Flying Poo

Well that’s a title to a blog post I didn’t ever think I would have!

I’ve been MIA and I blame this new adventure of motherhood.  When I’m not soaking up time with my new baby I’m running around like a crazy because I haven’t figured out how to get everything done now that I’m back at work full time.  One of these days I think I’ll figure it out.

So back to this wonderful blog title. Flying poo.  Let me paint you a picture so you can imagine our Saturday morning.

Saturday’s are for lazy mornings.  It’s the only day of the week where we sleep in and aren’t rushing to get the day going.  Now that it’s football season you can usually find us sleeping in only to slowly wake up and sip on coffee while we watch College Game Day.  So this past Saturday we did just that.  Even Aubrey slept in (girl likes her sleep… She gets that from us) and by sleeping in I mean like 8:30.

After snuggling in bed and seeing her sweet smiles and giggles I got up to go change her diaper, and our relaxing morning had a quick transition to short lived chaos. 

I was getting the cutest little smiles out of Aubrey (she wakes up very happy… She doesn’t get that from us).  As I lift Aubrey’s legs to switch the dirty diaper out to a clean one she sneezes… Which pushes out a fart… Which pushes out poo.  Since I had her cute little tooshie lifted up the angle was perfect for her poo to go flying (a couple feet!) through the air to land on the back of her bedroom door! I can’t make this up!

I think I stood there for a second in amazement before I realized what actually happened! So I screamed for Paul.  He comes in (assuming I’m being dramatic because he can’t figure out why I just screamed his name).  After he asks me what the heck is wrong I tell him to shut the door he just flung open, and when he does he sees it!  I believe his exact words were, “Are you serious??” At this point I am just dying laughing because this is something you only see in movies.  I mean really! Who would have thought this cute little girl could do that! 

What an innocent face! 😃
While Paul cleaned up the poo (man I love him), he says, “man you should have taken a picture! Nobody is going to believe this!” I’m sure you’re all glad there is no picture evidence for me to post.  The story is enough without the images. 😉