My Little Girl

At our wedding, I danced with my dad to “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw.  That song has always left me with a soft spot.  If you’ve never heard it, you can listen to it here. I thought it fit perfectly for my dad and I.  Specifically this verse:

Someday, some boy will come and ask me for your hand.
But I won’t say “yes” to him unless I know, he’s the half
that makes you whole, he has a poet’s soul, and the heart of a man’s man.
I know he’ll say that he’s in love.
But between you and me. He won’t be good enough!

I am not trying to say my Dad doesn’t love Paul, he does. He gave Paul his blessing which is a big deal if you know my dad.  He knew Paul was perfect for me, but I also know that if my dad had any doubts he would have easily told him “No”.  Without him saying so I think this is how he felt when he gave me away, and I think every dad feels that way before they give away their daughter.


So while I was working, I had music playing and this song came on.  I couldn’t help but smile thinking of memories of my dance with my daddy.


As I was listening to the lyrics it hit me, soon this song could define how Paul feels about our daughter.  I just started picturing this little girl running into his arms, because I just know she is going to be a daddy’s girl.  It makes me so excited when I imagine watching Paul play with our daughter.  This perfect little girl that we haven’t even met yet.  So this verse came on, and so did the waterworks… (which isn’t abnormal these days when I think about babies, or giving birth, or things we will get to do with her!)

When you were in trouble that crooked little smile could melt my heart of stone.
Now look at you, I’ve turned around and you’ve almost grown.
Sometimes you’re asleep I whisper “I Love You!” in the moonlight at your door.
As I walk away, I hear you say, “Daddy Love You More!”

I grew up with a dad who drove me nuts sometimes, but I never once doubted how much he loved me.  I knew he would be there for me in an instant.  He gave the best hugs, and he’s probably the reason why I love to cuddle so much.  He gave me advice (sometimes it wasn’t always asked for, but he did it anyways… and maybe I didn’t listen when I was young, but I remember it all today).  Every little girl deserves a daddy like I had, and there is no question in my mind that Paul will be that dad for Aubrey.  Just that thought alone, makes my heart swell with joy. I am so thankful for a dad who taught me what to look for in a man, and I am so thankful that God brought this man into my life at the perfect time.  I am so incredibly thankful, that Aubrey gets to grow up with not only an amazing Daddy, but an amazing Grandpa.


Unnecessary Sympathy

Ever since we found out we were having a little girl, we have been thrilled.  When I say “we”, I literally mean, Paul and I.  When we talked about our future we’ve always talked about kids, and both of us thought it would be great to have a little boy first, so he could grow up to protect his little sister.  Knowing that we have absolutely no control over the gender of our baby, neither of us felt any disappointment when we found out we were having a little girl.  We were over the moon.  All we ever wanted was a healthy baby.  When we prayed about our baby, we never prayed, “Please give me a boy” or “Please give me a girl”, it was only ever “please let our baby grow strong and healthy”.

Whenever someone finds out we are pregnant, even strangers, they ask if we know what the sex is yet.  We let them know it’s a girl, and every single time, they look at Paul to sympathize and try to reassure him.  They make comments along the lines of, “Oh little girls can be so much fun too!” “You’re still going to love having a little girl”, “I bet you wanted a boy, but don’t worry, it’s fun raising a girl”.

I’ve always heard these comments, but I never brought them up to him, and I didn’t think he looked into it much.  Until we were in the car driving, and Paul said, “It bothers me that people always make comments, that make it seem like I’m disappointed to be having a little girl”.  Ouch.  I know it’s pretty common, for men to want to have boys.  They want to teach them to play sports, and be rough and tough.  A lot of men may not know how to relate to having a little girl, because they never were one, but to assume someone is disappointed to be having a little girl is pretty harsh.

From the moment we found out it was a little girl, Paul started making plans.  He talks about all the things he will teach Aubrey.  He can’t wait to take her fishing, and on bike rides.  Just because we’re having a girl, doesn’t mean she can’t learn how to fish, hunt, throw a ball, and do things boys do.  She is going to love getting to spend time with her daddy.  Sure, she may lose interest in some of those things as she grows up, but that doesn’t mean Paul can’t spend quality time with his daughter teaching her all sorts of things.

So no, we aren’t having a boy, but Paul doesn’t need any sympathy, because we are having a little girl, and he’s so excited about it.  I just have this feeling that she will be a daddy’s girl through and through.