it because you throw it straight on the floor.  You don’t want it in front of you.  You’re favorites are oranges, bananas and blueberries.  I’m pretty sure you would eat an orange at every meal if we gave them to you.  You’ve moved on from roasted veggies and fruits, to eating pretty much whatever we are eating (as long as it is healthy).  Baby Led Weaning (BLW) for the win!  I did cut dairy out of your diet though to see if it helps with your eczema.  It’s better, but we’re still battling it.


You’re throwing us for a loop again at bedtime.  This entire month has been all over the place.  Some nights you go down easy as can be.  There was a two week (or longer) stretch where you would be sound asleep when I laid you down, and you would immediately wake up and cry.  So then Daddy and I would take turns rubbing your back while you laid down, and you would just stare at us or your mobile or look like you were asleep.  The second we took our hands off of your back you lost it.  It was a REALLY long bedtime process.  I think 2.5 hours was the longest… the upside to the really long bedtimes was that you slept through the night like 5 times!! WOOHOO! It’s not consistent, and you haven’t done it in a few days, but they were great when they happened.  Even if they left me waking up in the middle of the night panicking.  I think one night I actually asked Paul if you were alive. This week you’ve now started waking up a lot (especially in the beginning of the night) I’m going to blame it on the 8-10 month sleep regression.. but I can’t be sure. 

You do not stop moving.  Grandma says you’re head is on a swivel, because you have to look at everything and you can’t sit still.  You’re crawling everywhere, and all you want to do is stand up.  I’ve barricaded you in the living room a few times this month (I was sick and Dad was out of town), and you figured out an escape each time.  You figured out you can crawl through your exersaucer so that didn’t work.  Then you figured out how to climb over the car seat box I was using to block you in.  So needless to say, to keep you in one area, you go in the pack-n-play… you aren’t a fan.  You started pulling yourself up and letting go to test out your balance.  You actually seem pretty steady, and I honestly don’t think walking is too far off.


Ignore the mismatched doors and focus on the standing baby! The doors are on the to do list!

You absolutely love the toy elephant your Aunt Jen gave you for Christmas.  You push the button and bounce with excitement.  As soon as it ends, you press it again.  


You love to play with the dog crate, much to my dismay.  You’ve already figured out how to open it. I thought it was a fluke but you open it everytime I lock it.


We upgraded your car seat (at least in Dad’s car… the other one is still in a box in the garage.  We’ll get to it before you hit the weight limit on your infant seat) and it makes you seem so grown up not seeing you in an infant seat.  We really hoped this meant you would like the car, but we were wrong.  Car rides with you depend on how tired you are and how willing you are to just fall asleep in the seat.  Sometimes you are happy as could be an just pass right out, other times you’re exhausted and just scream.   Needless to say, I’m a little anxious/terrified for our trip to Destin this weekend. (Feel free to pray for us!) 


You’re laughing SO MUCH MORE!  It makes me so incredibly happy!  You are such a serious baby, but  You give the biggest smiles.  Trying to get you to laugh is so hard!  Lately, you laugh so much more easily and I think there are very few things in life that will ever give me as much joy as hearing that belly laugh.  You learned how to wave and give high fives this month.  Sometimes it takes you a while to decide to do them, but you’ve got them figured out! 


You’re babbling up a storm, and you’ve got your dad convinced that “Da-Da” is your first word.  I think first words don’t count until you actually make the connection that he is Dad and you’re not just making consonant noises (Sorry honey!)… I also may just be holding out that you say “Mom” first. ūüôā

I know you’re only 9 months old today, but soon you’re going to be 1.  I think about it every day, and as excited as I am to see you grow up, I wish I could figure out how to slow down time.  You hear it all the time while you’re pregnant and even now, “Enjoy it – they grow up quick”, but I can’t believe how incredibly true it is.

Happy 9 Months Aubrey Joy!  We love you more than you know!

Happy 6 Months Aubrey Joy!

So I’m about a week late, but better late than never right?? This month flew by in a whirlwind!


  • Teethers
  • Baby Einsteins Music Toy
  • Watching Mommy cook
  • Rolling all around the floor
  • Playing with food
  • Bathtime
  • Going for walks
  • Chewing on a shoelace (I’ll explain…)


  • The “Witching Hour” starting at about 6:15pm
  • Bedtime
  • Having her nose wiped

You are the cutest little chunk I have ever seen! ¬†You weighed in at 18 lbs and 9.5 oz and 26 1/4 inches. ¬†You are in the 90th percentile for weight, and the 75th percentile for height. ¬†You’re rapidly outgrowing all of your 6 month clothes, and you’re wearing 6-9 month clothes in almost everything. ¬†You’re in 12 month pants, but I blame the cloth diapers.

You just LOVE rolling around the floor with your activity mat and exploring all of your toys. ¬†You’re figuring out you can move, and you love it. ¬†Of all the toys we’ve given you, you love a shoelace (it’s clean!). ¬†I used it one day to tie your baby einstein toy to your high chair because you kept dropping it. ¬†When I put you on your activity mat, you grabbed the shoelace and brought it with you. ¬†Now you play with it and chew it all the time. ¬†You also love to play with tags you find.

The dogs absolutely mesmerize you, and you so desperately want to play with them. ¬†Brody doesn’t really want anything to do with you, but Daisy has more patience. ¬†She will lay and let you yank pet her. ¬†We have to sit with you and protect them from your strong grip. ¬†When Laila comes back for Christmas, I think you’re going to be blown away by her.

We are on a solid 3 nap schedule, and you go down so easily. ¬†You love the mobile in your crib, and we know you’re awake when we start hearing classical music playing. ¬†You wake up and start to play, and you learned to turn your mobile on by yourself.

Aubrey is officially sleeping in her crib! ¬†We REALLY struggled with bedtime for about 2 weeks. ¬†I would put her down to sleep and she would wake up withing 15 minutes, and LOSE it. ¬†She would scream so loud and so long until she threw up. ¬†There was nothing we could do to console her. No amount of walking, rocking, singing, or nursing helped. Once we got you to sleep, you were fine, we just had to get over the screaming bit. ¬†It lasted about 2 weeks, and I DREADED bedtime. ¬†All of the sudden, it stopped. ¬†The last week or so that you were in your 5th month, you decided maybe bedtime wasn’t all that bad. ¬†You still wake up 3 times a night (between 11-12, around 2am, and between 4-5am). ¬†This makes for 1 tired Momma. ¬† When your dad goes in at night, you lose it. ¬†He doesn’t have what you’re looking for. ¬†We also started putting you in a Zip-a-dee Zip when you go to sleep, and I’m pretty sure it’s magical. ¬†If you weren’t swaddled, you wouldn’t go down in your crib, but you were getting close to rolling over while swaddled and it was time to say goodbye. ¬†When we started using the Zip-a-dee Zip we discovered you’re a stomach/side sleeper (like your mommy :)).

¬†You got your first teeth this month! ¬†You have your two bottom teeth, and they came in 1 right after the other. ¬†Teething didn’t seem to affect you too much other than wanting to gnaw on EVERYTHING. ¬†There was a weekend I thought it was really bothering you, but I think you were actually sick (I blamed the symptoms on teething). ¬†Seeing your little teeth when you smile makes you look so big! Now that you have teeth we added a step to our bedtime routine!

Church falls during your nap time, and so you usually get kicked out of the nursery every week for being a sleepy monster. ¬†You get so stimulated while we are there, you refuse to take a nap. ¬†One day I’ll be able to sit through a church service again.

We started Baby Led Weaning (BLW) a week or so before you turned 6 months. ¬†You really don’t eat much right now, but you are LOVING getting to play with the food and taste everything. ¬†You freaked your dad out a couple times by gagging yourself (there is a difference in gagging and choking), but you’re getting the hang of it. ¬†You’ve tried sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, avocado and banana. ¬†So far you’re a fan of food, and the dogs are a fan of you dumping everything onto the floor for them to eat.

Bath time remains one of my favorite times.  You love being in the water, and sucking on your toes or the wash rag.  You are so much more aware and you try to steal the cup out of our hands when we are trying to rinse the soap off.

You love reading books, but it is getting more difficult to read them to you.  The whole time you try and grab the book and eat it.

You are sitting up for a few minutes with your hands in front of you, but you still end up toppling.

You’re so happy, but it’s very difficult to get belly laughs out of you. ¬†We do everything we can to hear that little chuckle, and it is like music to our ears when we get you to laugh.

We always heard people say, “Enjoy it! They grow so fast!”, but I don’t think you really realize that until you’re going through it watching your baby learn, reach milestones, and grow! ¬†I feel like we were just in the hospital, meeting you for the very first time, and now you’ve been in our lives for 6 months! ¬†We love you so much sweet girl, and we are so excited to continue watching you grow.

Happy 6 months Aubrey Joy!