A Place to Call Home!!

As of today, Paul and I officially purchased a house together!! We still own Paul’s house in Tallahassee, but this one is one that we bought together, and has both of our names on it!  We made this decision together, and we prayed about this together.  It was the answer to a dream we’ve had since before we got married.  God could not have made this decision more clear for us!

After we move this week, we FINALLY have no plans of needing to move in the near future! We can settle in!  We can call this home! We can DECORATE AND MAKE IT OURS! Finally the years of watching HGTV will pay off!  (Can you tell this REALLY excites me!) Aubrey will have a place to grow up and call home, and I pray that we have MANY years of happy memories in our new home! Bring on the never ending house projects in the life of a homeowner!

God has truly perfectly orchestrated each and every part of this process!  He is so good!  (I’ll share the story at a later date – right now I’m just too excited…and also busy moving!)