First Trimester and Road Trips

**Disclaimer: If you don’t like to read about puking, or you’re currently eating just go ahead and skip this blog post**

Morning sickness is really common for most women.  I started dreading it and anticipating when it would kick in since we found out I was pregnant.  My sister had terrible morning sickness, and I was just waiting for my turn.  Lo and behold, it came and it conquered me.  It’s not that big of a deal if you’re home, and within close distance to a bathroom…but it’s definitely not fun when you’re driving.

Paul and I have gone to Tallahassee multiple times while I was going through morning sickness.  We’ve gone for work (I work in office about once a month), and we’ve gone for football games.  I’ve learned to keep a plastic bag in the glove compartment, and Paul has become an expert at pulling over on the highway or heading to the closest exit.

Our last few trips, when I was thinking that my morning sickness was pretty much over, it reared it’s head on our drive home.  It’s miserable.  It makes the drive so much longer, and seriously you’re either puking in a bag, swallowing it (yes – this happened… and then it made me puke again), or begging your husband to pull over.  If you say TMI – you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

So this is my PSA: if you’re ever pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, do not plan road trips during your first trimester…

Pregnancy Update – 14 weeks

This picture was actually taken last week since my photographer (aka Paul) is out of town.

Bump Analysis?  In hindsight, this is a bad picture to use, because the scarf blocks any bump that there is.  I just look like I’m putting on some weight in my stomach area… waiting for the day I actually look pregnant.

Trimester? Hey there 2nd Trimester!! Woohoo!!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a lemon!  3.4 inches long and 1.5 oz!

Development? This week the kidneys, liver, and spleen start doing their jobs.  The baby is also growing peach fuzz like hair all over their body to keep them warm!

Testing?  We declined testing for Cystic Fibrosis, but apparently the labs were run anyways with the rest of my blood work.  The test came back negative which is good news, but now I get to battle the insurance company/lab on the nice bill we received in the mail. We went back and forth on the Nuchal Translucency (NT) exams (tests for down syndrome, other chromosomal abnormalities, and major heart defects).  I thought it would be a good idea to help prepare us if something was wrong, we would be able to research and look into specialists, etc, but it ultimately would not have changed our decision to continue the pregnancy.  After some discussions, we decided it was best for us to decline the testing, and to leave it in God’s hands… but when we got to the doctor last Thursday, that was apparently the only reason for our ultrasound.  We were so anxious to see our baby at this point, and did not want to wait until 20 weeks. So we did that test, and we are waiting on the results.  According to our Ultrasound Tech, everything looked good, they just needed to combine the measurements with more blood work.  It was totally worth it though, because it gave us these precious pictures of our little Junebug 🙂

  FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

Weight Gain? 1-2 lbs

Symptoms? Morning sickness is finally going away, meanwhile the dizziness and headaches are popping in more frequently.  I have areas of really dry skin on my face, and I’ve had to switch deodorants because I was having a reaction.  Pregnancy does weird things to your body…

Cravings?  Can I please have all the Frosted Flakes?  Seriously… all of them.

Aversions? Poultry, but strangely I am okay if it’s fried… go figure.  I can also eat it if I don’t see it prepared… I guess it’s the raw chicken that is really grossing me out.  I didn’t even have 1 piece of turkey on Thanksgiving.

What I miss?

  • Coffee – particularly Starbucks Latte’s.  Yes I know I can have a little bit of caffeine, but I’m really trying to avoid it as much as possible.  A little sip here and there doesn’t hurt though.
  • Publix Subs
  • I’m not a big drinker, but all I’ve wanted since the week we found out we were pregnant is a margarita…

Maternity Clothes?  I am currently still wearing all of my clothes… but I’m in the awkward stage where my clothes fit, but they definitely don’t fit right.  For example, shirts are tighter than they should be, and I leave a hairtie around the button on my jeans.  They fit when I first put them on, but after I eat my stomach pops out, and then it’s just more comfortable to undo that first button!

Well Now that it’s Out There…

About 2 weeks ago, Paul and I officially announced that we are going to have a baby!


I think that also means I can come back to the blog world…I mean seriously, I am not a super private person and that was the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep!  Every time I thought about a new blog idea, it included pregnancy! So now that it is out in the open, I’m back 🙂 I’m also going to answer the typical questions that have been bombarding me since the announcement!

How far along are you?  13 weeks 6 days

When are you due? After our last appointment, our due date was moved from June 23rd, to June 16th.  Let’s be real though, a due date is an estimate, and this baby is going to come on it’s own terms (we are just praying the baby is full term when it does!).  I’m just planning for the baby to arrive sometime in June.  I’m also already expecting the baby to share a birthday with SOMEONE in our family…

  • Uncle John Kelly – June 2
  • Father in Law – June 5
  • Paul – June 9
  • Nephew, Jackson – June 11
  • Uncle Al Wynsma – June 14
  • Auntie Paige Wynsma – June 16
  • My cousin, Brett – June 20
  • Me – June 24
  • Auntie Mel – June 26

Do you want a boy or a girl? To be entirely honest, Paul and I have just been praying for a healthy baby.  We will be thrilled either way, but with that being said I think I am leaning towards girl.  Not at all because I wouldn’t love a little boy (for years I’ve always said I wanted to have a boy first), but because a little girl would be so close in age to the girl cousins on BOTH sides of the family!  How much fun would that be?!

  • Kennedy – May 26, 2012
  • Reese – November 10, 2013
  • Juliana – February 21, 2014

Were you trying? At this point in our life, I don’t think this particularly matters one way or another.  To answer the question, yes.  Every month when I peed on those dang sticks (and there were a LOT of them), I was hoping and praying for a second line to appear.

When did you find out?  October 6, 2014.  Paul and I had just packed up and moved from Tallahassee to Orlando, and we had been in our new house for a total of 2 weeks.  Of all the months we were trying, this is the 1 month that I was not expecting to see a positive test.  With everything that was going on with our move, I just figured we would count this month out.  There was no particular reason for me to test, aside from the fact that my temperature spiked for the second time during my cycle (I was using a basal thermometer to help determine ovulation each month).

How did you tell Paul? So while we were trying, I had all these super cute ways of telling Paul we were having a baby.  I used to think of them, and look ideas up all the time.   When push came to shove, I didn’t do anything cute.  Paul came home from work that day, and I asked him to come sit down on the couch.  At that point, I showed him the test (mind you the line was SUPER SUPER faint!).  At which point, we also decided we weren’t going to be excited yet.  Since the line was so faint, we were worried it maybe was a dud.  The tests I was using were super cheap from Amazon, because I was peeing on way to many sticks every month, and our bank account would have hated me if I would have used drug store tests.  So I proceeded to pee on about 5+ more sticks that day, and then every day for the next week.  At which point, I decided they couldn’t all be duds!  So we spent about a week walking around talking about the pregnancy saying “IF you’re pregnant…”

Have you been sick?  Yes, the last two months have been pretty miserable.  I think at one point I even told Paul we aren’t doing this again, but I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I only feel sick now when I wake up, and if I let myself get hungry.  As miserable as it’s been though, I am actually really glad I was so sick, because that seems to have been my only real symptom.  It was reassuring to me, especially since we didn’t have our first ultrasound until 12 weeks.  I knew as long as I was still getting sick, our little Junebug must still be hanging on okay 🙂

I think that about sums it up 🙂 Is it June yet??