First Trimester and Road Trips

**Disclaimer: If you don’t like to read about puking, or you’re currently eating just go ahead and skip this blog post**

Morning sickness is really common for most women.  I started dreading it and anticipating when it would kick in since we found out I was pregnant.  My sister had terrible morning sickness, and I was just waiting for my turn.  Lo and behold, it came and it conquered me.  It’s not that big of a deal if you’re home, and within close distance to a bathroom…but it’s definitely not fun when you’re driving.

Paul and I have gone to Tallahassee multiple times while I was going through morning sickness.  We’ve gone for work (I work in office about once a month), and we’ve gone for football games.  I’ve learned to keep a plastic bag in the glove compartment, and Paul has become an expert at pulling over on the highway or heading to the closest exit.

Our last few trips, when I was thinking that my morning sickness was pretty much over, it reared it’s head on our drive home.  It’s miserable.  It makes the drive so much longer, and seriously you’re either puking in a bag, swallowing it (yes – this happened… and then it made me puke again), or begging your husband to pull over.  If you say TMI – you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

So this is my PSA: if you’re ever pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, do not plan road trips during your first trimester…