Confessions of a New Mom

Life sure is different once you have a baby.  Now that our sweet girl is almost 3 months old (I know… time is FLYING), I feel like we have our new “normal” set for how our life is… at least for now.  I also realized some of the things that worried me before Aubrey was here, weren’t as big of a deal.  I also realized some of the things I seriously overlooked…

  • Showers.  It’s like an ongoing joke with mom’s about showering.  You always hear them say, “Hey at least I got a shower!”.  I really thought they were exaggerating.  They weren’t.  Now, I do get to shower everyday, but they are the fastest showers I’ve ever taken in my life.  I seriously value when I can take my time in the shower and actually shave my legs… which I’m sure my husband appreciates as well.
  • Don’t Google. I have never googled so many things in my entire life!  My husband actually made me stop.  Is she sleeping too long?  Is she eating too much?  Is she eating enough? Why is she so gassy?  Is this diaper rash or a yeast infection?  This much spit up can’t be normal… and so on.  I worked at a daycare.  I have nieces and nephews.  I am NO stranger to kiddos, but having one of your own is a whole new ball game.
  • How many times can you check on your baby while they’re sleeping? I know this isn’t just me, but I seriously freak myself out thinking while Aubrey sleeps.  I know she’s fine, I can see her on the video monitor, but I HAVE to go make sure she is still breathing.  The whole SIDS thing freaks me out, and Aubrey is in the prime age so I don’t think I’ll stop checking on her for a while.
  • Our baby won’t sleep in our bed!  Right?!  WRONG!  There was actually a two week stretch where Aubrey wouldn’t sleep anywhere BUT in our bed.  Co-sleeping makes night feedings SO much easier for breastfeeding mama’s!  Aubrey can eat, and I sleep through it.  More sleep for me.  More sleep for baby.  More sleep for hubs.  It’s a WIN all around right?!  Unless you’re terrified of rolling over her and you sleep in awkward positions like us. 
  • Breastfeeding in public. This never crossed my mind as as issue, because breastfeeding in my family is super normal.  I just assumed some people use formula, some people breastfeed.  No big deal, but apparently it is a big deal.  I cover myself, and I still get awkwardly stared at.  Get over it people.  Stop sexualizing breastfeeding, and realize this is what God actually created breasts for!  My baby is hungry.  You can hear her scream, or you can go about your day.
  • NO time for relaxing. This probably one of the BIGGEST things I overlooked.  I seriously don’t stop.  From the time I wake up, to the time I go to sleep.  Between work, Aubrey, cooking, cleaning, trying to get in some exercise to lose that baby weight, taking care of our dogs, there is NO time left for me.  The time I get to relax is when I feed Aubrey in bed, and I can read a book or watch 15 minutes of HGTV.  I totally understand the whole, “I don’t have time to workout” thing now! I have to squeeze every minute out of my day!
  • I never knew how much I would miss my husband.  THIS is the BIGGEST thing I overlooked.  We live together, we both work at home.  How can you miss him?  Yes I see him everyday.  We talk and laugh and it’s great, but I never knew how much adding a tiny little person to your family would change the dynamic of your marriage.  It’s just not the same, and I miss him!  Date nights are more sparse.   As in we have had 1 in the last 3 months.  We don’t lay in bed and talk anymore.  (Because I pass out the second my head hits the pillow.  There have been many nights that Aubrey and I both fall asleep while I’m nursing her, and Paul takes Aubrey and puts her in her bed, and wakes me up to make me lay down.  Bless him).  We went from being each other’s everything to having to share, and let’s be honest, sharing isn’t always easy.
  • Mama Bear.  People talk about it, but man is it true.  Aubrey is my baby.  Don’t tell me what you think I need/should do for her, because my way of doing something is different than your way.   Don’t get offended when I don’t take your advice.  Our opinions can differ, and we can still both be great moms to our babies.

The last few months have flown by, and there have been a lot of emotions involved as a new mom.  All the unsolicited advice from when I was pregnant I can now see playing out.  Some of it was so far off, and some of it was so spot on.

Baby M – 34 Weeks

Bump Analysis? Selfie!!! Paul is out of town! In the last week I’ve had MULTIPLE people who were surprised to hear I was due NEXT MONTH! (Let that sink in for a second…!)  They told me I looked great and didn’t look nearly big enough to be having a baby next month… I told them to keep talking since I feel about the size of a whale. 🙂 *Sidenote: some pregnant women freak out when you tell them they don’t look big enough, because then they start to worry about their baby’s development.  Fortunately, I’m not one of those women.  I can feel Aubrey kicking, and rolling around like an olympian in there… she’s doing just fine 🙂

Month/Trimester? 8 months [32 weeks – 35 weeks] / 3rd Trimester!

Fruit of the week? She’s the size of a butternut squash.  Weighing around 4.2 – 5.8lbs and she’s about 17.2- 18.7 in long!

Development? Aubrey can recognize and react to simple songs now.  These are songs and rhymes she may find soothing after birth.  She’s also going to the bathroom about a pint a day!

Movement? I’ve felt her have the hiccups before, but I think now that she is bigger they are very distinct and I know for sure she’s having hiccups.  She gets them a couple times a week, and it makes me giggle 🙂

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? Nothing at the moment!

Weight Gain? No weight gain this week… Holding steady at 26 lbs with 6 weeks to go!


  • Round Ligament pain is back – which can only mean I am definitely about to get bigger… which I don’t feel like is possible!
  • Anxiety/Shortness of Breath
  • Tingly/Numb leg sensations on my right leg
  • Dry Nose/Nose bleeds
  • Excessive pee breaks
  • Tailbone Pain
  • Heartburn – I eat TUMS like they’re candy…

Cravings?  Starbucks ice white mocha latte please!

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? So every other night, I wake up to go to the bathroom and then I’m awake for about 2 hours (give or take) before I can fall back asleep.  The next night, I’m so tired that I sleep through the night.  Then the cycle repeats itself… I think my body is subconsciously prepping me for Aubrey’s arrival, but you think it would at least let me sleep while I can since I’m about to be completely sleep deprived!

Maternity Clothes?  I want normal clothes…Even my yoga pants are starting to get tight around my waist.  I have to wear them a little lower than normal so they don’t have to stretch around my big ol’ belly! Yoga pants people! You know the amount of stretch those things have!!!

Exercise? Let’s just ignore how badly I’m failing at this… Don’t judge me. 

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? No change here… Still using Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and BioOil.

Preparations for Baby? Thanks to all of our sweet and generous family and friends we have just about EVERYTHING we need for Aubrey!  We had our baby shower this past weekend, and I’ve been going through and organizing everything and trying to figure out what’s left!  I am in the process of deciding what we still need, and using our registry completion coupon to get any other things we may need within the first few months.  

I washed all of her clothes for 0-3 months.  I haven’t washed any newborn clothes, because I have a feeling our little girl will not fit into newborn clothes.  Paul and I were both over 8lbs when we were born, so there is a good chance our daughter will be a little chunk when she’s born too!

I’ve been realizing how quickly this pregnancy seems to be going, but I think it just hit Paul this week.  Yesterday he goes, “Babe – I just realized it’s May!  Aubrey will be here next month!  And what if she comes early!?  She could be here in like 2 weeks!”  I kind of laughed at him, but I’m glad to know it’s finally registered and now we’re on the same page 🙂

Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks on occasion mixed with cramps that feel similar to period cramps… Not sure if that’s a labor sign or just a weird body thing.

What I miss?  This weekend was a whirlwind, and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time that I actually felt like I was over being pregnant.  We were really busy and running around, which probably would have left me tired anyways, but by Saturday night my entire body ached.  My back, my knees, my legs, my feet.  I just wanted to lay down and not MOVE!  I definitely miss how much more energy I had pre pregnancy.  This past weekend terrified me for the next 2 weekends to come where I have events for work… they may kick my butt, or send me into labor…

Looking forward to? Getting the nursery organized!  It’s decorated, but it’s not organized!  My father-in-law brought us the rocking chair this weekend, so once we refinish it and put it in the nursery I promise I’ll show you guys what it looks like!!! I’m OBSESSED with her nursery.  It’s by far my favorite room in the house 🙂