Happy 5 Months Aubrey Joy!

So I am almost a week late, but life has been insane!  I think this month has flown by, but it has been so incredibly fun with you!  You keep us laughing, and we love how interactive you’ve become!



  • Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Playing with your feet
  • Any activity toys
  • Sitting up
  • Outside
  • Bath time


  • Bedtime.  Womp. Womp.

You’re weighing in around 18 lbs, and still wearing 3-6 months clothes. When people meet you, the first thing they say after they find out how old you are is, “She’s a HEALTHY girl!” AKA you’re a little chunker, but it’s just the cutest!


There was a week this month, where you learned something new almost every day!  It has been so fun watching you figure things out!  One day you figured out a new screeching sound you can make, then you figured out how to blow spit bubbles, and then you found your feet!  All within 3 days!


You roll over both ways and scoot all around when we lay you down.  You’ll be crawling in no time!  You can also sit up for a brief second before you start to lean.  Sooner or later you won’t need our help.


I am FINALLY seeing a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to spit up! (Praise God!… Literally!) you are still spitting up, but a fraction of what it was before.

You are starting to really notice the dogs, and you just stare at them as they play.  You try to pet them, but instead you just hit them.  We’ll work on it.


We’ve officially reached the point where you drop EVERYTHING on the floor.  I know you’re learning, so surprisingly it doesn’t bother me…yet.

Along with dropping things, you’re a grabber!  You see something you want, and you’re quick!  You’re favorite thing to grab is my hair… it’s not my favorite.  You’re really determined when something is out of your reach. You try nonstop until you reach it or we hand it to you.


You don’t have any teeth yet, but it’s just a matter of time.  I can see both of them under your gums, so it could be any day now that they break through!  Maybe we’ll sing, “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” for extra encouragement. 😉  The weirdest part is, teething doesn’t seem to be upsetting you.  I think other than excessive drool and chewing on everything it doesn’t seem to be phasing you.  I didn’t even know your teeth were coming in until the other day when I caught a glimpse in your mouth (which is NOT easy to do, because as soon as I try to look your tongue starts searching to suck on my finger).


You’re working on dropping from 4 naps a day to 3 naps, but sometimes you just need that extra catnap before bedtime.

Before we moved, you were sleeping in your own room and it took be about 10-15 minutes to put you to sleep.  Then we moved… And bedtime crumbled.  You’re back in our room because yours has been under construction since the day we closed.  Now it takes about an hour and a half to get you down.  If I stop nursing you, your world comes to an end as you know it.  So my nights are basically spent laying in bed with you.  I go back and forth between absolutely loving the snuggles, and wishing I had the freedom to get stuff done and have our room back at night. We are almost done with your room, and then we will transition you into your room… And the crib.  I’m seriously dreading this, and I fear there may not be a lot of sleep for us during this transition. (Since I’m late on posting this, you started sleeping in your crib this week!  But that will be in next month’s post).

This month you got to spend time with 2 of your great grandmas, and you’ll meet Grams next month!

You were such a good baby during our move.  It was a long weekend, but you just snuggled with whoever was holding you.  IMG_8970

I love when you get excited, because you’re whole body wiggles. It cracks me up!

Other than bedtime, you are just the happiest baby.  Your little giggles are the sweetest, and your daddy and I will do just about anything to get you to laugh.  We absolutely love you sweet girl!

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Happy 5 Months Aubrey!

Happy 3 Months Aubrey Joy!

It’s official.  You’re no longer a newborn.  How did it go by so quickly?!  Sometimes I look at you, and it hits me how much you’ve grown! 


  • Sucking on your hands
  • Talking
  • Bath time
  • Your swing
  • Outside
  • Mom’s milk
  • Walks


  • Gas – poor thing 

I feel like we have the happiest baby, and not much makes you upset.  I’m pretty sure that means we are in trouble as you get older or our next child will cry all the time!  


This month you discovered your hands!  You hold them in front of your face and stare, and your Daddy always says you’re playing the flute, because that’s what it looks like.  Your little hands are ALWAYS in your mouth, and I’m pretty positive you will be a thumb sucker.

You are also starting to grab onto things.  The burp cloth, my hair, Pastor Shaddy’s microphone.  (but I’ll get to that later!) 


You had your first virus this month.  You had a little fever that spiked to 100.7 with extra spit up involved.  Since you were less than 3 months old, we had to make a trip to urgent care.  You’re daddy was out of town, and he was all worried about you. 
You are so incredibly strong!  I think someone tells you everyday how strong you are! You are holding your head up so well, and you’re even starting to control your body better! 


You have pretty much set your schedule and you take about 4-5 naps a day.  You officially nap in your crib as long as your swaddled, and I’m hoping that will help us when we do transition you into your crib at night.  You’re sleeping pretty well at night, and usually wake up once between 3:30-5am.  You’re up for the day around 7:30am.

I absolutely love coming to get you after your naps, because you give me the biggest smile when you see me.  I feel like it’s your way of saying you missed me!


You love reading stories.  I think the pictures mesmerize you.  You also like being talked to.  So stories are right up your alley.


You and your daddy are just the cutest together.  It melts my heart, and I just like to stand back and watch the two of you together.

You’ve officially started your first football season as a Seminole.  Your first words might be “Go Noles” or the fight song.


Your cousins absolutely love you, but Reese is obsessed with you.  Even though you’re only 4 lbs less than her she always wants to hold you and love on you! I can’t wait to watch you play and grow up together!


On Sunday, September 13,2015, your daddy and I dedicated you to the Lord.  Since you are still the spit up queen, I was terrified you would spit up on Pastor Shaddy, and you did as soon as he grabbed you! Fortunately it wasn’t projectile!  You also grabbed his mic and held on with a firm grip! 


You are starting to become so much more interactive, and I love just talking and playing with you! 


You’ve still got “the pout” on lock… even when you’re sleeping. 


Aubrey Joy I have loved every single day since you’ve entered our life, from the moment we found out we were expecting.  You have brought us more joy than we thought possible. 

Happy 3 months Aubrey Joy!  


…feel free to stop growing so fast! 

Happy 2 Months Aubrey Joy!

In the blink of an eye, two months has gone by!  Your Daddy and I are so in love with you!

You’re still growing like a weed!  You now weigh 11 lbs and 14 oz, and you’re 22 1/4 inches long! You’ve gained almost 5 lbs since you were born, and already grown 3 1/4 inches!!  I am already thinking about going through and washing all of your 3-6 months clothes because you’ll be wearing them in no time!

You have quite the personality, and you’re a girl who knows what she wants!  Since you can’t talk, you’re sure to scream until your daddy and I figure it out.  We are learning your likes and dislikes though, so it’s not too hard to figure out what you want these days!


  • Bath time
  • Your swing – You stare at those monkeys!
  • Outside
  • Being held up on your belly
  • The magic changing pad
  • Mom’s milk
  • Walks
  • Car rides


  • Being cradled like a baby (at least while you’re awake)
  • Tummy time unless you’re laying on Mom or Dad
  • Being taken out of the bath tub
  • Hiccups

Dad’s family came to New Smyrna Beach for a week, and your cousins, Aunt and Uncle, Meme and Papa sure do love you!

While they were here, Mom and Dad left you for the first time so we could celebrate our anniversary!  I ended up in tears, but you seemed to have fun with Meme and Papa while we were gone!



 We started you in cloth diapers this month, and I am so obsessed.  Unfortunately, it also helped us discover that you are allergic to Coconut Oil. It sent me into a panic, and I ordered quite a few cloth diaper safe ointments to prevent ever needing to use Coconut Oil in the future!


You had your first road trip to Tallahassee, and you did AMAZING in the car.  Your cousins, Kennedy and Reese, are so in love with you.  Auntie Mel and I can’t wait to watch you all grow up together!

The spit up!  Who knew so much spit up could come out of such a tiny little girl!  Sometimes I feel like you have no milk left in your little belly!  We go through multiple burp cloths a day.  I actually went out and bought more because they get used faster than they get washed (and I’m pretty on top of doing laundry… so that’s saying something!)

You slept through the night for the first time!  It only happened once, but if it happened once it can happen again! 🙂 Usually you are a pretty good sleeper.  You go down around 10, wake up around 4, and then again around 6 before you’re up for the day around 8-9am.  Your first nap of the day is the best nap for you, and after that you’re a cat napper.

 You don’t mind your crib when I lay you down while you’re awake.  I want you to be used to your crib when we eventually make that transition.  When you take a nap, sometimes I try to lay you in the crib and you wake up immediately and scream.  You go right back to sleep after I pick you up.  You prefer napping in our arms, your swing, or the Rock N’ Play.  We’ll get to the crib one day, napping in our arms works for me… And Grandma!

When you’re about to cry, you pucker out that bottom lip and it just kills us every time!  From what I hear, you get that from your momma! (We should be really nice to your daddy… apparently he has 2 pretty dramatic women in his life now!!)  I’ve tried snapping a picture, but this is as close as it’s come!

You got 3 shots at your 2 month doctor appointment, and your little cries broke my heart.  You fell asleep as soon as we got in the car, and then you actually worried me with how much you slept afterwards!

If you’re awake, you’re probably trying to get your hand in your mouth.  Occasionally you find your thumb, or a finger here and there, but for the most part, you enjoy sucking on your fist.

You’ve got the cutest smile, and you’ve started making the sweetest noises to talk to Daddy and I.  They literally fill my heart with joy!  We will do just about anything to get a smile or coo out of you!

 You and Daddy have a pretty good after work snuggle session each night, it melts my heart.  Even though it’s the same thing every night, I can’t help but take a picture… every night.


We love having you in our life, and we can’t imagine life without you!  We absolutely love you to pieces sweet girl! Happy 2 months Aubrey!


Happy 1 Month Aubrey Joy!

I am in complete disbelief at how quickly a month has flown by! I might be in more disbelief at how much you have changed in just a short month!

You were born 7lbs 1 oz, but went down to 6lbs 10oz partially due to jaundice.  Your doctor said you were close to losing a little too much weight, so he wanted to make sure you gained weight by your next appointment.  Well 2 days later you were at 6lbs 15oz and I breathed a sigh of relief.   That 5 oz weight gain should have been an indicator to how quickly you would grow, because by two weeks you were up to 8lb 2 oz and for your 1 month check up you were 8lbs 15oz!  Needless to say you can eat like a champ!

You’ve grown from 19inches to 20.5 inches in just 4 short weeks.  I had to retire the few newborn clothes you did have, and I may or may not had shed a tear or two as I folded them and put them away.

We’ve had some challenges with breastfeeding.  You are a tongue sucker… And it hurts.  But we’ve made it a month, and it’s slowly getting better.  We did give you a bottle this month to give me a break, and once you realized what was coming out you had no issues taking it!  Daddy likes getting to feed you.   Eventually we will give you more bottles as you get older.  For now there is nothing I love more than my quiet time with you while you eat.  It’s so peaceful, and we always snuggle afterwards.

You have initiated me into motherhood with explosive spit ups, peeing and pooping during diaper changes, and not to mention peeing on me at Publix during our first outing with just the two of us! You initiated daddy too by pooping on him before bath time and some serious projectile spit up that puts Hollywood comedies to shame.

You hated your first sponge baths, but once we could give you a real bath you love them.  You are so content and happy in the warm water.  I love our little family bath time!

You’ve started to focus on things.  You really love staring at the fan, or the trees outside.  You love laying on your play mat and the changing table seems to be one of your favorite places!


I could honestly stare at you all day.  I love your little facial expressions and the smiles when you’re asleep.  I can’t wait to see a smile for real!


You can handle tummy time for a few minutes before you get upset… Or fall asleep.  You already have such a strong neck and you’re quite the wiggle worm!


You have made me a mommy, and made my dream come true.  I love you more than you know, and I cannot wait to watch you grow up!  

Happy 1 month!! I love you my sweet girl!  

I promise it isn’t so bad getting older! 😉