Baby M – 24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Bump Analysis? Paul is in the arctic tundra of Milwaukee this week, so selfie it is! I’ve officially reached the point where strangers are sure I’m pregnant, and feel it is safe to ask me questions.  I’ve had two of those in the last week… luckily no strangers have tried to touch my belly, because I will be swatting their hands away… personal space people.

Month/Trimester? 6 months [22 weeks – 27 weeks] / 2nd Trimester!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a cantaloupe! 10.5 -11.8 inches long and 12.7 – 20.8 ounces!

Development? Her skin is becoming more opaque, and less see through.  She also has a little pink glow due to the small capillaries that have recently formed.

Movement? I’m definitely seeing her sweet dance moves from the outside of my belly.  It looks so crazy, and I can watch it for hours.  I am also starting to feel body parts.  I’ve felt what I believe is her butt or her head… I just can’t decipher which one it is yet!  She is becoming more active, and I tend to feel her the most right when I wake up, around 3-4pm, and right when I lay down to go to bed at night. 🙂 For a while I was pretty positive she was nocturnal, because I NEVER felt her during the day.

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? Next week we go back to the specialist.  They will be double checking her heart and performing another echo.  If all looks good, we won’t have to go back again.  Praying for a healthy little girl!

Weight Gain? Well this week I jumped up 3 lbs for a total of 14 lbs.  Then I cried and decided to fight my cravings… Kidding.  I didn’t cry.  I know the weight gain is for a good reason, but it is still hard to adjust to seeing those numbers continually going up on the scale.  I did however go grocery shopping, and buy all things for clean eating… except that one pack of Oreos.  Moderation right?


  • Back pain
  • Acne
  • My belly button is losing the battle, and halfway to an outie.
  • Excessive pee breaks
  • Faint line (Linea Nigra) forming below my belly button – not cute.
  • Losing hair at my hair line – so much for luxurious pregnancy hair.
  • Tailbone Pain

Cravings? I’ve struggled to drink water this whole pregnancy, during the last week I just want big huge glasses of ice water.  This is a craving I’ll take happily, but now it means even more bathroom breaks than I was taking before!  I’m still just craving lots of sweets…and now I’m trying to ignore them, and find healthy alternatives… Like these healthy cookies made with bananas and oats!  Wish me luck!


Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? Just waking up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom.  Other than that, I can’t complain.  I love my snoogle pillow!

Maternity Clothes? I busted out maternity jeans this week… why did I wait so long to do this!? They are heavenly!

Exercise? I made it to the gym 3 times this week.  My cardio consisted of the bike, stair climber, and attempts at the treadmill and elliptical.  I did some weight training as well, because weights make me feel productive.  My goal this week is 4-5 times now that I have less going on.

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? There are two areas I’m keeping an eye on, I’m not sure if they are stretchmarks or not yet.  After my shower I use Burt’s Bees Mama Baby Belly Butter, and before I go to bed at night I use BioOil.

Labor Signs? I am pretty positive I’ve felt Braxton Hicks a few times this week.  I wasn’t sure until I felt them last night on the elliptical and texted my doctor.. AKA my sister.

What I miss? Having my husband home for an entire week.  Thank goodness this week should be the end of his crazy travel schedule for a while!  I’m kind of over it.

Looking forward to? Seeing our little girl on the ultrasound next week!! This is probably the last time we will get to see her before she’s born so I’m going to soak up every minute!


Baby M – 20 Weeks (HALFWAY THERE!!)

20 weeks

Bump Analysis? Pregnant and awkward smile – I don’t like taking pictures by myself!  Also, if this is only halfway there…I can’t imagine me at 40 weeks!

Month/Trimester? 5 months / 2nd Trimester! — Today is the halfway point of the pregnancy!! WOOHOO!!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a banana! 6.5 inches long and 10.2 ounces!

Development? Junebug now has working taste buds… so I should probably really start watching how many sweets I’m eating so she will like healthy food 🙂  She is also drinking several ounces of amniotic fluid a day, which is significantly higher than before.

Movement? I’m feeling lots of flutters and random kicks.  I can’t wait for it to be something I feel more consistently so hopefully Paul can catch it one time!! Right now it’s so sporadic he hasn’t felt anything.

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? Today we had our 20 week anatomy scan at the specialist.  They confirmed she was in fact a girl, and they did an echo on her heart.  They believe everything looks okay, but of course when the doctor tried to look, Aubrey wouldn’t cooperate.  They want us to go back in 5 weeks, and then hopefully they won’t need to see us again.

No pictures please!
No pictures please!

Weight Gain? 7 lbs…

Symptoms?  Lots of happy tears over here… all. the. time!

Cravings? Shrimp, hot dogs, pasta, and Dr. Pepper (shh don’t tell my doctor about the hotdogs or Dr. Pepper…)  Aside from the pasta – I rarely ate shrimp, and never ate hot dogs or drank pop (or soda whatever you want to call it), so all of these cravings are just weird to me.

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? Pretty sure I wake up 1,000 times a night…

Maternity Clothes? Still just a few maternity shirts, but my pants are becoming pretty uncomfortable…

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? Don’t say that word around here…

Labor Signs? Praying not to have these anytime soon!

What I miss? I’m too excited to miss anything right now 🙂

Looking forward to? Paul and I started working on the nursery, and put the crib together this past weekend!  I am so looking forward to seeing it all come together!!! Right now I keep walking in her room and envisioning it all put together, with her in it!! Then I go open her closet, because I’m basically obsessed with her clothes (my daughter has a better wardrobe then I do already and she only has a few outfits!) Seeing baby things coming into our house is helping make it feel more real… this is actually happening!  And then I cry happy tears… because those are common here these days!

Pregnancy Update – 14 weeks

This picture was actually taken last week since my photographer (aka Paul) is out of town.

Bump Analysis?  In hindsight, this is a bad picture to use, because the scarf blocks any bump that there is.  I just look like I’m putting on some weight in my stomach area… waiting for the day I actually look pregnant.

Trimester? Hey there 2nd Trimester!! Woohoo!!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a lemon!  3.4 inches long and 1.5 oz!

Development? This week the kidneys, liver, and spleen start doing their jobs.  The baby is also growing peach fuzz like hair all over their body to keep them warm!

Testing?  We declined testing for Cystic Fibrosis, but apparently the labs were run anyways with the rest of my blood work.  The test came back negative which is good news, but now I get to battle the insurance company/lab on the nice bill we received in the mail. We went back and forth on the Nuchal Translucency (NT) exams (tests for down syndrome, other chromosomal abnormalities, and major heart defects).  I thought it would be a good idea to help prepare us if something was wrong, we would be able to research and look into specialists, etc, but it ultimately would not have changed our decision to continue the pregnancy.  After some discussions, we decided it was best for us to decline the testing, and to leave it in God’s hands… but when we got to the doctor last Thursday, that was apparently the only reason for our ultrasound.  We were so anxious to see our baby at this point, and did not want to wait until 20 weeks. So we did that test, and we are waiting on the results.  According to our Ultrasound Tech, everything looked good, they just needed to combine the measurements with more blood work.  It was totally worth it though, because it gave us these precious pictures of our little Junebug 🙂

  FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

Weight Gain? 1-2 lbs

Symptoms? Morning sickness is finally going away, meanwhile the dizziness and headaches are popping in more frequently.  I have areas of really dry skin on my face, and I’ve had to switch deodorants because I was having a reaction.  Pregnancy does weird things to your body…

Cravings?  Can I please have all the Frosted Flakes?  Seriously… all of them.

Aversions? Poultry, but strangely I am okay if it’s fried… go figure.  I can also eat it if I don’t see it prepared… I guess it’s the raw chicken that is really grossing me out.  I didn’t even have 1 piece of turkey on Thanksgiving.

What I miss?

  • Coffee – particularly Starbucks Latte’s.  Yes I know I can have a little bit of caffeine, but I’m really trying to avoid it as much as possible.  A little sip here and there doesn’t hurt though.
  • Publix Subs
  • I’m not a big drinker, but all I’ve wanted since the week we found out we were pregnant is a margarita…

Maternity Clothes?  I am currently still wearing all of my clothes… but I’m in the awkward stage where my clothes fit, but they definitely don’t fit right.  For example, shirts are tighter than they should be, and I leave a hairtie around the button on my jeans.  They fit when I first put them on, but after I eat my stomach pops out, and then it’s just more comfortable to undo that first button!